a lovely day, every girl’s dream, and anthro candles galore!

Today was such a great day. Nothing crazy happened. Just a great day spent with two of my three girls (well, three of my four girls, if you count belly-bambina). Anyway, I told the girls last night that I wanted to take them to Story Time this morning, so that was the plan. Story Time, Trader Joe’s and home for the day.

Well, I got a text from my mother-in-law this morning asking to take my oldest for a few hours. She will occasionally take each child for a little special one-on-one time, and the girls love it – much like they love our ‘dates’. I have learned that the special time we purposely give to each of the kids fills their love tanks tremendously. It is so good for everyone.

I asked Ava if she wanted to head to Story Time with me or hang out with Nanny for the day. “Nanny.” No hesitation. See? I told you that they adore that special attention! So, Nanny came and got Ava, and Isla, Eden and I headed out as well.

Our first stop of course was Pottery Barn Kids. We were about 15 minutes late and just missed the Halloween story. I felt really badly about it, until I saw the Halloween books. I didn’t feel so bad after that, and I took them to a quiet spot in the store and read them Christmas stories myself. They sat so intently and loved every minute.

After our own personal ‘story time’, I told Isla she could play with the doll house castle out on display. She was in a state of total bliss. I couldn’t blame her, though. I posted a few things on my Instagram account about it this morning. The setup of the newest decor was just breath-taking. It made me wish I could just hit the lotto and bring it all home. (Too bad I don’t play the lotto…) It was gorgeous. She was having so much fun playing that I couldn’t bare to pull her away, so I put our Trader Joe’s plans aside and let her just enjoy her play time a little longer. We were probably in there for nearly an hour.

I only got her to agree to an Anthropologie run and lunch by promising that we’d come back to the dollhouse before heading home. They were such troopers in Anthro. It helps that they love all-things-girlie, just like me, so Isla quickly took to her usual practice of handing me every.single.candle. (That is, after she took the initial smell, of course, and offered her opinion.) “This one smells like (insert a made-up-word here), mama. Smell. Eden, you want to smell?” Over and over. We smelled every candle in the store. Sometimes we smelled them two or three times if they were found in different sizes/jars.

Thanks to her affinity for candles, I was able to smell our Boulangerie Jar Candles (that are featured in the giveaway this week). Friends, they are divine. I thought going in that I would love the Pumpkin Souffle the most, hands-down, but I surprised myself! I also thought I’d love the Whipped Cream & Pear, b/c of all of the excellent reviews, but… my two favorites turned out to be the Angel Food and the Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon. The Angel Food smelled just like it’s name. Delicious. Sweet. Delicate. Loved it! The Sweet Vanilla Cinnamon reminded me of Christmas. In the end, it won. I would have gotten both, but I had already been sold on the Amaretto Orange that I discovered in the Sale ‘cave’. Just $9.95, plus and additional 25% off! Isla kept putting candles in our stroller. I would convince her to put them back, but another would quickly take its place. I finally agreed to one of her selections – the Capri Blue Volcano candle in the bright red mini jar. It has a pleasing, sweet smell that I thought would compliment the spice of the Christmas scents, so I caved.

Here’s a peek at our finds:

{I also came across this ‘Embroidered Petals’ iPhone 5 case by Jasper & Jeera in the Sale room, and again, it was an extra 25% off of the already marked-down price.  I was too cheap to buy a $30 one at the Verizon store, so this seemed perfect!  It’s my style, it’s unique, it’s leathery, and fuzzy, and glammed up all at once!  
Hopefully hubby will be thrilled that I finally have something on it.}

I was also able to find some beautiful and soft tops that would wear well over this very pregnant belly. I am all about the “Angel of the North” cardigans, but when I saw this “Moth” brand cardigan, I fell in love. It was one of the first things I picked up. I looked at the price tag though and quickly returned it to the rack, bummed. Everyone that knows me knows that I love Anthro most of any store, so for my birthday each year, I am usually blessed with a gift card or two. This year, it was three, and I was elated to make the most of it! Anthro gives you 15% off your total purchase of regular price items during your birthday month, plus all of their sale items are currently an additional 25% off, as I mentioned earlier, so I was determined to make my gift cards stretch. Knowing that I would carefully peruse the entire store prior to jumping to my first love, I decided that I would see what else I could find, and if I could still afford the sweater, I would get it.

Well…I did just that! And I still have a good balance leftover for another day! Yay!  

{My incredibly soft clothing finds}

I tried to get Isla to go back in with me after we had already paid, b/c the Cedar & Balsam candle in the rectangular mercury glass was saying, “Take me too!” But, she wouldn’t have it. “I want to eat lunch…NOW!” I couldn’t blame her for that either, so I let her drag me away to Panera. πŸ˜‰

Our experience this time was drastically different than the last (that had me nearly in tears, b/c Ava and Isla were literally wrestling on the floor while I was trying to order – yes, girls do that nonsense too). Isla stood so nicely next to the stroller; Eden wasn’t having any meltdowns, even though she was well past naptime. I ordered our meals and we sat in a quiet corner. As I sat down, Isla said something to me that was just the cherry on the top of the whole day. I almost missed understanding it, b/c of her cute speech (she’s three), but I’m so glad that it registered. She said to me, “I am having a good day with you, Mommy.”

I melted.

I almost always have all three girls everywhere that we go, and Isla is the quieter of the three. So, I rarely get to have true conversations with her without Ava finishing her sentences or changing the subject. It was so amazing to have this special time with her and to collect a moment that will stay in my heart until I am old and gray. That was awesome to hear as her mama.  I practically floated back to PBKids.  (I kept my promise and allowed her about 10 more minutes of doll house euphoria.  Don’t tell, but I think they are getting a dollhouse for Christmas.  Not that one, b/c it’s way more expensive than many great alternatives, but I can already tell it’s going to be a huge hit.)

Anyway, just wanted to record this day, b/c it was purely lovely, and I wanted to fill you in on the candles. You seriously can’t go wrong. Every scent seemed to hold true to its name. No surprises. They were all delicious. I think you will be pleased. So, if you haven’t yet…head back over to the giveaway post and enter for a chance to win your own! So fun! The Rafflecopter will close at midnight on Friday morning, and I will announce the winner around 11AM, so spread the word with your friends too! Thanks, as always, for reading. Until next time… xo

Oh, and did you notice that I have been capitalizing regularly in these last few posts?!  lol  What has gotten into me?!  (You can read about that little blog oddity in my ‘About Me’ section.)

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“eden gray” clothing

please allow me to introduce you to our newest adventure, friends.

“eden gray” clothing.

so here’s a run-down of the whys, wheres, whos, whens, and hows… πŸ˜‰

why clothing?

it has been my dream for some time now to open my own boutique. you can read more about that here. for a long time, i have been piecing together ideas and doing research on how to make this dream a reality for me and my family. someday, i pray and hope to have an actual storefront that you can all come and visit. until then, our sweet klover house shop via big cartel will do just fine.

why “eden gray”?

as you may (or may not) know, we named our third daughter, eden grace. isla (‘eye-la’), our second daughter, calls her baby sister “eden gray”, and we just think it is the most precious thing ever. i often catch myself calling her “eden gray” or “e-gray” for short too. i love that isla has brought such whimsy to our lives and, unintentionally, gifted us with the name for our company.

who are we?

mother-daughter-duo, kristi (me) and sharon k. (my mama, aka mema) this pic is from a few years ago, but aren’t we darling? haha man, i miss good hair days. anyway…

where can you find our pieces?

in the klover house shop, of course! 
you can click here or find the “shop” tab above.

we have three dresses in the line-up right now. our winter collection consists of: 
“sweet snowfall” (pictured) 
“sugared plum”
“cocoa and cardamom”

the pullover style dresses are made from soft jersey knits, pima cotton and cotton/spandex blends – perfect for little girls who want to feel cozy while they twirl, sprawl out on the floor, and dance in the kitchen!

all items are handmade-per-order and can be customized, if desired. each piece is made to coordinate with both hair accessories (by rosella bella) and “little cook” aprons (by chelsea made).

what is our mission?

the purpose of “eden gray” is to merge boutique-quality with affordability. three things i absolutely adore and appreciate about boutique-quality brands are: 1) uniqueness, 2) softness/comfort, 3) quality. those three components in an item are well worth their weight in gold, and if you are going to spend your money, you want it to be worth it, right? well, i believe that great quality should also be affordable and reasonable when clothing ourselves and our little ones. lets face it…you’ve already spilled your coffee down your front and junior has probably wiped his nose on your shoulder, right? right. and little princess was a 3T last night, but this morning, her sweet ankles are peeking out of her jammies! you get me? our babies grow too quickly to blow the bank account on their attire. that’s where i’m at as a mama to three, beautiful little darlings. i want to clothe us well, but i want to do it within a budget, and comfort is always at the top of my list. so, that’s our goal in “eden gray”. we want you to love what we make. we want you to feel as cozy in our frocks as you do in your flannel jammies, and we want you to keep coming back for more, b/c it’s affordable!

what can you do for us?

spread the word, like us on facebook, and pray! seriously. every day is a challenge. we appreciate your prayers as i learn to balance this new role and while we establish this business. we want it to last, so we aim to do things well. that takes time and resources. 

 also, we would love your feedback. on everything! do you like what you see? do you not like what you see? do you have ideas/suggestions/things you’d like to see in the future? we’re already thinking about our spring collection, so keep an eye out for more great things!

the klover house shop will hopefully continue to expand and new items (by other artisans) are in the works to be added to our inventory soon! you can find out more about chelsea made in this post. you can also “like” her on facebook and visit her website here. she’s still offering $5 off to klover house friends up until december 25th, so you have time to score a great deal (on already created pieces)! mention the code “kloverhouse”. you can visit our accessories artisan, rosella bella, on facebook as well. i have more great things up my sleeve, so again, stay tuned! i’m confident you are going to love what you’ll see in 2014.

well, that’s all for now! check back this weekend for the unveiling of our next two dress designs!

thank you always, for your support and encouragement! blessings!

 photo a9de1fdb-52d3-4604-a79d-ba7ee6db5adb_zps8f990315.jpg

unique and affordable gift ideas!

looking for a unique, touching Christmas gift for the ladies in your life?

well, i’ve got some great ideas for you! (note: none of these links are affiliate links. aka – i’m not getting paid for saying this! i love these ideas/products!)

1 – STITCH FIX! this company is awesome. it’s convenient. it’s fun. and the best part…it lets you shop in the comfort of your own home! what neat is that you could easily send a loved one a ‘fix’ and let them shop from a surprise box of beautiful and unique fashion-finds. for example, send it to your bestie, or sister, or mama, and say, ‘pick out your favorite piece! it’s on me! merry christmas! xoxo” and then, they pick it, pop the remaining items back in the mail, and there you have a fun way to take your loved one shopping! it’s got that element of surprise combined with the control that every woman appreciates when shopping for herself. i know i’d love one for christmas!

2 – HAPPY MOMMY BOX! i love this idea, and i think the ladies behind it are superb! win-win! simply, get online and send a Happy Mommy Box to that mommy (or mommies) that you want to bless. like Stitch Fix, the contents you (or she) will receive are a surprise! knowing natalie and mandy, though, they will be fabulous month after month. there’s still time to receive a december box {click here}. you could gift the entire box, or you could sort through it and gift each piece separately to people you have in mind! for example, last month’s box contained adorable finger puppets and a beautiful necklace (among other items). so…give your niece the puppets and your sister the necklace! perfect!

3 – CHELSEA MADE APRON! – yes, i am partial on this one. {see why here.} i love these aprons for the big or little cook in your life! the quality and uniqueness of these aprons are unmatched. i am 100% in love with anthropologie, people. like, in love. BUT, i can say that even their aprons can’t compare when it comes to craftsmanship and artistry! Chelsea makes each piece by hand and adds any personal touches that the customer desires. on top of that – the aprons are lined, making them durable and soft. you can visit Chelsea Made here and use the code ‘klover house’ for $5 off until december 25th. just think, a matching set for a mom and her sweeties would be such a thoughtful gift!

4 – CHOCOLATE APPLE ORCHARD!ginormous apples drenched in caramel, chocolates, and nearly every good thing you could imagine. does it get any better?!!! i have had enough of these to know that they are all divine! they even make custom orders! you can check out my daughter’s personalized ‘belle’ apple in this post. for ava’s birthday, we are having chocolate apple orchard create six of the disney princesses. she is going to love it! this company also makes chocolate/caramel dipped pretzel rods. these are perfect if you’re looking for party goodies or if you want to send someone a little treat in the mail. (they are available for delivery.)

5 – THE VINTAGE PEARL! – i’ve personally ordered from this company and i love their stuff! (and the heart behind the company!) you can customize pieces and they are so dainty and beautiful.

6 – RUBY RAY JEWELRY! i love these bangles! this mama is the epitome of ‘cool.’ love her taste and craftsmanship. there are so many styles to choose from, and if you follow her on instagram, twitter, or facebook, you will be the first to hear of new pieces and specials/deals. wear these pretties alone or with a chunky watch…dress them up…dress them down…swoon. love ’em.

ok, so there are my ideas thus far! i’ll keep you posted as i come across more!

 photo a9de1fdb-52d3-4604-a79d-ba7ee6db5adb_zps8f990315.jpg

stitch fix october (oh dear, the ‘selfie’)

 ok, sweeties.  here we go…

stitch fix is awesome.  
(they are not paying me to say that by the way!!!)

i live on a very teeny budget when it comes to clothing.  i almost always shop from the target clearance rack.  seriously.

hello, stitch fix!  
remember i mentioned it in this post a few weeks ago?  it was certainly a good find!  a big thank you to angelique of where the piggy toes go for introducing me, and now, i’m passing along this sweet find to you!

it’s super simple.

this link will take you to stitch fix.  
once you sign up, you will answer a ton of questions regarding your style and what you are looking for…apparel, jewelry, accessories, outerwear…all of the above!

you’ll pick your price range.  
(note mine is ‘the cheaper, the better’).  

you’ll set your date.  (i would recommend that you don’t put it off too long, b/c they’re already booking into december!)  i subscribed for a monthly ‘fix’, so i’ll receive a package every 30 days.  as you can see in the pictures i’ve uploaded for you, you can reschedule or cancel your shipment at any time.  you don’t have to become a monthly subscriber.  you can order whenever you want!

here are a few screenshots of some of the questions you’ll be asked to answer in order to give your personal stylist a better idea of your wants, needs, tastes, and size…

 and here is what i received!  
it was like christmas morning for this mama…

normally, i wouldn’t have taken the time to try either of these on in a store, but this process gave me an opportunity to try new things and diverse styles.  i was really surprised at how much i liked everything!

that’s supposed to say ‘gorgeous and soft’, and boy, was it ever!  i really, really liked everything about the dolman top.  i nixed it b/c the hubby liked another better, and he’s got the paycheck.  πŸ˜‰

and on each piece, you’ll find a ‘polyvore-style’ tag that offers outfit inspiration!  love.

i apologize for the pics – i did this on the hubster’s phone.  
(our new camera is coming from new zealand or australia…pray it’s not a scam for our sake.  mama really misses having a camera.)

i swooned over the hot raspberry color of this next top, and it was the least expensive item in the box, so i was really wanting to keep it.  had it been the longer length all of the way around, i would’ve kept it in a heartbeat.

i especially liked the neckline and button embellishments.  after having three babies, my arms are my only assets!  ha!  (and you get to tell them in the questionnaire which body parts you want to show off or keep hidden. 
my belly and i like that option a lot.)

these skinny jeans were incredibly soft.  like,  ‘i want to make a teddy bear out of you or a pillowcase’ soft.  so.soft.  did i mention that they were soft?  oh man, they were soft.  they were too long, which was good, b/c they were out of the price range that i was looking for, so the length made our ‘good-bye’ a little easier.  so soft… *sigh*

this one.  he loved this one, and so did i, so the choice was easy!  it was so soft too.  i like soft.  haha

so, let’s talk money.
you will pay a $20 stylist fee upfront.  
that $20 will go towards your final purchase.  if you don’t want to purchase anything, your $20 will remain a stylist fee.

if you consider that someone is doing the work behind the sceens…looking into your LinkedIn profile, your pinterest boards (if you choose to make those available to them), and searching out items specifically for you, it really is a great deal.  plus, it goes towards your purchase, so you’re not paying for the clothes and a separate fee on top!

if you choose to purchase the entire box, 
you’ll receive a 25% discount.  
to help you understand what that looks like…
the jeans in my box alone were $88, but if i wanted the whole sha-bang, i would’ve paid $210 for the whole box (5 items).  the value of my box was $300, so that’s a $90 difference – essentially, a ‘free’ pair of jeans!

i told you that i am on a teeny budget, though, so i was looking to stay as close to $50 as possible.  the hi-lo pink blouse was $38, so it would’ve just cost me an additional $18, had i chosen it.

the sweater i did choose would have easily cost me around $70-$80 at a retailer like the limited, for example, but i ended up paying $58 (my $20 fee and $38 tonight), which i think is fair for a sweater of such uniqueness and high quality.  

all of the shipping is already included.  

the brands are unique and new, and most of my items were made in the usa, which i love!

probably every question you could think of is addressed on their faq page, so go on and take a peek!  

and if you have any questions for me, i’d be happy to talk about it with you further!

so there you have it!  it’s soooo simple.  
it’s a blast to skip the craziness of the mall and just try pieces on at your own pace.  my husband watched football while i played dress-up, and the kids were in bed, so it was heavenly!

if you use this link, i will receive a referral credit, and guess what i want to do…share!!!

if i receive any referral credit $$ from sharing this awesome company with you, i plan to turn it into a giveaway!  depending on the amount, if any, i will offer a gift card or a piece from my next fix!  why not share the love?!  so if you end up signing up through my link, let me know!  and i’ll return the love!  be blessed to be a blessing…be a blessing, be blessed!  here’s the link again to get started.  

enjoy!!!  please share your experience and feedback with me!  have fun! xoxoxo
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 photo a9de1fdb-52d3-4604-a79d-ba7ee6db5adb_zps8f990315.jpg

good find friday: week 1

{image credit: Linh H. Nguyen via photopin cc}


  • ten things americans waste money on, by dave ramsey. i am soooo guilty of number ten…why do caramel lattes that don’t require me to do anything but drive sleepy children around a circle have to make me so happy???

home related:

  • making your home a haven challenge by women living well. i am really looking forward to this! i wanted to get a post up yesterday about it, but alas, life happens – which is a good thing! i mean, what would we have to talk about if life was stagnant?! so anyway, check this out. if you want your home to be a sanctuary for your loved ones (and yourself!), you must join the challenge. it sounds like it’s going to bear good fruit if taken sincerely. i’m excited.


  • happy mommy box – this is awesome. awesome. awesome. awesome. i came across a fellow mommy-blogger’s blog a couple of months ago, and i just loved it right from the start! natalie of the busy budgeting mama is so dear and extremely inspiring! for someone like me, who has an entrepreneurial spirit, she has more than lifted my spirits on the days that seem longer than i can handle, and when my dreams seem too far out of reach. on top of releasing a book (mommy has an angel), she and another sweet blogging mama, mandy, of house of rose, have teamed up to bring us moms something called a happy mommy box. i think this idea is just brilliant and will surely bring joy and encouragement to a lot of women out there – myself included! imagine a monthly surprise on your doorstep…put together with you in mind. such a blessing. love it. love it. love it.

  • stitch fix – coolest thing ever. shopping as a mom of three itty bitties is like non-existent, and even when i can, i don’t want to, b/c shopping with three itty bitties is horribly not fun! seriously. trying on clothes in front of a preschooler is icky. ‘mommy, what happened to your belly button???’ ‘is that where the doctor took the baby out???’ (pointing to a lovely collection of weird-looking stretch marks on a lopsided carcass of a tummy). no thank you. shopping is not fun anymore! well, that is, until a friend shared this lovely site! stitch fix is a a way to put the fun back into shopping! you simply answer a few questions about yourself and your style, and a professional stylist (aka someone who knows what they are actually doing) puts together a collection of goodies for you to try on in the privacy of your own home! glorious! you pay a $20 fee to the stylist up front, and if you choose to purchase anything, that $20 goes towards your purchase. i think it’s worth every penny, so i signed up to receive my first ‘fix’ by the last week in october. i’ll be sure to show you want they send and let you know what i think of the process!


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klover house – let’s talk shop!

finally!  sorry – it was a looong day!

as i said before, if you’ve been following along via facebook, then you’ve already gotten a glimpse of these three (of our six) apron designs crafted by the incredibly talented chelsea of chelsea made.

as we embark on the klover house shop journey together, i want to introduce you to the store and give you an idea as to what you can expect in the future from the klover house shop.

as i hinted in the original ‘klover house’ post, i have had a dream for quite some time – a dream to own my own shop.  i believe that God has allowed this dream to be placed on my heart.  why do i think it’s a God-thing?  1) my passion never fades away…it only grows, 2) it’s much bigger than my means or talents could ever accomplish, so i know in order to see it take root and be successful, it will have to be laid entirely in His hands, and 3) it fits well into the ‘bigger picture’ when it comes to our family and what we believe is God’s plan and purpose for our lives.
so here it is.  this is big, friends.  this is a chunk of my heart finally out here…
it is my hope and aim to bring to you a carefully selected collection of the finest, prettiest things that i lay my eyes on.  that said, when i found out about chelsea made (a lovely little custom apron designer out of columbus, ohio) and checked out her products, i was blown away by the uniqueness of it all!  not only does this artisan have a God-given gift for design, but her craftsmanship is top-notch.  every stitch…every seam…every fabric…perfection.  i’m in love with these products, and i am confident that you will be as well.
klover house has partnered with chelsea made to create one-of-a-kind aprons for ‘little cooks’ and their mamas too!  each apron is carefully designed with the style of the ‘cook’ or ‘little cook’ in mind, selecting fabrics unique to her, creating a truly one-of-a-kind apron that will last as long as those family recipes you’ll be sharing!
the ‘klover house’ collection is made up of the following styles:
‘ava’ line – for the shabby chic romantic darling 

‘ava’ designed specifically for the little lady with an impeccably chic taste, a flair for the romantic side and a sweetness that can’t be denied. made from 100% cotton textiles and backed with 100% cotton and secured with heavy stitching throughout the garment, this little apron is ready to wear and work in the kitchen with your darling, and easy to wash when she’s done. to inquire about a custom design for the ‘ava’ in your life, visit www.chelseamade.com.

‘isla’ line – for the free-spirited sweetheart

‘isla’ designed specifically for the little sweetie with spunk in her step, a touch of whimsy and a smile that lights up a room. made from 100% cotton textiles and backed with 100% cotton and secured with heavy stitching throughout the garment, this little apron is ready to wear and work in the kitchen with your sweet pea, and easy to wash when she’s done. to inquire about a custom design for the ‘isla’ in your life, visit www.chelseamade.com

‘eden’ line – for the modern cutie laced with vintage charm

‘eden’ designed specifically for the cutie in your kitchen who brings to the mix, a fresh take on vintage charm. made from 100% cotton textiles and backed with 100% cotton and secured with heavy stitching throughout the garment, this little apron is ready to wear and work in the kitchen with your little cutie, and easy to wash when she’s done. to inquire about a custom design for the ‘eden’ in your life, visit www.chelseamade.com.

‘josie lee’ line – for the young trendsetter in your kitchen 

 ‘josie lee’ designed specifically for the little lady with undeniable class, a modern day audrey with an extra dash of something fabulous. made from 100% cotton textiles and backed with 100% cotton and secured with heavy stitching throughout the garment, this little apron is ready to wear and work in the kitchen with your darling, and easy to wash when she’s done. to inquire about a custom design for the ‘josie lee’ in your life, visit www.chelseamade.com.

‘charlie’ line – for the casual urban princess 

 ‘charlie’ specifically designed for the casual, urban princess. coffee shops, bakeries – this soulful style is a stand-out in any crowd. made from 100% cotton textiles and backed with 100% cotton and secured with heavy stitching throughout the garment, this little apron is ready to wear and work in the kitchen with your little cutie, and easy to wash when she’s done. to inquire about a custom design for the ‘charlie’ in your life, visit www.chelseamade.com.

‘klover house’ line – for the eclectic mama 

 ‘klover house’ designed for the mama of the mix. she’s got an eye for all things lovely, but isn’t afraid to make a mess in the name of making memories. made from 100% cotton textiles and backed with 100% cotton and secured with heavy stitching throughout the garment, this little apron is ready to wear and work in the kitchen with your little cutie, and easy to wash when she’s done. to inquire about a custom design for the ‘eclectic mama’ in your life, visit www.chelseamade.com.

this original introductory set will not be for sale, but if you see a piece that inspires you, or you know a little lady that fits any of the above ‘style’ descriptions, chelsea made can customize an apron just for you or your little cook.  use these designs as your spring-board or style inspiration!  ***fabrics can vary in color / pattern depending upon season and availability.***
as a special gift to klover house readers:
chelsea made is now offering $5 OFF on ALL orders now through december 25th.  also, as an extra treat for klover house friends, you will receive a special gift with your purchase!

simply use the code: KLOVERHOUSE when you visit www.chelseamade.com.

if you like what you see, please LET US KNOW!  leave a comment on the blog or facebook page and tell us what you think!  we’re already working on bringing you a fall/winter collection that will be available for purchase through the klover house shop!  
klover house will also be partnering with additional incredibly talented artisans to bring you coordinating accessories and clothing soon, soon, soon!

once again, thanks in advance for your support and feedback!  keep the encouragement and prayers coming!

***chelsea made supports american-made fabrics and local shops around the country. to inquire about a custom design for you and the ‘little cooks’ in your life (male or female!), please visit: www.chelseamade.com.***

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klover house shop: a little note / reminder

so, as you busy people already know…family first, right?!

my babes have kept me quite busy, busy today, and hubs is having an out-later-than-usual kind of day, so my blogging has been put on the back burner.
once he’s home and the kiddos are in bed, i’ll be back to release that special offer from chelsea made and fill you in on a few more details!  stay tuned!  πŸ™‚

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what’s been happening at ‘klover house’

1.  little miss eden grace is rolling over…a lot!  look out, world!  she’s goin’ places!

2.  ava is consistently finding ways to work the words ‘ferocious’ and ‘scrumptious’ into every conversation, and wants to use them interchangeably, which is pretty hilarious.
3.  isla is crib-jumping.  yup.  jumping outta the crib, y’all.  at.all.hours.of.the.day.or.night.  which, as you can imagine, has made nap time pretty impossible and sleeping-in even more of a distant memory.
4.  our floors are in.  hallelujah!  i have crossed over from screaming, ‘leave your shoes ON!!!!’ to nagging, ‘take your shoes OFF!!!!’  my dear, confused children…
5.  my incredibly generous and talented designer-friend brought over a crate of goodies with which to help decorate our new spaces, complete with advice!  she is a gem.  love her.  wish she didn’t have to go home – ever!  i want to ask her silly things like, ‘which side of the sink should i place my toothbrush?’  πŸ™‚
6.  hubs turned another year older, and we’re still eating peanut butter ice cream cake.  i’m sick to my stomach as i type this…
7.  ava has informed me that her next sport of choice is ‘horsing.’  she’s a genius.  have you caught onto that?  πŸ™‚  the girl remembers that people ride horses for fun, and wants to learn to ‘horse.’  she’s one cool bean.
8.  isla’s still a rock star with the potty, and as of tomorrow night, b/c i forgot once again tonight, she’ll be back to sleeping in her ‘big girl bed’. *round 2* coming of planking on mama in the middle of the night???  :/  (see list item #3)  love her.
9.  i have officially become a ‘survivor’ watcher.  yes, i’ve managed to live without that show for…what?  like a truckload of seasons?  yep.  this time, i’m in.  and, of course, blood will prove thicker than water!
10.  and…we’re closer to launching the ‘klover house shop’!  woo hoo!  if you’ve been following us on facebook, then you’ve already seen two of our six designs, meticulously drafted and crafted by the gifted chelsea of chelsea made.  {find her facebook page here
stop back here (klover house) tomorrow (friday) for more details and for a special offer from chelsea made for klover house friends!  i’m so excited for this opportunity.  this has been a lot of work, but dreams are worth it.  so happy to have you all cheering us on and watching things unfold from the very beginning.
so…yep.  that about sums up some recent events.  oh yeah, and did you see that jen hatmaker is coming to your living room soon via hgtv?  yep.  pretty good stuff right there, folks.  just thought i’d throw that in here…  
even when it’s a messy-crib-hopping-potty-training-lots-on-my-plate-baby-can’t-hang-out-on-the-bed-anymore-what’s-a-shower???…kind of life.
see you back here tomorrow!

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Origami Owl Giveaway

My friend, Becky (over at Your Modern Family) and I are teaming up with some other wonderful blogging mamas to bring you an awesome giveaway from our friend, Sarah Nikola of Origami Owl. I have a “Living Locket” myself, and I LOVE it! I love everything about it – the dangles, the birthstones (representing all of my precious ones, including Baby EJ), and a few pieces that specifically scream ME! Ok, they don’t scream, b/c they’re so dainty, lovely, beautiful, but they’re all me, and I love that my little story hangs so sweetly around my neck. I’ve uploaded a picture of my personal Locket for you to see. The Sparrow representing my faith – HIS eye is on me, and He loves me… The birthstones of my husband and children, with Eden Grace to be added soon, soon, soon… The Pearl, b/c I love pearls, and their beauty and simplicity born through adversity and pain… And the Vintage Flower, b/c I’m vintage at heart! (I also have two dangles – the pearl shown and a pretty, ivory flower that I can’t find at the moment, b/c my Ava also thought it was pretty and “borrowed” it…)

These pieces are so much fun to create and they are so pretty to look at too!

Below you’ll find the run-down, courtesy of Becky.
Btw, check out her blog at Your Modern Family asap. She is a mommy genius of four! I don’t know how she does it! Grace, patience, frugality…the girl’s got it all!
Well, good luck, friends! Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you win!

Origami Owl giveaway going on this week on our blog! Don’t miss a chance to win a gift certificate for $40 to buy some of these amazing products, given by Sarah Nickola (see her webpage here!)

Some tell their stories with words; Origami Owl lets you tell your story with charms! You can create a custom Locket that is an expression of you in 5 steps! Each locket is truly unique! Origami Owl was started by a 14 year old girl, saving money for her first car. She started out hosting in homes and now has 700 Independent Designers all over the nation! You can select from over 200 charms that have special meaning to you or you can match them to your own style. They are the perfect gift! This would be the perfect gift for Mothers Day, which is just around the bend!

My friend, Sarah Nikola (visit her on Facebook!) introduced me to Origami Owl and I love it! Sarah is a mom to three beautiful little girls and she has been part of the Origami Owl company for almost a year and loves it!

How it works: There are two sizes for the lockets. Medium- holds 4-7 charms. Large- Holds 7-12 charms. The lockets are held shut with strong magnets. You can change, add or remove any charms as often as you want, thanks to this magnet closure.

You can either buy a chain ($8) or use one that you have at home. You can buy a locket (starting at $20) & charm (starting at $5) and build your necklace. You can then add onto it whenever you want to! You can order one grouping or just one charm and continue to add to it over time.

Here are a few more great ideas:
Any order over $50 (before tax and shipping) gets a free charm and order over $100 gets 2 free charms. This cannot include any free charms in your order. To get this awesome deal, you will need to contact Sarah via Facebook – use this link! Or you can e-mail her at sarahlizlockets@gmail.com.
Mention the promo code: YOUR MODERN FAMILY to get this discount! It is a special discount that you won’t find anywhere else, so take advantage of it while you can!

Are you ready to enter to win a $40 gift certificate to buy from Origami Owl? Good luck! You can enter below using Rafflecopter.

HINT: Be sure to actually LIKE the facebook page before hitting “I’m a Fan!” or it won’t count as an entry on our end! Thanks! This is how we will contact you if you are the winner!
You have 48 hours to respond once we tell you that you are the winner. (Becky at yourmodernfamily.com will contact you via Facebook- if you do not have a Facebook page, message your email address to Becky at yourmodernfamily.com

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