lil’ love for the laundry room

my little love. the laundry room.

when we decided to build our townhouse five years ago, i had one request:


do i hate stairs? no.

am i afraid of the dark? nope.

was i trying to be complicated, considering we were the first of this type of model to say,
“find a place for it. make it work.”? not really.

truth be told…


i don’t like basements b/c spiders like basement. end of story. it’s a wrap.


so believe you me when i say, i was totally content for these five years with my main-floor laundry, even looking like that:

i know…sad. sad, sad, little room. right off of the kitchen to boot, so every visitor got a glimpse of this sad, little, forgotten room.

but, it was okay and tolerable, b/c it was not in the basement with spiders.

then, it came time to sell our house.
(and guess what…the house we’re moving into has an unfinished basement laundry! gasp! i KNOW! i will overcome. for the next ten years, until we can move it upstairs, the Lord will help me deal.)

anyway, we decided it was time to sell, and, although i didn’t mind my drab little after-thought of a room, i knew it wasn’t going to ‘WOW’ any buyers.

on a tight timeframe, and even tighter budget, here is how we transformed our little space from this to that…

first, hubby mounted these two white ikea cabinets on the wall – one in each corner. it was simple and very affordable. b/c we chose the fancier doors, the cabinets cost me $80 (a basic, plain front was much less). still not bad for cabinets.

then, hubs painted.
(b/c i looked like this)

my gut was saying, “go with benjamin moore’s ‘revere pewter’,” but when we looked at the sample in the store, we panicked, fearing it’d be too dark. that said, we went with bm’s ‘november rain’, and it is sooo pale. i regret not going darker, but, oh well.
live and learn, people.

we added a tension rod between the two cabinets for drying, and i picked up those fabulous, slimline hangers at our tj maxx. they’re perfect for this space, b/c they grip whatever i hang to dry, and they look pretty when they’re empty too.
win; win.

the cabinets, though narrow, are over a foot deep, so i have plenty of space for storage.
here’s a glimpse of what they can hold…


each bottom shelf holds all of my cleaners and detergents.

the upper two hold odds and ends, such as lunch bags, plastic utensils (in the ziploc bag), and miscellaneous items (frother, spice grinder, and a box of little spreader knives that i like to use as hostess gifts; just add a bag of cheese ball/dip mix and a bow!)

on the left, i keep…
more cleaners and a baggie of all of our appliance manuals, directions, etc fits perfectly in the slim space that was left over at the top.

the baskets used to be in our bedroom, but i relocated them to the laundry room, b/c they were the perfect fit; they were free, and they hold all of my seasonal linens neatly!

everything has a place in this perfect, little space.

the opposing wall holds our double pantry, so i conveniently have all of this storage space in one place.

i found this little rug on joss and main one day for only $20! talk about a frugal find. hubby gave me a section of foam padding that he had left over from a project, so i cut it to size and placed it beneath the rug. it’s the perfect cushion for my aching legs and feet while i stand there to sort or fold.

finally, we affixed a broom/mop holder to the wall and added an ironing board caddy to the backside of the pantry door.

the look is what i love. hubby was most pleased with the price tag. we were able to complete this space with less than $200.00.

here’s a breakdown of where the money went…

cabinets: ikea $80
rug: joss & main $20
paint: ace hardware $38
wastebasket: target $7
tension rod: lowe’s $5
broom/mop holder: lowe’s $18
over-the-door ironing board caddy: walmart $13
storage baskets: free

total: $181.00

now, it’s inviting and efficient! a little too inviting…i can’t help myself but to want to wash clothes everyday! now if only i was as motivated to fold them…

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klover house

our new name, folks.

‘klover house’

after tossing a few options around, getting feedback from family, friends and fellow bloggers, i’ve decided this is it. ‘klover’ like clover.

this name isn’t new to me at all, though. let me give you the backstory.
it’s made up of three components:

the clover, my marriage, and a dream

{image source}

for as long as i can remember, i have had a knack for finding four-leaf clovers. it comes pretty easily to me (my mom is like this too). i don’t know what it is, b/c it’s certainly not “lucky.” right, mom? haha i’d like to think our perfectionist/ocd-ish ways are drawn to the clover that stands out. who knows, but we find them all of the time. it was a good thing i played infield positions back in my glory days on the softball field, b/c, on the rare occasion that i found myself playing left field, i would battle the constant temptation to stare at the grass!

so, i’ve always been drawn to the clover.

then came my relationship with my hubby…

those of you that know us personally, know him and his name. i don’t use his name on here in order to better respect our privacy as a family, and his privacy as a professional.
this blog is from my mouth alone (for the most part), so i know he appreciates that i don’t exploit him or his voice in any way.

that said…the name (and its *misspelling*) comes from our names and their initials. i am “kl” and he is “er”. as i was playing around one day when we were dating, doodling our names in a notebook, like young sweethearts are known to do…(being “twitter-pated”, as thumper would put it, is no respecter of age or person, apparently :)), i realized that when i wrote my initials followed by his, that the word “love” fit between them. i had an “ah-ha!” moment. love. it was everything between us. love holds us together. God is love. God holds us together. He is the glue that binds us and keeps that love genuine, unforced, and renewed daily. it’s everything. all we are. all we have. our marriage and our home are built upon it. our children, born of it. it’s everything, and the older i get, the more that becomes evident to me.

now, the dream.

back before the “klover” revelation, but post deciding to go to school to become a teacher, i had a dream heavily placed on my heart. a business-related dream. an ambition far bigger than me or my abilities. i have no means of attaining my dream. i have no formal training, but the passion is so strong, and the dream never fades away, so i believe that it is a God-thing. if it’s bigger than me, and i have no way of grabbing ahold of it, then it must be the Lord’s, and only He will be able to set a path out for me to get there. with Him, anything is possible. even the impossible. (matthew 19:26 & philippians 4:13) so, i am believing Him for this dream. someday. someway. and the name of the place will be “klover house”.

so that’s it, friends.

this blog has always been centered around my faith and my family.

welcome to our “house” born from “klover”. i hope you enjoy your visit.


**thanks in advance for patience while i transition all-things-technical to our new name.**

finding a silver lining

you know, so many people have tried to remind me lately of how blessed i am…how good life is…to be grateful for everything we have and what God has brought us through…

and they’re right.

i am thankful. i am blessed. i look at my family and friends and my cup is overflowing – with love, beauty, kindness and support. i know this.

but i get tired. i get worn down. especially these days, and i find myself wishing i’d just be able to snap my fingers and have different circumstances surrounding me. i don’t like this “place.” this feeling of vulnerability and uncertainty. it s.t.i.n.k.s.

i keep thinking about the silver linings, though.

sil′ver lin′ing
a prospect of hope or comfort in a gloomy situation.
[1870–75; from the proverb “Every cloud has a silver lining”]

when my husband and i got married and built this home, we were thrilled. life was good. he was offered a new job with a growing, well-known company, which he took. then the market crashed, and he was laid off unexpectedly. called into a “meeting” only to find himself without a job. newlywed, new house, and guess what…new baby on the way to boot. yup. that was a stinky situation. in hindsight, i can see the silver linings. he was able to paint the entire house – top to bottom. he was able to grow as a man/husband/soon-to-be father. i had a steady, good job to help us out. we had our health and each other. fast-forward a few months, and he was offered a job that he is still blessed with today. he has a good boss, great co-workers and is only five minutes away if we ever need him in a hurry. talk about a blessing in disguise.

blow number two…we lose our second child to miscarriage. that was an even stinker situation. life was dark there for awhile. again, in hindsight…we grew as people, friends, companions, parents…you name it. God revealed Himself to each of us in different ways. it strengthened our character and dependence on Him to get us through the challenges we faced. as you know from past posts, it also gave us the opportunity to welcome isla rae into our family. she is such a treasure. i can’t imagine her not being here. she is amazing. both of our girls are. talk about pure joy. in the midst of the darkness, i would have never believed that God would birth such joy from a tragedy. enough with the stinky-ness, Lord. right? well, thankfully, He redeems all things.

we’ve had a few other bumps in there along the way. i’ve said to him a time or two, “you know, we’ve been through more as a couple in our five years than some couples have had to go through in a lifetime.” but, we’ve also been blessed more than some i’m sure as well.

now with our current house situation, i’m trying to grab onto the silver linings and rub them into my brain. it hasn’t been easy. i go from sad to angry to frustrated to calm to sad to furious to okay to upbeat to disappointed to worried to hopeful to anxious and back to sad again. i am all over the place. but then i remember that we live in a beautiful home. my husband has a solid job that allows me to be in this home with our daughters. i will most-likely be bringing eden grace home from the hospital to this house now, and, although she won’t have a room, she will have a home, and it will be her first home too. that’s special. so as we’re calling and canceling and postponing movers, painters, etc, and i feel my heart sinking again in doubt and frustration, i will think upon these things and know that God has many silver linings surrounding this situation too. i probably won’t be able to see it clearly until, like everything else, it’s in hindsight, but history has taught me they are there. i can’t see them all yet, but they are there. i have to believe that there is a reason He allows things to stop, stall, or slow down. i don’t know them yet, and i guess that’s okay.

choose to be thankful with me today. whatever stinky situation you’re facing – there’s always a silver lining or two.


e is for eden

eden grace.

that’s her name.

our sweet little girl due in just five more weeks.

i won’t get into the mess that is going on with trying to sell our current home after our buyer walked just 14 days away from closing, but i will show you some inspiration pieces for eden’s soon-to-be new room. yes, i am claiming it – she will be in that room SOON!

planning her nursery has been the most fun. i loved planning out all of our girls’ rooms. now that ava’s older, she’s actually helping me plan her new room!

so here are my inspiration pieces thus far…

sherwin williams mauve finery

anthropologie “e”

henrika throw from ikea in pink

threshold fretwork border curtain panels in cream & gold (more like chartreuse)

and all of ava’s current furniture…

so that’s it! can’t wait to show you the finished product. let’s pray it’s soon, soon, soon!!!

thrifty chick finds a mirror!

hello again!

just wanted to share my little thrifty find…

i had been oogling these “rhona round gilt” mirrors (14in. diameter each) from pottery barn for-ev-ah. like, seriously months, if not a year or longer…ever since they hit the magazine. they have been on my wish list for so long, but i could never get past the price. pb would have a sale…i’d get a discount code or gift card…i’d find myself all sorts of tempted, but i always ended up hitting the pause button.

then, i’d come across substitutes in random places. like this mirror from ballard designs, “bellesol.” it is a dead ringer for the pb mirrors. i mean look at them! they’re identical! this version even came in small (14in. diameter) for $39 or large (31.5in. diameter) for $169.

i was hoping for two mirrors in the smaller size for our living room. going with the pb ones, i planned on putting the extra in our bedroom somewhere. so the ballard design option gave me the ability to just order two and come way under price-wise. but…still, i would hit the pause button.

ahhh! why do mirrors have to be soooo expensive?!

continually taunted, i’d see lovely ones on other sites, like this one from joss & main – the “eloise wall mirror.”

only a whopping $305.80! who has that to spend on a mirror?! it’s a 24 incher, but really? on a mirror? i guess it’s all relative, but this chick doesn’t have that to spend, and this chick’s hubby would smack her for spending it even if she did!

alas, would i ever find my mirror? and the answer is – yes! yes, i did! see it over there above the kids’ bookshelf?

originally, i told you i wanted two 14in. mirrors to flank that large painting above the couch. well, b/c i decided to give the girls a little space there for their things, i thought that a larger mirror would go well above the bookshelf and would reflect light from the opposing windows.

one night as i was meandering through target i spotted this beauty – the “threshold starburst mirror,” and the best part was that it was only $39.99! no shipping…no crazy price tag.

i think i sent my mom at least four pictures while i stood there contemplating. i mean this was a long-time-coming, serious decision for me, as you know, so i couldn’t be hasty. there was only one left, and i knew if i walked away, i’d regret it. it was the right size (24in.)…the same starburst style…the right finish…the best price…

i’m so happy that i decided to go with it. it didn’t break the bank, and it also does its job of reflecting light!

so that’s my thrifty chick story. lesson…be patient! something will come along sooner or later and it’ll be worth the wait!

storage for the little feet…

just a quick little ditty about some little feet that live in my home
& their mountain of little shoes…

considering we do not have a mudroom & prefer to have the girls’ shoes on
before getting down to the foyer, we like to keep their shoes & coats
handy in our coat closet on the main floor.

that said, i used to have random baskets/bins in miscellaneous places,
but as i was contemplating what to do with an old cd/dvd tower
that i found at pier 1 over a decade ago…
the idea struck me!

coat closet shoe storage!

perfect for those little feet & their itty bitty shoes!

oh & you know all of those little hangers you end up throwing out b/c they only work on little pants & skirts? perfect for hanging your scarves! 🙂

keep your eyes open & think outside of the box…you may not yet realize the potential that lies hidden in the random objects going unused in your home!

here’s isla modeling that adorable little hat btw!
that was a clearance bin find at the children’s place last year.
too cute & too cheap to pass up!

man at the door

as ava and i were sitting here, enjoying our lunch of delivered pizza and salad (ava loves salad btw – as much as her mommy), the doorbell rang. just once. i wasn’t expecting anyone, and the pizza delivery guy had just left. i knew it wasn’t him, b/c i left a memo for the driver to knock when i placed the order, and he kindly did so. he even made the polite comment, “i tried to knock as quietly as i could.” (moms go to extreme measures when littles are snoozing.)

ava of course thinks it’s a package delivery, or her grandma, or our neighbor, or the mailman…all sorts of good things…and goes darting for the window. i rushed after her, already at the window by then, looking down, about to knock on the glass to get our stranger’s attention, and i grabbed her at the waist and pulled her back to me.

across the street sat a shiney, white pick-up truck with a sticker on the door that read something like “sarah or steak…,” and i think I saw “direct tv.” i was too busy trying to whisper to ava in her excitment. i pulled her close to me, knelt down to look her in the eyes, and told her, “ava, he is a stranger-man. mommy doesn’t know him, and i don’t know why he is at our door. when a stranger comes, we don’t go to the window and say hello. we don’t want him to see us. he might be a bad man, so we are going to go back to the kitchen very quietly until he goes away.”

she was awesome and did just as she was told. we walked silently back to the kitchen, and once she was back up on her chair, i took another peek. he was gone along with the truck.

we live in a townhouse community, and he didn’t appear to bother visiting anyone else. i wish i would’ve paid closer attention to his truck, but my conversation with ava was most important at the time.

i think it’s unfortunate that in these days we have to be so cautious and have these sorts of conversations with our babies, but i’d rather that than be a mom featured on the news having to use her husband’s handgun to stop an intruder from hurting our family.

likewise, it’s also a shame that the gentleman had to stand in the cold for probably longer than he would’ve liked. he was most-likely just doing his job, but grown men should understand by now that it’s rather intimidating approaching a door in the middle of the day unannounced. nine times out of ten it’s probably going to be answered by a stay-at-home-mom or a retired/ederly person. plus, he wasn’t wearing a uniform or identification badge, etc.

anyway…just our tidbit of the day. lesson – use every moment as a teachable one. even if it means leaving a stranger to freeze on your stoop. you could be training your child to save a life – including their own.


can you believe we’re already bustling through november?!

we’re having ava’s bday early this year, so it seems even busier than the typical november. before you know it, we’ll be singing “jingle bells,” & eating too many cookies. i can’t wait for the cookies! i think since having babies, christmas has become my absolute favorite time of the year. the warmth (indoors that is), the treats, the family time, the extra church services & scripture references seen all over the place, the excitement…i love it all.

well, i have like four new posts in draft mode, but i’m feeling a little more visual than verbal today, so i’ve compiled a little picture feast for you today.

thanks to ava & isla, 2012 has been pretty, well…adorable. in my humble opinion anyway. so here’s a little taste of our year thus far…

happy thursday, everyone. enjoy the weekend coming up!


i smell a winner!

hello, friends!

we have a winner of the scentsy giveaway! i know a few of you had mentioned you had yet to try it, so i will encourage you to do so. it’s a great product. the parties are loads of fun, & there are hundreds of scents (it seems) from which to choose!

here’s our process using (b/c it’s FREE & leaves me out of the picking & choosing!)

first, i put your names in the list randomizer in order of comment. i hit a button & it randomizes your names. here are the results from that step:

List Randomizer

There were 6 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

Timestamp: 2012-10-26 20:43:24 UTC

then…i enter the number of ppl & the sequence generator provides for me a list of those numbers in random order. the first number listed is our winner.

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:

Timestamp: 2012-10-26 20:44:49 UTC

so…here is our winner – number 6! bethany!

congrats, bethany! i’ll be in touch with you tonight to get your choices. thank you all so much for participating. there will be more loveliness to come! keep checking in with us.


oh & i almost forgot…i was born at 1:21 AM. 🙂 thanks again for joining in the fun & sharing your special stories with us! i really look forward to the next time!! happy weekend, everyone!

i’ll find it…go to bed…

about five mins after the hubs went upstairs to bed last night,
he came stammering back down on a mission.

“what’s wrong?”

“we need to find the other phone. the one upstairs says it’s in use.”

“ok, i’ll find it. go to bed.”

thinking of where it was last – the kitchen. he had called to say hello to the girls at dinnertime, since he was pulling a longer day at work. isla toddled off with it, hitting buttons in the charming way that she does, & ava stole it from her, in the not-so-charming-way that she does. a struggle ensued & i last saw it in isla’s hand, traveling back across the kitchen floor.

so, as i am straightening up the house, like i always do before heading upstairs, it crossed my mind i didn’t know where the leap pad was either. i have a special place/area for everything. (someday the girls will know that mom was once bitten by the ocd monster.) i put the leapster in its spot & kept going, sure i was bound to find the leap pad eventually.

continuing my routine, i started a cup of tea & opened the refrigerator to grab the milk. (mama likes her tea like the english – with milk. i also love to douse french fries in malt vinegar.) anyway…when i pulled the doors of the refrigerator open, here is what greeted me…

yep, both items, snuggling in the cheese drawer.
so unexpected, yet so appropriate in this house at the same time.
i had to take pictures, b/c the mister needed to see this one.
our girls. never a dull moment.

not sure who they called, b/c it wasn’t daddy.
whoever it was though, got the cold shoulder for approximately 5 hours & 15 mins.