good find friday: week 8

  • moxie jean – i came upon this one yesterday. it’s an upscale consignment shop. i have yet to find a secondhand store like this! i personally love the brand ‘mad sky’, and when i saw that they had it, i was sold! you can sign up for inventory updates here!
  • baby Ward – this video made even my husband tear up, so you know it’s an amazing one. thank you, God for precious miracles, like Ward. God is so good. celebrating life with this very special family.

  • pretty things – as thanksgiving is upon us, i enjoyed these tablescape ideas. we’re not hosting the feast, so i don’t have to worry about it – my house is going to be its messy usual, but if you’d like some inspiration…here you go! i also enjoy her blog!

  • rethinking christmas – as you’re already beginning to think about christmas, visit ‘a holy experience’ and just scroll. scroll. scroll. scroll. enjoy the beautiful pictures, read the incredible posts (like the upside down christmas tree), and watch the video of liz and ann. they will bless your spirit today.

happy friday, friends. enjoy your weekend with the ones that you love.

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Heavy Heart. Heavier Hands.


I wish I could just get rid of you.

If I ignore you long enough, maybe you’ll just go away. *Backspace. Backspace. Delete. Hit the spacebar like I’m playing ‘whack-a-mole.’*

You stink, hands.


You used to be my friends. You could curl around a softball and whip it from the fence to home plate in seconds flat. You could braid the finest hair and tie a ponytail before I even finished a sentence. Come on. What the heck is happening to you?! *Backspace. Delete. Delete.*

You are heavy.

You can’t bend right. Your fingers are weird. They snap and pop and curl. They’re lazy. They’re sleeping. They’re weird. You are numb. You fall on the keyboard like Frankenstein walking. You stomp the keys like each knuckle is weighted. You’re swollen. You are ugly. Your skin is cracked and dry, And it hurts to make a fist, because your skin doesn’t even fit you anymore. Squeezing you tightly is like trying to stretch a rubber glove around a basketball.

You stink, hands.

You stink.

If I just fight past it and pretend you’re not failing me, I think you’ll go away. you’ll stop this ickiness and wake up again. You have to wake up again. I have things to do.

I am tired of you. I don’t want to wedge you under my leg anymore, trying to lay you flat – trying to make you feel well again. I don’t want to stretch you out all day and night, hoping that this will be the last time before something miraculous happens.

You stink, hand. You just stink.

I think back to when I’d ‘hit the gym’. How you were simple tools in executing my agenda. You just did whatever I wanted – whatever I needed. You were mine, and you worked. You are no longer mine. You hate me and don’t work for me anymore. But maybe if I just pretend that you do, you will, and we’ll be a team again. I keep thinking that I’ll fix you. I’ll start running again. I’ll do push-ups and jumping jacks. I’ll pick up a paintbrush or ride a bike, and somehow all of that ‘normal’ stuff will pump a whole lot of ‘normal’ back into your veins.

I know I can’t just get rid of you, but I sure wish that I could. I know I can’t fix you, but I sure want to. As much as I can’t stand you, I could cry over you. I miss you. If you get better, then it’ll be a miracle, and you know what?

I believe in those.

I believe I will have my hands again.

Praying for all of you struggling with sjogrens/rheumatoid arthritis/psoriatic arthritis/eczema/autoimmune disease symptoms. They’re not normal. They’re not of God or from God, but their healing will be for His glory.

And these dysfunctional hands type, “Amen.” (Edited to add that my updated testimony can be found by clicking the words “UPDATED TESTIMONY” just above the original video! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!! Be encouraged!)


video009 from Kristi D Klover House on Vimeo.
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happy veteran’s day & a mom’s battle

happy veteran’s day to all of the amazing and brave men and women who have selflessly served our country and who continue to sacrifice time with their loved ones and the safety of their own beds each night in order that we may sleep soundly in our’s. you are under-recognized and appreciated for the tremendous shoes you fill each day. thank you.

all of the veteran’s day posts that i encountered this morning, along with a video i watched (it will follow), got me thinking about wars and battles. i thought to myself, ‘being a mom is like fighting a war. moms that fight the good fight, in a sense, are veterans in their own right.’

each day, a mother goes to battle on behalf of her family.
you battle poverty. remember that as you get ready for work each day.
you battle sickness. remember that as you wipe a nose or check for a fever.
you battle rudeness. remember that as you teach those babies manners.
you battle self centeredness. remember that when you’re feeling like you are no longer your own. your kids will remember that about you and will learn best by example.

and, most importantly, you battle all of the evil in this world with your diligence and prayers. after all, our battle is not against flesh and blood:

…put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm. stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. in addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God…
(Ephesians 6:11-17 emphasis is mine.)

remember that when you feel like you’re doing a lousy job as a mother. you are raising peace-makers, hope-givers, and world-changers – the little lights that will shine in a big way in this world, all b/c you woke up each day and went to war.

enjoy this video. i watched it with ava and isla, and as i sat there watching it with two babes in my arms, tears rolled down my cheeks. ava noticed, like she always does, and started wiping them immediately with her little thumb. when she asked why i was crying, i told her that sometimes people cry happy tears. they were happy tears, b/c i’m so happy to be her mama. she continued to wipe them as our smiles turned into laughter. ava laughing at me crying with a smile on my face, and me laughing at the pure joy of the whole moment. happy day to you, mama.

good find friday: week 6


hands free mama’s ‘the important things about yelling’ – this is all too familiar. remember when i wrote this post on the mean act? well, it seems i can’t quite shake it. i mean seriously, isn’t there a better way to treat my children when my nerves are snapping? “With deep sorrow,” she writes, “I realized that was not the mother I wanted my children to grow up with, nor was it how I wanted to live the rest of my life.”  i’m in those shoes far too often.  this is a really great post for the stretched mama.

‘the measuring stick principle’ by a holy experience – this post is true revelation.  seriously.  you must read this if you are a female or the parent to females.  this is precious truth and wisdom.  i thank God for fellow humans that seek out the deeper things in life and share what they have learned in order to change the world we live in and the traps that try to snare us all.

for the home:

dreamy white bedrooms from remodelaholic i don’t know about you, but i love white spaces! i started out (in my first apartment) with very bold, deep colorful spaces (think pier one), and then, when my hubby and i got married, i tried my best to mellow out my bold, girly tendencies and make a homey space that fit us both. we had a lot of warm tones, dark woods (think pottery barn). now that we’re in a new house, and i am aging and growing in my tastes and styles (and learning his little by little – since most men are kind of mute when it comes to decor), i am craving more of a laid-back, clean, breezy feel when it comes to decorating. a designer friend gave me a name for my style and she couldn’t have been more right! scandi-chic. yep. that’s me! all that said, enjoy this post by remodelholic featuring some gorgeous, white spaces.


my hope with billy graham: the cross – lacey sturm formerly the lead vocalist of flyleaf and music artist, lecrae joined great evangelist, billy graham in delivering a moving message on the purpose and power of the cross.  a few excerpts from the video:

…but talk about the depth and the real meaning of the cross and it becomes offensive.  why is that?
the cross is offensive, because it confronts people.  even so, it’s a confrontation all of us must face.
the cross is offensive, because it directly confronts the evilness, which dominates so much of this world.
…because it demands a new lifestyle in all of us.  sin is a disease in the human heart.  it affects the mind, the will, the emotions…

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good find friday: week 5 (focusing on blogging and motherhood)

happy november!

(if you’re looking for the ‘stitch fix’ post, click here.)

so many things have been weighing heavily on my mind these days…my family…the shop…the blog. it will never cease to amaze me that whatever it is that i’m dealing with seems to find it’s way to me. it’s like God floods my life’s ‘inbox’ with all of the messages, encounters, etc. that i need to hear/read/see in order to calm my nerves, encourage my spirit, heal my heart, motivate my mind…

so this week, i’ve rounded up a few special pieces that i’ve read, and i’m sure you’ll notice the themes too.

lately, when thinking about this blog, i’m finding myself struggling with the balance between wanting it to ‘succeed’ (i.e. reach a great number of ppl and help support my business endeavors and family) and keeping it manageable and real. writing sponsored posts is fun, but, b/c of who i am, i only write about what i truly believe in and want to support, so i’ve passed up quite a bit of fluff in the meantime. i could flood my posts with ads and affiliate links, but i don’t want to compromise why i do this. not saying that those that do and are successful are wrong in any way – b/c that’s not it at all! i just know where i’m at right now, and small is my big for the time being. cozy, quaint, and quirky. that’s me. so on that note, here are a couple articles to encourage my fellow bloggers:

  • jon acuff’s ’10 words to erase most online hate’ – this is a good one to remember for all of us in the real world or the social media sphere.  things are often said that aren’t all that nice, and this is a great reminder when the ugly words come out…  i haven’t really gotten any negative comments (coincidentally, a point that cece makes about a positive of being a ‘small’ blog), but i’ll refer to this advice if that time ever comes.

and the big whammy…motherhood. i have honestly wrapped my arms around my husband’s waist or neck at least three times this week alone and confessed that i feel like i’m totally failing my kids right now. this whole week has been one of those week’s in which i wish i could have a do-over. i just yelled too much, the house has been a total mess, and i think we had maybe one decent, well-prepared/cooked meal. i faced twelve loads of laundry, friends. twelve. and that’s just b/c i stopped washing on thursday!

  • ’embracing the night shift’ by becky of your modern family.  this will just warm your heart.  my little eden grace is sleeping away in her crib.  this is her first week doing so, and i just had to pump, b/c she slept through our usual 2am feeding, and i miss her, friends.  i have to say that i am a little saddened by the fact that she’s already so big, and now needing me a little less.  read this sweet post; you’ll appreciate it.
i think being a mom allows us a chance to be brave.  it’s truly a calling worth giving your all, and then some.  as promised earlier in the week, enjoy this little video for sara bareilles’ song ‘brave’.  it’ll make you smile…

and, as we approach another week together, take a moment with me to take a long, deep breath. relax those tense shoulders. be thankful. be simple. be pure. be a living example of faith, hope, and love to the ppl you are blessed to have around you. that’s going to be my focus this week.

“Let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me.” (Psalms 116:7)

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raw reality

the house is a total mess but quiet (a & i are out w/the mister).
there’s worship music playing in the kitchen and a baby sleeping in the swing.
my hair is in a damp, curly bun from being caught in a downpour.
my shirt is slathered with spit-up from our most recent feeding.

and, i can’t believe i’m actually going to say this, but this is the most beautiful i’ve felt in a long time.

something about the combo of God and raw reality is just fine.

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mercy in the morning

{image credit: VinothChandar via photopin cc}

do you ever feel like a complete failure by the end of the day? i’m having one of those nights tonight.

the day started out so well. even on four hours and 15 minutes of sleep (truly), i woke up in a good mood. i set it in my head and heart that i was going to implement women living well’s making your home a haven challenge a little early and i lit the candles. the house was clean. the kids were extremely pleasant. i made us homemade banana and oatmeal pancakes… things were going so smoothly.

every time i caught a glimpse of our candles (i kept one on the stove and one atop my dining room hutch – far away from the little ones), i remembered to once again pray for peace over our home. and peaceful it was. the atmosphere really shifted in a big way. things have been so tense lately. our days seem so packed, yet nothing really seems to be getting accomplished most of the time. i spend all day attending to the needs of everyone, yet i feel like i miss out on enjoying my time with any of them. today was the total, blissful opposite. hallelujah.

my husband treated us to an impromptu pizza dinner, and then we ran to the store to surprise the girls with their very own dvd player on which to watch their veggie tales and princess movies in the play room (if the big people are using the main tv)…

the night out ended with an unexpected God-encounter at a craft store, a peaceful execution of the littles’ bedtime routine, a relaxing hot shower for mama, and plans to sit down and tell you about some really great things that are stirring in my heart while the mister and i caught up on some shows we watch weekly.

but that part didn’t transpire like i had hoped. not even close. i had spent an entire day calm, cool, and collected, constructing a better day…a better me…a better home, and just like that, the floor beneath me fell out, and i ended the night so deflated.

i keep asking myself…what was God’s plan for how the night was supposed to end? i know it didn’t go according to plan. one negative sentence from the mister, and this woman cracked. and an hour-long disagreement led to me sorrowfully stroking the head of an innocent who ‘heard mommy yell’, and as i asked for her to forgive me for waking her up with my loud voice, this weary woman cracked even further inside. i remember being young and aware of tension between parents. i hate that i saw such concern in her eyes tonight, and that i disrupted her sleep.

and on top of it all, my hands have hit a rough patch. i’m fighting some seriously scary thoughts about sjogren’s…arthritis…feeling like my hands could just curl up into useless fists at any moment and being so frustrated that i am so young and need these hands and fingers to work for me for still a very long time. i know stress and sleepless nights are my worst enemies, yet here i sit, nursing eden, listening to worship music and joseph prince sermons on grace and love, typing this ‘lament’ and praying that saturday will bring me a chance to start over. a chance to make my daughter laugh and not cry. a chance to share good things with you (like what happened at the craft store), not stories of epic failure.

so, here’s to new mercies. and if your weekend took a nosedive, like our’s, then i pray that His mercy and love will envelop us all by sunrise. xoxo

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our american idol

well friends, this has been long time coming, but i’ve been impatiently waiting for complete certainty that our good friend & worship leader (creative arts director/pastor) had in fact made it to the voting stage of the hit show american idol.

i suspected all along (i’m mean who didn’t, right?!), & i bugged him along the way, but he did what he promised to do & kept it a big ol’ secret! i give him a ton of credit. that’s adam though…and joanna…and their families…classy people who run true to their core, & their words can always be taken as truth.

i’m honored to say i know him & not just know him, but i am honored to call him & joanna my friends. dating back to our high school chorus choir days, school trip to the big apple, youth group functions, & my debut as an “island native girl” in our high school play of south pacific, (oh the bad make-up…i am a very white girl), adam was always such a great person & friend. as a matter of fact, he was one of my first christian friends at a very impressionable, vulnerable time in my life. (remember this post?)

anyway, adam is a natural encourager. as the creative arts director at our church, he leads worship each week & you can always count on him to encourage you to focus on the promises of God & the hope that each day brings. we’ve been so blessed by his gifts, not just as a worship leader, but also as a choir director – man, you should really hear them. my husband & i love the passion & dedication he puts into everything he does.

i won’t say that any one person is created for “better” things than another, but sometimes i believe some of us are in fact destined for “bigger” things. things that, to the average person, would seem nearly impossible. things like standing in front of millions of people each week & singing your heart out – but this is adam’s calling & so God has created him to fulfill these dreams, these big, wonderful dreams.

i implore you, please vote for this wonderful, gifted guy. i have seen, just like you, that there are quite a few very talented artists on the show this season, & i only know this one personally, but i can assure you that adam really is the whole package. he doesn’t need this win to find his purpose, secure his place in this world, or define who he is as a man, father, or artist…adam already knows who he is & that’s what makes him so refreshing to be around. adam just enhances the world by being himself, & we in his little home town would love nothing more than to share this treasure of person with the rest of the nation. please join us & faithfully vote for him each week on american idol.

btw – when you vote for adam, you’re also voting for his jewel of a wife, joanna, & their precious daughter, whitney. let’s do our part & help encourage & give back to a family that so generously gives of themselves every day to everyone they encounter.

connect with adam!

check out & “like” adam’s official american idol facebook page here. this is also where you can catch-up on some of his previous idol moments, interviews, & performances…

not to mention, you tube holds a plethora of adam videos.

follow him on twitter here.

here’s the link to his page on american idol.
i especially appreciate the promise offered by american idol…

“America can expect songs that make you feel something from Adam.”

AMEN. they are absolutely correct on that one.

please keep the brock family in your prayers as they navigate this experience as a family…

adam, we are so proud of you!

{image source: american idol}

everyday anthro model

just perused through the latest {anthropologie catalog}…love it.

know why?

well, the shoes on the cover for starters, but mostly for the genius penciled descriptions. i just love that!
it does the trick of making me 1) feel like i’m sitting in the studio chicken-scratching my way through the world of fashion with these fabulous people & 2) squint like a madman trying to actually read the descriptions & prices…

which brings me to my first little topic…

i just had one of those “we drive a station wagon” moments.

know what i’m talking about?

{here you go}


yep. just had one of those moments.

i think all of the squinting/deciphering mixed with my brain fog & the oodles of $400+ shoes from spain
made me actually look at the cardigan on pg 34 & think…
“$88. hmmm, that’s not a bad price.”

“gurrl…you crazy!
(imitating my husband) 😉

yep. just crazy.

my second little ditty…

i decided that all of us “sahmers” (stay-at-home-mom-ers – & yes, that includes you, working mom, b/c you’re home too, often looking all fabulous, right?), are “undocumented anthropologie models.”

think about it – i meet all of the criteria every single day…

1 – my hair is almost always, always in an unflattering, simple, coif-esque bun or ponytail…

2 – i’m abnormally, painfully pale due to the lack of sunshine thanks to both demographics & the unnatural amount of time a mother of young ones must stay indoors during the winter months…i’m nearly translucent

3 – i run around like a chicken with its head chopped off stride gracefully through the house sporting a mismatched ensemble that would leave people wondering if my entire wardrobe consists of pajama-like separates or if i am actually wearing pajamas…hmmm…

4 – no apparent make-up visible aside from the ill-slathered “lippies” that ava may decide to share, yet insist on applying as well…

5 – and lastly, i too, will don socks with my dress shoes if they are by the door when i retrieve the mail…
peep toes ‘n all.
yeah, that’s hot…

yes, ladies, you are undiscovered, undocumented anthro models.

remember that as you scrub those pans & potties!

***the above post is strictly based upon opinion & i am sure these models are lovely, sweet people & even more beautiful when left to their own devices… 😉

“leave someone to their own devices: leave someone to do as they wish without supervision.”

here on earth

bryan and katie torwalt

(read their bio & check out their album by clicking on their names above.)

this album has been the best purchase i have made in a very long time.

enjoy your time of worship. allow God to renew your mind & refresh your soul.
(please hit the PAUSE button on the playlist in the bottom right sidebar)

{nothing holding me back}

{i breathe you in,God}

{i’m a lover of your presence}