superbowl sunday: stuffed soft pretzel rolls

good morning, friends! today is the first day of fabulous february! (fabulous b/c baby is due this month!) and it’s also superbowl sunday!

okay, i confess…i don’t really care about the superbowl. the only team i enjoy watching is the steelers, and they aren’t in it, so basically, all i’m concerned with is the food!

this year, we’re staying true to tradition, and hubs is making a good ole faithful: buffalo chicken dip (2 large cans of chicken, rinsed well; 1 block of cream cheese, 1 c. cheddar cheese, 1/2 c. red hot pepper sauce, and 1/2 c. ranch dressing) under normal circumstances, i would gladly devour spicy dips all night. they have been one of my pregnancy cravings (my sis-in-law’s jalapeno bacon dip is the best!), but alas, i finally took myself to the urgent care center the other night (you know you’re a mama of many when the only time you have to get to the doctor is 7:30 pm on a thursday night), b/c i have been battling a wicked sore throat since new year’s eve. luckily, it is not strep throat, but the doctor did say that it’s tonsillitis. her reaction when i opened my mouth…”oh my! i really wasn’t expecting your throat to be that red.” yep. looks like i waited a little too long. so anyway, with a raw throat and constant heartburn… looks like i’ll be forgoing the yummy dips tonight.

all that to say, i had to decide on a delicious alternative for my snack of choice, and i knew immediately what it was that i would make: stuffed soft pretzel rolls

i receive email updates from a food blog: what megan’s making. i trust her recipes, b/c nearly every one that i have tried out has been delicious.

a few weeks ago, i received this one: soft pretzel rolls

it sounded interesting, and i was out of dinner ideas. i remembered that we had ham and cheese in the refrigerator, and dinner was born.

i’ll be honest, i was a bit nervous about the boiling part. i knew that if the dough wasn’t sealed well, the stuffing would ooze out into the water, and i would have a huge mess on my hands. fearing that, i made sure that each dough ball was secure, while trying not to completely squish the air out of them. i didn’t want them to turn out like bricks.

i followed megan’s cooking/baking process to the letter, and i was so, so, so pleased with the results. the ham and cheese worked perfectly in them! the cracks you see in the pics didn’t show up until the baking step, and they weren’t major, so all of that yummy goodness stayed tucked neatly inside.

(big tip here!!!  set your timer for the 30 seconds in the boiling water, b/c if you don’t…they will be flat!  still yum, but flat.  if you do…they will puff up nicely in the oven and will achieve that sweet, golden brown color!  trust me.  i screwed that up for you in advance.  πŸ˜‰ )

i also whipped up a little sauce for the top using yellow mustard, lots of honey, and paprika. hubs said that the sauce took them from yummy to delicious.

so, that is what i am happily making tonight for the big game. 

you can enjoy them with a hearty serving of steamed green beans or salad, and you have a little meal!

what about you? what are you making tonight? and if you’re not making anything for tonight…what’s your favorite appetizer / go-to party food? i would love to hear it!

go steelers! lol

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5 things i’ve learned from our gender reveal party

yesterday, we found out the sex of our 5th baby. (we have three amazing daughters and one baby in heaven due to a miscarriage in 2010.) knowing that this would *probably* (hubs would say *absolutely*) be our last time experiencing the thrill of finding out if the little person fluttering around inside is male or female, i convinced him to let me host a little get-together. we kept it simple – parents and siblings (along with our nieces and nephews).

we found out the way that we always have. i purchased two scrapbooking stickers from michael’s. one read: “baby girl”, the other “baby boy”. we asked the ultrasound technician to place the correct sticker in an envelope that i had prepared ahead of time. i always write the date on the envelope along with the words, “baby d number _ is a…”, and then, i put the sticker in their baby book later on. after the appointment, we sit together in the car and open it in private. i love that we created a tradition for ourselves and stuck to it.

as far as the party and how to reveal, i had seen so many great ideas via facebook announcements and pinterest. my youngest brother used the balloons-coming-out-of-a-box technique. my other brother just revealed that they are having a girl using the hidden pink icing in a cupcake idea, and my sister-in-law used the confetti in the popped balloons technique to reveal that they were having a boy. i was stumped. 

one of my sisters-law-in found the silly string reveal on pinterest and i was sold. (you buy either pink or blue silly string, and cover the outside somehow. i used spray paint to cover the cans, and we just left the colored caps in the garage. then you spray whomever with the spray. we chose to squirt our kiddos. God bless them. sweet, tolerant, forgiving babies.)

all of that said, here are five things that i have learned through our ‘gender reveal’:

1) they are fun! seriously, it was a blast. to see our parents and siblings standing all together waiting for the news. that was special. i regret having never done it before. it will be remembered forever.

2) along those lines, i tried to remember how we told our family members after previous ultrasounds, and you know what? i can’t remember! terrible, right?! when we were told that our first was a girl, we took a little girl’s outfit and a little boy’s outfit over to my in-laws’ and had them pick which they thought, and then we held up the right choice. i remember that experience well, b/c it was a sort of mini reveal gathering, but for all of the other children, i think we just called or texted right away. can you say “boring”?! yep.  i’m so glad that we chose to have one!

3) the third thing that i figured out via the big reveal…i wish i was on the receiving side of the surprise! waiting…anticipating what color was about to shoot out of those little cans… so exciting! i hope everyone enjoyed it as much as i imagine i would have, had i been in their shoes.

4) even if you or your spouse thinks that they are “silly” or “a waste of time/money”, go for it. i know you’ll be glad that you did. we had ours following dinner. i made cupcakes as a snack and had a big pitcher of sweet tea out. everyone just helped themselves. we had our reveal in the yard and then visited for a little while afterwards. it was simple, inexpensive, and most importantly, special. there are so few times in life in which we are granted the opportunity to make a lasting memory with our loved ones – weddings, family vacations, graduations, birthdays…why not carve out a little time to celebrate something as wonderful as that newest member of the family? i mean, other than a baby shower (and most people only get one for their first child), not much happens in the form of an official celebration during the pregnancy. obviously this only applies if you chose to find out the gender (and i actually didn’t want to this time, but hubby wins. always.), but if you do find out, i say go for it! have a little party!

5) and finally, the last thing that was impressed upon me now that i’ve had a reveal party…if your children are involved, aka going to be used as props, haha, make sure to do a few things first. remind them what it is that you’re actually doing. a three-year-old isn’t going to remember that the party is to find out if they are expecting a brother or a sister, or that pink means girl, blue means boy, and they certainly won’t ‘get it’ when you zip them in the forehead with a high-powered stream of foam without a warning reminder as to what is about to happen to them. i’m sure that between the excitement of the crowd and the crazy snakelike objects flying at their eyeballs, they were thinking, “run for your life!” well, ava actually did run.  i think that isla was stunned, and eden broke out in a full panic-cry. mission accomplished, mom and dad. j/k! that aspect was a total mom-fail! in our haste to start the fun, we completely forgot to give the girls a refresher. nope. it was all, “ready, aim, FIRE!” poor things. oh well. what’s done, is done. i’m pretty sure that they forgive us, and now that they know what ‘silly string’ is, they are fans. (ps. the dollar store has multiple colors, and they are of course just $1. a steal compared to target’s can going for $3.50.)

so without further ado…here’s the link to our facebook page where you can find the video. i hope that inspires you to try a reveal of your own! (and i hope you don’t think we are cruel! haha we just got a wee bit excited…)

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my go-to list for a get-together (over a dozen yummies)

my go-to list for a get-together:

(all of these recipes have been personally tested and publicly praised!  you can’t go wrong!)
1 – pioneer woman caesar salad {link here} (see video)
2- pioneer woman greek salad {link here}
3 – sausage and cream cheese pinwheels (we LOVE these. i personally use italian sausage and pioneer woman’s cinnamon roll dough recipe. i like how the savory is balanced with the sweet bread.) {link here}
4 – cheese ball (see video)
5 – caramelized ham and cheese sandwiches {link here}
6 – asian chicken salad (my aunt’s delicious recipe)
7 – meyer lemon tarts (what i’m making for tonight’s get-together) 
{photo and link coming soon}
8 – cookies or gobs (making peppermint gobs, aka whoopie pies, for tomorrow’s get-together) {link coming soon}
9 – truffles (easy-to-make-ones like my ‘salted caramel oreo truffles’) {link here}
10 – grape salad {link here} or snickers caramel apple salad {link here}
11 – buffalo chicken ring {link here}
12 – amazing fruit dip (perfect with apples, grapes, or berries) 
recipe:  simply mix one can of sweetened condensed milk with one 8oz block of softened cream cheese. done. amazing. add to it or don’t; it’s perfection.

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birthday linky party and giveaway!

i don’t know about you, but one of the times i am most on pinterest, is when i am planning a party!  birthday parties these days seem to be all about the ‘theme.’  how am i capturing this stage in my child’s life?  what do they love?  sock monkeys?  princesses?  soccer?  whatever it is…there are a gazillion pieces of inspiration out there for us as parents planning ‘the shin-dig of all shin-digs’ for our tots ‘n taters, right?

i’m one of those moms who would love to go all-out, but alas, reality sets in, and i realize i don’t have an immeasurable amount of time or money to put into these big days.  but i ‘pin’ ideas like nobody’s biz-ness.  you?  πŸ˜‰

in all seriousness, though, i have gotten so much inspiration and motivation from all of the ideas, posts, and products i’ve been exposed to through blogs and shops i’ve found over the years.  i have a ton of creative bones in my body, but not always the ‘superhuman’ package to go with them, so our parties are usually middle-of-the-road as far as cost and effort.  i’ve learned, through some trial and error, that what matters most is that little one you are celebrating, so don’t put an insane amount of pressure on that big day or yourself.  i hope you find some things here that make the whole process even easier for you come party time!

that said…welcome to the birthday linky party, where we’ll be linking up all of our birthday-related posts and pins.  link to a post from your blog, or a pin, or even an entire pinterest board.  i’ll be linking up my posts and boards as well!

i am certain you’ll find something helpful / wonderful / interesting here!  i’ve got a princess party coming in december, so i’ll personally have an eye out for those links!  thanks in advance for sharing!

in honor of my very first party (and quite the learning experience) as a mom…we will be ‘gifting’ some adorable, handcrafted ‘minnie mouse’ inspired items created exclusively for this giveaway by the artisans, rosella bella and la bambina couture!  just see the rafflecopter form below!  one lucky winner takes all!

so here’s where the good times started for klover house

the ‘minnie mouse’ party:
where were you, pinterest???  
that day.  oh, that day.  i’d like a re-do, please.  πŸ™‚

the ‘elmo’ party:

the ‘pinkalicious’ party:
the ‘sunshine’ party:
in lieu of cards, guests brought dollar gift items 
to be donated to our local children’s hospital.
the ‘beauty and the beast’ party:

a BIG thank you to rosella bella and la bambina couture for creating these one-of-a-kind pieces for us!
(check out rosella bella’s facebook page for a glimpse at even more adorable products!)
*this is not a paid or sponsored post.*
a Rafflecopter giveaway

**giveaway ends august 3rd at 11:59 PM EST. open to residents of the US only.  prizes cannot be shipped to PO boxes.  winner will be notified by email and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is selected. please note that klover house is not responsible for sponsors that do not fulfill their prizes.  we have represented each sponsor with the expectation they will fulfill their prize and in a timely manner. the products provided for the giveaway were free of charge from the companies, and each item offered for the giveaway is free of charge, no purchase necessary. my opinions are my own and were not influenced by any form of compensation.  facebook and pinterest are in no way associated with this giveaway.


isla’s ‘beauty and the beast’ birthday party!

i am so excited to share our latest birthday party with you!
our sweet, isla (‘eye-la’) rae (‘ray’) turned the big TWO!
i can’t believe how quickly this last year has gone by!
our little cutie pie absolutely adores her ‘belle and beeee,’
as she calls them.  them being ‘beauty and the beast.’
if you have daughters and speak toodler-ese,
then you know exactly who i’m talking about, right?!
being our summer baby, we never know what we’re going to get weather-wise,
but we always plan for an outdoor party.  for both her first and second birthday,
we picked a quaint, little, local park.  easy to get to, clean, and, with its
mini rock-climbing ‘mountain,’ swings, playground, ballfied, and bike/walking path,
it’s also the perfect place for little ones (and big ones) to be entertained!  πŸ™‚
last year, it was so hot, you could cook a hotdog on the pavement.
this year, we had rain, and rain, and rain, and more rain…
so, in case the equipment was too yucky, we had some additional
supplies in-tow:  cornhole, bubbles/bubble wands, and giant rubber balls
*the giant balls were $3/ea. at target & the bubble supplies were from the dollar store.*
here’s a glimpse of the party & all the details:
favors & centerpieces:
i loved this stuff!  the stuff you see below was custom-made by the shop,
‘created to play.’  you can find them on etsy {here}.  and you can also
check out their facebook page {here}.
the incredible pretzel rods were also custom-made by a shop i love called,
chocolate apple orchard.  you can find it on facebook {here}, and you
can visit their website {here}.  they are soooo amazingly delicious and pretty!
she also does custom orders and flavor combos.  these pretzels aren’t to be
taken lightly…they are dipped in caramel before they are drenched and drizzled
in chocolates and toppings!  omgoodness.  ‘tasty’ is like an insult.
they are sooo good, you will consider pretending you forgot to hand them out.
i was a good girl, and i gave them to isla’s guests.
(but if you didn’t come, i ate it.  don’t hate.)
favors consisted of several items:
a large bouncy ball (i purchased these from a giant ‘gum ball’ machine in
old navy, of all places! i mentioned that back in this post.)

items from the dollar store…princess washcloths (the kind that open in water),
bracelets, toothbrushes (for ava and isla)

“smarties” and “dum dums.” okay, that’s funny. 
 i just realized that i gave the kids an oxymoron in treats…
totally not on purpose, but actually kind of funny.

princess tattoos…boys got slim-pickins, b/c i had to cut the ‘friends’ 
away from their princesses, so the boys would have non-girlie options. 
 like, i cut ‘flounder’ away from ariel…the frog away from tiana…
‘pascal,’ the lizard from rapunzel…yeah, i did that.

belle squinkie rings (found in the clearance bin at target!) i super-glued the squinkie
to the ring, so that they would be less of a choking hazard, and i made sure to only
give them to the older children of the group…i tried anyway.
yes.  i did all of this in love.  πŸ™‚

chocolate apple orchard also made this custom ‘belle’ apple!  it blew me away!
i think it was one of my favorite aspects of the party details…
party prep / supplies / food:
last year, isla’s party was “sunshine” themed, so i had a lot of yellow items
leftover to use for this one (belle’s dress is yellow).  i keep all of our party goods in a
large tote all year long.  if it’s not perishable, it’s here.  easy storage.  easy transport.  good.
those large, yellow, rubber tubs were found somewhere last year (target maybe?).
i like to use them to carry stuff to the party location, and then, i fill them with ice and drinks.
last year (remember i said it was hot?), the kids also used them as ‘baby pools.’  fun times.  πŸ™‚
food for somewhere between 30 and 50 mouths:
hamburgers and hotdogs (50 of each, and we make our own patties to cut costs)
buns (50ish of each – remember most little ones won’t need one anyway)
pasta salad (made by my m-i-l.  so yummy.  she made 2lbs)
lemon bars (my mom makes these – recipe {here}.  these are amazing!)
brownies (i made four boxes…roughly 100 sm. squares.  the 85 that i ate were delicious!)
brownies were on clearance for 92 cents a box!  score!
i use coffee in place of the water.  it’s better that way.  we’re already letting our kids
gorge themselves with sugar at parties… 1/50 of a 1/4 cup of caffeine won’t hurt, right?!
TWO boxes baked together on a cookie sheet for exactly 20 mins yields about 50 squares.
some additional ‘keep it easy’ ideas…
‘beauty and the beast’ themed balloon anchors.
i bought four gold anchors
and four red, silk roses w/wired stems (on clearance), and attached each rose
to a base.  wrapped it w/coordinating ribbon.  done.  
(sorry you can’t see the entire thing in the collage.  
mama messed up, and i’m hanging up my ‘perfectionist’
hat for the day.  maybe even for a week…)
favor box:
i put all of the favor boxes in a cardboard box, and
i made myself a little chart with a sharpie, so that i could grab the appropriate
favor box as quickly as possible.  (each box was catered to each child’s gender & age.)
drinks and labels:
rather than spend a ton of money on cans or bottles of teas / pops / ades…
we purchased four jugs of drinking water, removed the labels
(had i not saved this for the last minute, i would’ve done a better job),
and used clear packing tape to affix our coloring page labels.
hubby thinks i was just looking for an excuse to color…  πŸ˜‰
maybe.  or maybe our printer was packed and out of ink anyway…
then, i just poured the water into a pitcher with each mix and redistributed
the beverages back into their appropriate containers.  this way, you just 
dispose of them when the party’s over.  i vote recycle, btw.  πŸ™‚

the cake:
ahhh…the cake.  i adore these cakes.  literally slices of heaven.
thank you so much, adam and joanna for exposing us to this 
incredible italian buttercream!  i ate way too much of this, too,
but it is seriously so good.  i will probably buy their cakes forever.
jury’s still out though on which is better…chocolate or raspberry filling.
i vote raspberry (last year’s choice), and hubs says chocolate (this year’s).
i think we should try raspberry again in october, just to see…  πŸ˜‰
two good things about this year’s cake:
1) a quarter of a sheet is plenty (compared to the whole sheet cake that i ordered
last year.  we were passing out brick-sized pieces and still brought some home!)
2) they spelled her name right this year!  last year, she was “ilsa.”  oops.
the last little tidbits:
the girls’ matching ‘belle’ t-shirts, crown, and the beauty and beast figurines were
all purchased at the disney store.  they were pricey, but still inexpensive
in comparison to the things i was finding on etsy.  plus, t-shirts were
perfect for a rainy-day-at-the-playground party…
the figurines doubled as part of isla’s gift from us.  the two shown
also came with some of the other characters from the movie.
i hope you enjoyed this post!  i know i don’t
get as into it as some, but i try my best to 
keep it relevant, fun, and very low-cost.
splurges for this party came in the form of disney store items, the treats 
and the cake.  everything else was so inexpensive that it all balanced out.
that’s what’s most important.  balance.  and fun.
you’ll remember the budget, but your babies will remember the FUN!  πŸ™‚
stay tuned for our ‘birthday party’ themed giveaway
coming NEXT week!!!
i’ll give you a clue…
it starts with a “minnie” and ends with a “mouse!”

 photo a9de1fdb-52d3-4604-a79d-ba7ee6db5adb_zps8f990315.jpg


yep, that’s about it…soooo…


i really haven’t been up to/had the time to write lately. it’s seasons like this i think, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a little scribe following me around or a mental tape recorder of sorts that would translate all of my worthwhile thoughts into the written word?” when i’m 105 maybe that machine will have been invented.

november was so busy. i blinked & it was over. avey’s party was held the weekend after thanksgiving, so that occupied quite a bit of my mental stamina & time. shopping for birthday supplies on black friday of all days was not exactly wise. lesson learned…maybe. her birthday will always be the 1st of december, so i will have to be more on top of things in the years to come. as rushed as it felt though, i don’t think it was a flop…she had a great time with her little friends, & we had a great time visiting with friends & family, so that’s what matters, right?

avey’s “pinkalicious” princess cake. it was a beauty.

our sweet, happy girl

her hunk of a dad & my partner in birthday party throwing madness

her actual birthday was kind of a bust. intentions were that we’d get up, have special, birthday pancakes complete with sprinkles & whipped cream…that part went perfectly well.

btw…these pancakes were made with 3/4 c. milk & 1/4 c. of salted caramel mocha creamer & chocolate chips. yummo! the girls loooved them!

after our relaxed breakfast, we were supposed to have our christmas card pic & ava’s three-year-old pics taken at target at 11:15, so we’d be out in time for a special birthday lunch & rolling home in time for naps…well…we rolled outta target at TWO PM, people. yes, we waited over TWO hours for our pictures to be taken only to be told that so many people were booked on top of one another b/c Target’s policy is to schedule sessions every TEN MINUTES. what?! you can’t get little people to sit down, sit still & smile all in the same ten minutes. crazy talk.

so, lunch consequently turned into “where can we find mac ‘n cheese asap?” answer…texas roadhouse of all places. (it was the closest & there was zero wait time.) i told the waitress it was ava’s birthday in hopes they would sing, which she assured us they would. but…she forgot, and isla slept through the entire meal, so it wasn’t all my hopes had cracked it up to be. mister’s response…”i think the service world was against us today.” i think he was right.

that leads us up to this week. everyone’s sick in one way or another. i feel like i’m swallowing glass. ava hasn’t eaten a meal in two days. she’s living off of fruit snacks, milk & cheese slices, & isla actually smells a little putrid as she sits next to me flipping through ava’s “cinderella” book. daddy jostled her after dinner with several belly tickles, and she threw up her pizza. nice. the kid blatantly smells of vomit.

soooo…that’s what we’ve been up to these days. hopefully in the next couple of days i’ll have some more substantial posts to share. tonight was a catch-up/haven’t you missed us/aren’t you feeling satisfied to have touched-base/you’ll sleep better thinking about birthdays, target & throw up kind of post. πŸ™‚

talk to you soon!!! nighty night! time to go bathe these stinkapotamuses & have a nice, quiet cup of hot tea before i have to clean this house & start all over again.

peanuuuut…peanut butter!

peanut butter pie day!

hubs was out of town this week & so i decided to make him a little
“welcome back to the craziness” pie!

you know what’s funny? two of my absolute favorite people in the whole world –
my two best friends – my hubs & my college roomie love peanut butter pie,
(well, hubs, peanut butter everything). what’s funny is i can pass on peanut butter any day!
it’s my affinity for my loved ones & their affinity for the stuff that keeps me hunting for recipes & making trips down the confusing peanut butter isle.

for this bad boy, i used planter’s natural creamy peanut butter.
i think the creamy part is particularly important.

i set up my kitchen aid mixer, b/c i can’t stand there that long.
i mean, i can, but i’d rather not, plus there’s other stuff to do
while you whip your ingredients up to light & fluffiness. πŸ™‚

an aside…i love my kitchen aid mixer soooo much.
it was an unexpected bridal shower gift from my sweet friend , julie,
and every time i use it – seriously, every time, i think to myself,
“wow. i am so thankful for this thing. i love this thing. i love julie. that was so generous of her.” every. time.

so while your “stuff” is mixing (or even before), prepare a batch of brownies. since you will be using these as a crust, undercook them by like 5 mins or so. i use coffee instead of water btw – i’ve told you about my water problems {here}, remember? i’m sure i’ve mentioned it elsewhere as well – i have issues.

ok, anyway…mix this:

* 1 c heavy whipping cream (buy a pint)
* 1/2 c powdered sugar
* 8 oz cream cheese, softened
* 1 tsp vanilla
* 1 1/4 c creamy peanut butter

cream together in your mixer for *a very long time* πŸ™‚
i probably let it go for nearly 10 mins & increased the speed as it thickened.
just keep an eye on it…

then, use the remaining c of heavy whipping cream & a few tbsp of granulated sugar to whip up some whipped cream in a separate bowl. fold it into the pb mixture.

press your brownie down into your pie dish (since the underside was greased
from the baking dish, i just transferred it & it seemed to work out.
press it down & spread it out like a pie crust (up the sides a little, etc.).

pour your pb mixture in & spread it out evenly. top it off with the freshly whipped cream.
garnish with the topping(s) of your choice.
i used harry & david’s dark chocolate covered pretzels, b/c we had them on-hand.
chill for at least an hour. overnight is best.

ps – eating this for breakfast will make your stomach hurt. i know this from recent experience.
save it for a late-night-with-coffee guilty pleasure. πŸ™‚

wouldn’t this be a fun treat to make for some pb-lover’s bday or something different to add to your fall holiday dessert spread?
this sitting next to homemade pumpkin pie…yowza!

well, enjoy!

super bowl lineup

hello friends!

so it’s my husband’s second favorite day tomorrow…our anniversary being his most favorite… πŸ˜‰

oh, and his birthday…and new year’s day thanks to non-stop college ball (he just corrected me)…

ok, so like his fourth favorite day or tenth – i don’t know.

point is – his favorite days usually consist of us gorging ourselves with really bad-for-you-food or sauerkraut, which also makes the house stink, but this year, this favorite day, we are committed & excited to satisfy some of our most beloved cravings with some fabulous-looking, healthier options.

hopefully, they will be as delicious as they look!

in lieu of the usual friend at our football feast – buffalo chicken dip…buffalo chicken rolls

and to stand in for the zillion-layer taco dip that mama loves…zucchini quesadillas (which will actually include broccoli slaw & seasoned shredded chicken, b/c i failed to purchase a zucchini)

welp, that’s it!

enjoy the game!

who do you want to win?

me, i’m rooting for the steelers…jk πŸ˜‰

seriously though…i don’t particularly care – i’m just interested in the commercials.

oh, and the food!

happy game day, everyone!

our “sweet” winner!

welcome back! it’s time to announce the winner of the ws cookie & cupcake decorating kit!

just like last time, to keep things as fair as possible i used these free tools found on

first, i put your names in the list randomizer in the order of your comments. the site randomized that list. here are the results:

List Randomizer

There were 6 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

Carly Jones
Mandy G.
Timestamp: 2012-02-03 20:04:53 UTC

using that random list, i entered the numbers 1 through 14 into the sequence generator. the first number listed is our winner:

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:

Timestamp: 2012-02-03 20:05:35 UTC

so our winner is lucky number 4!
congratulations, Mandy G.!

i’ll be in touch soon for your info & the product will ship straight from williams sonoma!

thank you everyone who participated & thank you from the bottom of my belly for the great links!
hopefully, you’ve all spotted something you’d like to try out ~ i know i have!

keep checking in with us, b/c i love gifting things to lovely people like you!