eden’s birth announcement

finally got the little sweetie’s birth announcement completed. she just turned five weeks yesterday. better late than never, right?

i waited for my pamper’s gifts to grow codes to add up. with 600 points, you can “purchase” 10 free 5×7 birth announcement cards. i also used the 40% off cards code CARD40 (good until june 30th). with those two discounts combined, i was able to save about $45.00. that’s a lot of money that we can now use elsewhere!

i also ordered by going through the “shop at home” site. you can find a link to the site at the bottom of the right sidebar. going through sites like “shop at home” and “ebates” will give you a percentage of your purchase back in the form of a check. i’ve been doing this for years, and if you time your purchases right, sometimes, you can get a lot of money back. i figure if you’re going to buy online anyway, why not take advantage of a little cash back while you’re at it?

how about you? found any good deals lately?

Joyful Monogram Girl Birth Announcement
Shutterfly has cute baby announcements and Valentine’s Day cards.
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deals today!

hello, friends!

just thought i’d fill you in on some sweet deals that i came across…

shutterfly is offering a free 8×8 hard cover photo book! use the code MYBOOK at the checkout until tuesday, march 26th. you will only have to pay for shipping! (less than $10!)
i made a book for my hubby as his valentine’s gift and held off on ordering, b/c i knew a sweet deal would eventually come along…
(btw…i use shop at home when ordering from shutterfly. it earns you a little cash back, so why not?!)

wishing tree designs (first i’ve heard of and used them!) is offering 25% off your entire purchase plus FREE SHIPPING! just enter the code WTD25 in the code box before you shop. i ordered a set of 200 address labels with our new home’s address for about $6. not too shabby! this offer does not expire until april 30th, so keep going back for more if you’d like.

well, there you go, peeps! if i catch anything else, i’ll be sure to let you know!

children’s place cash fyi

i pretty much buy all of my girls’ clothes at either target or children’s place. you really can’t beat the prices at either, & cp always has a great deal or coupon going on.

so, anyway…i had gone earlier this spring to stock up on ava’s spring/summer shoes & earned $40 in “place cash.” kohl’s does this also – gives you “cash” to use at a later date if you hit a specific total.

well…needless to say, the other night, i hit my needed total & far exceeded it. i happily took my $40 off & my loot & went home.

next day…tried the outfits on ava & isla – some things fit, some didn’t, & some just looked a little “off.” like the adorable denim bermudas that hit two inches above ava’s ankles, b/c she’s such a petite little one, & these other adorable, beautiful, blush pink shorts made that awful “swishing” sound when her little legs went a mile a minute – so they were headed back too. not to mention, when i checked out the receipt, they cost five times more than anything else (no exaggeration), b/c it turned out they were from a regular store, not the outlet…

ok, so the reason for this post…i ended up losing money i shouldn’t have, b/c instead of taking the lump $20, $40, whatever off of your grand total at the end…they take a chunk of money off of each item. so say i only needed 4 items to hit my needed total, but i bought 20 items instead…the place cash is removed from every single items’ price.

am i losing you???

basically, if you need to spend $40 to get $20 off, but you have $80 worth of clothes…stop at the $40, get your discount, & then purchase your additional items that you’re not so sure about in a separate transaction with a different coupon if you have it.

i ended up getting $26 back, but had i done the two transactions, i may have gotten closer to $40 back on my returns.

lesson learned! hopefully, you understood what i was trying to tell you… i had to explain it to my husband twice. haha

save me some money!

who doesn’t LOVE to save money & these days, for that matter, who doesn’t need to save money? i know we do.

so, i’ve come across some outstanding deals, blogs & websites thanks to some friends & some literal cyber-stumbling…& why keep a good thing to yourself?

i think most if not all of the websites i frequent are now listed in my “daily treasures” column to the right.

if i’m missing a link, i’ll get it there soon. check out the buttons on the right…

some of my loves are www.moneysavingmom.com – boy does she have it together. i’m inspired. also, www.ourbestbites.com. no, it won’t save you money, but b/t the cooking/grocery shopping advice on msm, the recipes from the pioneer woman & this site – you will have freezer meals to count on for weeks! hallelujah!

i just made the greek marinade. we’re having it for dinner on chicken – grilled & pita-ed. i’ll let you know what it tastes like. w/the left over garlic, last night i made a traditional version of the stuffed pepper recipe w/spicy tomato sauce – boy am i hurting in the reflux dept today, but i knew i would be & fortunately, it was worth it…maybe i’ll get around to posting my recipe. i used the food processor for easy mixing of the filling and added portobello mushrooms and carrots. so, tomorrow, b/c i’m not feeling that energized today, i plan on taking the remainder of the garlic cloves, mushrooms, carrots & an onion & chopping them in the processor to split into 1/2 c. portions to freeze for easy ingredient grabs… i’ll also chop my onions and do the same. the remainder of the bell peppers i bought a sam’s club are already done & in the freezer. btw – a bag of 6 assorted bell peppers (red, yellow & orange) were the same price as the green. i LOVE the red – they’re so good & i think they may be better for you too. plus, they’re usually 3.99-4.99 per lb. at giant eagle & the whole bag of 6 cost me $4 & some change…

getting off topic here, but my brain’s all over – speaking of sam’s…i finally did the math & if you can find normal tubes of colgate toothpaste for less than $2 a tube, then you are actually beating the sam’s club price. i plan on figuring out the same for some other items. i bought 2 6lb. bags of their frozen chicken for about $10 ea (tyson was almost $23 for a 10lb. bag), so i got more chicken for less $ (about $1.67/lb.). it’s not portioned like tyson’s bag, but i came home – boiled half of one bag of the chicken in the stock pot with an onion & clove of garlic then divided it into 1lb. portions shredded. freezer-bagged it – done! now, i’ve been pulling it out for meals. the chicken i left in whole breasts, i’ve been using to freeze in marinades (like the greek one we’re having tonight). that way, hubby can grill it up when he gets home & all the dirty work is done!

ok – back to coupons…i’ve got some coupons i’ll be throwing out here b/c i know i won’t be able to make use of them before they expire, so if you want them, let me know & i’ll get them in the mail to you…

1 – i’m a tanger member, so i get the $5 coupon book free EVERY time i visit the outlets. i currently have an extra – it’s your’s if you want it. if you just want a specific one like for a restaurant, trolley museum ticket, pirate ticket, etc. i can give you that specific one too…

2 – carter’s – 25% off purchase of $30 or more expires: 6/20/11

3 – babies-r-us – $4 off (2) 22oz powder formulas & $7 off purchase of huggies value box of diapers & wipes. both expire: 6/30/11

4 – dressbarn – 20%off ends this sunday, june 19th…

5 – oshkosh – savings card already stamped once (stamped every time you make $20 purchase), so $80 to go & you get a $10 savings card for your next purchase. it’s stamped TWICE on tuesdays, so you could spend as little as $40 if you went each tuesday left this month… expires: 7/2/11

6 – enfamil – i have 5 $2 off any enfamil or enfagrow product. expires: 6/30/11

7 – huggies – several huggies products (for signing up for something…) .50-1.50 of diapers, wipes & swim diapers… expire 7/9/11

8 – johnson &johnson baby wash – .75 off @ giant eagle expires: 7/12/11

9 – uppercaseliving (the wall products i used to sell) is currently running a special…”Through July 15, buy any two items and get any additional item of equal or lesser value absolutely FREE!*” my contact demonstrator is kathy nassar & you can visit the site kathyswords2liveby.uppercaseliving.net to check out the products, contact her & order items…love this stuff!

10 – finally…my favorite…FREE money if you’re expecting…
i won’t be having a baby shower, but i’ve signed up for a couple registries to save us money later when we make those trips to get the baby needs (babies-r-us already sent us our 10% off one day entire purchase coupon). well, the other day i got a welcome baby catalog from target (i had registered for a few items there like nursing supplies, extra bottles, diaper genie refills, etc…) & in the catalog was a peel off card for a free $20 gift card for starting a registry! i took it in today to redeem. all you have to do is show them a print-out of your registry. i ended up getting a nursing/pajama top, a maternity tank & a dress off the clearance rack, infant pjs for a friend & diaper genie refills. not bad for free!

so anyway…got to get this printer of our’s working b/c had i been able to print, i could have used a $3 liz lange target coupon today too! boo!

ok – that’s all for now….

oh wait! one more thing…i’ve joined a rebate site – also thanks to money saving mom’s advice & a button w/ a link is there to the right…look for the one that says “ShopAtHome.com” above my “daily treasures” links & jj heller… 🙂 I don’t buy a lot, b/c things are tight, but just the few purchases i’ve made recently i’ve made through them & have already made our family $15 in cash back rebates… i’m also a member w/another rebate site, but the percentages are never as high as ShopAtHome… they send you a check in $20 increments. free money coming back to you that you had to spend anyway! check it out!

ok, now off to make a pasta salad to go w/our greek chicken…