good find friday: a sacred mess of grace

happy friday, friends. i’ve left you a little video introduction to this week’s ‘good finds’. i pray you find them to be as good as i have. they have really ministered and inspired me this week. xoxo

Hands Free Mama: The Bully Too Close to Home

I sat down on the edge of her bed and began saying things I’d never said to another human being—not even myself. “I feel mad inside a lot. I often speak badly about myself in my head. I bully myself. And when I bully myself, it makes me unhappy and then I treat others badly—especially you. It is not right, and I am going to stop. I am not sure how, but I will stop. I am so very sorry,” I vowed trying not to cry. Read more…

A Holy Experience: The Best Way to Do Your Christmas Cleaning

Why it happened right then, when she turned toward the stack of dishes on the counters, the squash peeling and apple cores and crusted pots, she had no idea.
No idea why it came right then, in the midst of kids and mess and loud, like a coming around:
How when you are turned away from God, life turns ugly, but when you are turned toward God, life turns lovely. Read more…

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good find friday: week 9

hello, dears. it’s friday! i’m hearing that we’re getting a bucket-load of snow over in our neck of the woods this afternoon. how about where you are? snowing? if it’s warm, don’t tell me. 😉 anyway, i have rounded up quite a healthy bunch for you here today…healthy in regards to your souls, people. not your bodies. nope. i’m on the holidays-are-here-again-and-life-is-tasty binge diet, so i’ll try to be good, but it most-likely won’t really kick in until the last peanut butter blossom has vanished.

are you a mama of little ones? you have got to read some of these articles. in your free time, that is, of course. take the computer to the toilet. seriously, i know that’s all the time you get, and that’s if you get it!

to the mamas of littles during the holidays – be encouraged and take heart, mama.  you’re super, even if your cape is unraveling.  😉  it’s the most wonderful time of the year…and one of the busiest.  remember one little piece of advice:  do.less.stuff.  it’s totally okay.

 license to mommy: 7 day challenge – going right along with the first article…here’s a little challenge for mamas who want to let go of the stuff that’s bogging us down and embrace the chance to, first and foremost, be mommy!

time warp wife’s 7 wonderful ways to prepare your marriage for the holidays – good, simple advice.

12 Christmas stories to read to children – i love this. who wouldn’t appreciate a list of stories that you can share with your littles during this magical, awe-inspiring time of year.

an alternative to the elf on the shelf tradition: kindness elf – we don’t do the elf, y’all, and i’m proud to say it. i am totally cool with it!  if you do, i’m cool with that too!  to each, his own.  i loved this alternative, though!  perhaps it will be a tradition we will consider for our children next year.

a woman confronts a man who steals her wallet at the grocery store… – this story will challenge you.  how would you have reacted?  would the good in you come as naturally?  would mercy flow?  she shows guts and compassion.

19 signs you’re doing better than you think – this is a great reminder – especially at Christmastime when commercials, stores, and even other people are tempting us to think there are so many material things that we need or should have in order to be fulfilled.  most-likely, we have everything we need and more.

ways to let him know what says love to you – as the holidays draw nearer, and the weight of the world tries to stress you both out…consider taking a closer look at your spouse’s love language(s), and feel free to share your’s as well.  we all want and need to love and be loved.  let’s do it well.

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good find friday: week 8

  • moxie jean – i came upon this one yesterday. it’s an upscale consignment shop. i have yet to find a secondhand store like this! i personally love the brand ‘mad sky’, and when i saw that they had it, i was sold! you can sign up for inventory updates here!
  • baby Ward – this video made even my husband tear up, so you know it’s an amazing one. thank you, God for precious miracles, like Ward. God is so good. celebrating life with this very special family.

  • pretty things – as thanksgiving is upon us, i enjoyed these tablescape ideas. we’re not hosting the feast, so i don’t have to worry about it – my house is going to be its messy usual, but if you’d like some inspiration…here you go! i also enjoy her blog!

  • rethinking christmas – as you’re already beginning to think about christmas, visit ‘a holy experience’ and just scroll. scroll. scroll. scroll. enjoy the beautiful pictures, read the incredible posts (like the upside down christmas tree), and watch the video of liz and ann. they will bless your spirit today.

happy friday, friends. enjoy your weekend with the ones that you love.

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good find friday: week 7

articles (good to know):

modern christian homemaker brings us 15 uses for coffee grounds – who knew?!  i already do one of these simply by chance, but i learned some great new tricks through this as well!  i’m eager to try them out!

dave ramsey’s three easy ways to pay off a mortgage early – say what?!  😉  seriously, who wouldn’t want to pay off their mortgage earlier?  i love tips from trusted, God-fearing professionals.

deseed a pomegranate in 10 seconds – yep.  it works.  it’s beautiful.  you’re welcome.

dry, itching skin remedies – yay for ppl out there finding ways to help ridiculously dry ppl like me!  i will most certainly be keeping this page up all winter long.

articles (good for the soul):

sarah mae’s maybe your two year old just needs you – if i could (well, i could), i would love to just use sarah mae’s motherhood posts as a parenting devotional.  she gets right to the heart of everything that i am personally experiencing with my own babies.  check out her writings.  they will really hit you in the heart.

and, finally…10 marriage tips every WIFE needs to hear – i am sooo guilty of NOT doing many of these lately.  i hope you find it as motivating and helpful as i have today.

happy friday, my friends!  stop in tomorrow for the weekly pinterest link-up.  be blessed, and hope you have a healthy, fun, cozy weekend.

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good find friday: week 6


hands free mama’s ‘the important things about yelling’ – this is all too familiar. remember when i wrote this post on the mean act? well, it seems i can’t quite shake it. i mean seriously, isn’t there a better way to treat my children when my nerves are snapping? “With deep sorrow,” she writes, “I realized that was not the mother I wanted my children to grow up with, nor was it how I wanted to live the rest of my life.”  i’m in those shoes far too often.  this is a really great post for the stretched mama.

‘the measuring stick principle’ by a holy experience – this post is true revelation.  seriously.  you must read this if you are a female or the parent to females.  this is precious truth and wisdom.  i thank God for fellow humans that seek out the deeper things in life and share what they have learned in order to change the world we live in and the traps that try to snare us all.

for the home:

dreamy white bedrooms from remodelaholic i don’t know about you, but i love white spaces! i started out (in my first apartment) with very bold, deep colorful spaces (think pier one), and then, when my hubby and i got married, i tried my best to mellow out my bold, girly tendencies and make a homey space that fit us both. we had a lot of warm tones, dark woods (think pottery barn). now that we’re in a new house, and i am aging and growing in my tastes and styles (and learning his little by little – since most men are kind of mute when it comes to decor), i am craving more of a laid-back, clean, breezy feel when it comes to decorating. a designer friend gave me a name for my style and she couldn’t have been more right! scandi-chic. yep. that’s me! all that said, enjoy this post by remodelholic featuring some gorgeous, white spaces.


my hope with billy graham: the cross – lacey sturm formerly the lead vocalist of flyleaf and music artist, lecrae joined great evangelist, billy graham in delivering a moving message on the purpose and power of the cross.  a few excerpts from the video:

…but talk about the depth and the real meaning of the cross and it becomes offensive.  why is that?
the cross is offensive, because it confronts people.  even so, it’s a confrontation all of us must face.
the cross is offensive, because it directly confronts the evilness, which dominates so much of this world.
…because it demands a new lifestyle in all of us.  sin is a disease in the human heart.  it affects the mind, the will, the emotions…

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good find friday: week 5 (focusing on blogging and motherhood)

happy november!

(if you’re looking for the ‘stitch fix’ post, click here.)

so many things have been weighing heavily on my mind these days…my family…the shop…the blog. it will never cease to amaze me that whatever it is that i’m dealing with seems to find it’s way to me. it’s like God floods my life’s ‘inbox’ with all of the messages, encounters, etc. that i need to hear/read/see in order to calm my nerves, encourage my spirit, heal my heart, motivate my mind…

so this week, i’ve rounded up a few special pieces that i’ve read, and i’m sure you’ll notice the themes too.

lately, when thinking about this blog, i’m finding myself struggling with the balance between wanting it to ‘succeed’ (i.e. reach a great number of ppl and help support my business endeavors and family) and keeping it manageable and real. writing sponsored posts is fun, but, b/c of who i am, i only write about what i truly believe in and want to support, so i’ve passed up quite a bit of fluff in the meantime. i could flood my posts with ads and affiliate links, but i don’t want to compromise why i do this. not saying that those that do and are successful are wrong in any way – b/c that’s not it at all! i just know where i’m at right now, and small is my big for the time being. cozy, quaint, and quirky. that’s me. so on that note, here are a couple articles to encourage my fellow bloggers:

  • jon acuff’s ’10 words to erase most online hate’ – this is a good one to remember for all of us in the real world or the social media sphere.  things are often said that aren’t all that nice, and this is a great reminder when the ugly words come out…  i haven’t really gotten any negative comments (coincidentally, a point that cece makes about a positive of being a ‘small’ blog), but i’ll refer to this advice if that time ever comes.

and the big whammy…motherhood. i have honestly wrapped my arms around my husband’s waist or neck at least three times this week alone and confessed that i feel like i’m totally failing my kids right now. this whole week has been one of those week’s in which i wish i could have a do-over. i just yelled too much, the house has been a total mess, and i think we had maybe one decent, well-prepared/cooked meal. i faced twelve loads of laundry, friends. twelve. and that’s just b/c i stopped washing on thursday!

  • ’embracing the night shift’ by becky of your modern family.  this will just warm your heart.  my little eden grace is sleeping away in her crib.  this is her first week doing so, and i just had to pump, b/c she slept through our usual 2am feeding, and i miss her, friends.  i have to say that i am a little saddened by the fact that she’s already so big, and now needing me a little less.  read this sweet post; you’ll appreciate it.
i think being a mom allows us a chance to be brave.  it’s truly a calling worth giving your all, and then some.  as promised earlier in the week, enjoy this little video for sara bareilles’ song ‘brave’.  it’ll make you smile…

and, as we approach another week together, take a moment with me to take a long, deep breath. relax those tense shoulders. be thankful. be simple. be pure. be a living example of faith, hope, and love to the ppl you are blessed to have around you. that’s going to be my focus this week.

“Let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me.” (Psalms 116:7)

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stitch fix october (oh dear, the ‘selfie’)

 ok, sweeties.  here we go…

stitch fix is awesome.  
(they are not paying me to say that by the way!!!)

i live on a very teeny budget when it comes to clothing.  i almost always shop from the target clearance rack.  seriously.

hello, stitch fix!  
remember i mentioned it in this post a few weeks ago?  it was certainly a good find!  a big thank you to angelique of where the piggy toes go for introducing me, and now, i’m passing along this sweet find to you!

it’s super simple.

this link will take you to stitch fix.  
once you sign up, you will answer a ton of questions regarding your style and what you are looking for…apparel, jewelry, accessories, outerwear…all of the above!

you’ll pick your price range.  
(note mine is ‘the cheaper, the better’).  

you’ll set your date.  (i would recommend that you don’t put it off too long, b/c they’re already booking into december!)  i subscribed for a monthly ‘fix’, so i’ll receive a package every 30 days.  as you can see in the pictures i’ve uploaded for you, you can reschedule or cancel your shipment at any time.  you don’t have to become a monthly subscriber.  you can order whenever you want!

here are a few screenshots of some of the questions you’ll be asked to answer in order to give your personal stylist a better idea of your wants, needs, tastes, and size…

 and here is what i received!  
it was like christmas morning for this mama…

normally, i wouldn’t have taken the time to try either of these on in a store, but this process gave me an opportunity to try new things and diverse styles.  i was really surprised at how much i liked everything!

that’s supposed to say ‘gorgeous and soft’, and boy, was it ever!  i really, really liked everything about the dolman top.  i nixed it b/c the hubby liked another better, and he’s got the paycheck.  😉

and on each piece, you’ll find a ‘polyvore-style’ tag that offers outfit inspiration!  love.

i apologize for the pics – i did this on the hubster’s phone.  
(our new camera is coming from new zealand or australia…pray it’s not a scam for our sake.  mama really misses having a camera.)

i swooned over the hot raspberry color of this next top, and it was the least expensive item in the box, so i was really wanting to keep it.  had it been the longer length all of the way around, i would’ve kept it in a heartbeat.

i especially liked the neckline and button embellishments.  after having three babies, my arms are my only assets!  ha!  (and you get to tell them in the questionnaire which body parts you want to show off or keep hidden. 
my belly and i like that option a lot.)

these skinny jeans were incredibly soft.  like,  ‘i want to make a teddy bear out of you or a pillowcase’ soft.  so.soft.  did i mention that they were soft?  oh man, they were soft.  they were too long, which was good, b/c they were out of the price range that i was looking for, so the length made our ‘good-bye’ a little easier.  so soft… *sigh*

this one.  he loved this one, and so did i, so the choice was easy!  it was so soft too.  i like soft.  haha

so, let’s talk money.
you will pay a $20 stylist fee upfront.  
that $20 will go towards your final purchase.  if you don’t want to purchase anything, your $20 will remain a stylist fee.

if you consider that someone is doing the work behind the sceens…looking into your LinkedIn profile, your pinterest boards (if you choose to make those available to them), and searching out items specifically for you, it really is a great deal.  plus, it goes towards your purchase, so you’re not paying for the clothes and a separate fee on top!

if you choose to purchase the entire box, 
you’ll receive a 25% discount.  
to help you understand what that looks like…
the jeans in my box alone were $88, but if i wanted the whole sha-bang, i would’ve paid $210 for the whole box (5 items).  the value of my box was $300, so that’s a $90 difference – essentially, a ‘free’ pair of jeans!

i told you that i am on a teeny budget, though, so i was looking to stay as close to $50 as possible.  the hi-lo pink blouse was $38, so it would’ve just cost me an additional $18, had i chosen it.

the sweater i did choose would have easily cost me around $70-$80 at a retailer like the limited, for example, but i ended up paying $58 (my $20 fee and $38 tonight), which i think is fair for a sweater of such uniqueness and high quality.  

all of the shipping is already included.  

the brands are unique and new, and most of my items were made in the usa, which i love!

probably every question you could think of is addressed on their faq page, so go on and take a peek!  

and if you have any questions for me, i’d be happy to talk about it with you further!

so there you have it!  it’s soooo simple.  
it’s a blast to skip the craziness of the mall and just try pieces on at your own pace.  my husband watched football while i played dress-up, and the kids were in bed, so it was heavenly!

if you use this link, i will receive a referral credit, and guess what i want to do…share!!!

if i receive any referral credit $$ from sharing this awesome company with you, i plan to turn it into a giveaway!  depending on the amount, if any, i will offer a gift card or a piece from my next fix!  why not share the love?!  so if you end up signing up through my link, let me know!  and i’ll return the love!  be blessed to be a blessing…be a blessing, be blessed!  here’s the link again to get started.  

enjoy!!!  please share your experience and feedback with me!  have fun! xoxoxo
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good find friday: week 4


the ugly truth about bravery – i thought this was a really great post on bravery, written by jon acuff.  i’ll say – i agree with all but the very last line…  if you want to take an extra minute, read his short ‘about’ section also.  inspires me to do something meaningful with my own life.

the day i left my marriage – those of you that are married know how challenging sharing your everything with someone else can actually be.  i am no picnic; that’s for sure.  not too long ago, i confess that i googled the words, ‘i don’t like my husband.’  what?!  i know…terrible.  we were going through a rough patch, and frankly, he was just on my nerves.  all.of.the.time.  he’d just look at me, and i would get annoyed.  hormones, right?  so anyway, i typed this phrase into the search bar and then looked for a ‘christian’ domain name.  b/c seriously, a christian wife should NOT feel those things, right?!  yeah.  i found this article, and i am so happy that i did, b/c it really helped to shift my perspective.  i have an awesome husband.  he loves Jesus 110%.  he is an amazing father.  he is thoughtful and takes care of others’ needs before his own.  he prays with passion.  he believes with passion.  he hasn’t left me, even during our darkest days.  he’s a gift that i have taken for granted.  i  hope this article helps you out, if you ever find yourself feeling frustrated with your spouse.  changing perspective often changes everything.  and actually, i like him a whole lot!

for the home:

dear lillie – i love this little blog and shop! i love it soooo much, that i hope to offer some of their items in the klover house shop in the near future! i love finding fellow artisans with common interests and passions. amazing hearts and talents over at dear lillie. check them out, and let them know that klover house sent you!


‘skinny double chocolate chip muffins’ by made these little guys (little b/c i baked them in my itty bitty tart pans – so cute…) and they were a hit. we drove to dance class with over two dozen. we returned home from dance class with zero! i didn’t have the exact ingredients – for example, i used strawberry kefir in place of the greek yogurt, but they turned out great! i also skipped the chocolate chips throughout. i simply drizzled 5 to 6 on each little muffin. it ended up being the perfect amount for our taste. you’d never guess these chocolately breakfast treats were made with honey, applesauce, kefir, and egg whites!  these will definitely be made frequently in our house!

america’s mood map – just a fun little time-waster.  apparently, i belong in tennessee…or oregon.  how about you?

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good find friday: week 3


do your kids sleep???

my life and kids’ tips and tricks for tired moms

house of rose’s nightly bedtime routines: you are the death of me

this will move you. grab a tissue.

hands free mama’s taking off the ticking clock

for the home:

because i’m slightly obsessed with laundry rooms…remodelaholic’s fresh laundry nook ideas for small laundry rooms


spotify radio – i’m loving this so much.  i think it’s awesome how you can search an artist or group and then base your ‘radio station’ off of it.  my favorites to base my radio off of lately are ‘hillsong united’ (this will get you artists like jeremy riddle, daniel bashta, jesus culture, bethel, jeremy camp, etc.) and audrey assad (bringing you others like chris august, sara groves, all sons & daughters, gungor, etc.)  all great stuff.

you’ll have to hear the occassional ad for auto zone or something, but who cares?!  it’s free and completely unique to your own musical tastes…

Spotify may not have created that shift but they certainly provided a solution to easy-access mobile music streaming. They simply saw a consumer demand, just as any company in any marketplace would. I am certain that Spotify would want every single music fan on its service to pay the monthly subscription, but is it Spotify’s fault if we choose not to do that and listen to the ad-supported version instead? {source: allen, d. (2013, oct 16) why david byrne is wrong about spotify}


cider glazed chicken with browned butter pecan rice i made my own version of this recipe on monday night. we didn’t have cider, so i used white wine, chicken stock, and apple juice. this was a hit and even our girls ate it and liked it! huge, people. these days…that’s huge.

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good find friday: week 2

it’s still friday!  so here are a few of my favorite finds this week as we end the day and start the weekend…


jen hatmaker’s ‘things i’m loving’ – why not include some of one of my favorite blogger’s things in my own good find post?!  it’s like a double-whammy of good stuff!

you’re a stay at home mom. what do you do all day? if you are a stay at home mama, you will certainly appreciate this one!  enjoy the affirmation, mama!

confronting the lie: God won’t give you more than you can handle. – i have heard that line thousands of times, and i am sure you have as well.  this post was an excellent read – especially if you are going through the thick of it and are feeling a little too close to Job…  i hope this writing ministers to you.

lysa terkeurst’s ‘people pleasing’ – do you suffer from people-pleasing?  i know i sure do!  i am getting so much better slowly, but surely.  i think this is such a practical post offered by lysa.  i really appreciated it, and i hope you will too. 

home related:

i loved this image via shanty 2 chic – just gorgeous!

have a great weekend, friends!

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