playing catch-up…

so, i sat down to write some things last night & hit major writers’ block.

i don’t know if it was the TV’s fault, Mr. Wonderful sitting next to me on the couch, the heap of clean laundry i had haphazardly thrown on the love seat calling my name, or the fact that i watched sophia grace & rosie videos on you tube, thus wiping out all thoughts that made rational sense…but something left me with a completely blank mind…

so, i’m back & i’m going to try again…

i’m so behind on lots of things i wanted to write about, but i guess that’s what being a wife, mom, caregiver is all about…running a race everyday…sometimes blogging doesn’t exactly fit into the picture.

and the winner is…

sorry for the delay! isla rae had to eat & poo…kids always have the best timing…

first, let me just say a great big thank you for joining in the fun & participating in my 1st giveaway! {details found here}

initially, i thought i could choose a winner subjectively based off of your comments, but boy was i wrong! all of your ideas are so thoughtful & generous – i wish i could send you ALL the mugs!!!

that said…

to keep things as fair as possible i used these free tools found on

first, i put your names in the list randomizer in the order of your comments. the site randomized that list. here are the results:

List Randomizer

There were 14 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

1. stefani_s&d
2. rene_b&r
3. jenny_j&b
4. beckie_j&b
5. brandy_b&e
6. ed_l&r
7. lyndsay_a&l
8. jill_j&e
9. donna_d&a
10. anonymous_j&a
11. kristen_s&k
12. courtney_m&l
13. tiffany_j&t
14. beckym_g&p

Timestamp: 2011-10-28 15:49:02 UTC

at exactly 12pm noon, using that random list, i entered the numbers 1 through 14 into the sequence generator. the first number listed is our winner:

our winner is…

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:


Timestamp: 2011-10-28 16:00:01 UTC

congratulations, lucky number 8!

jill ~ you will receive the homegrown monogram mugs in “j” & “e”

i will e-mail you following your acknowledgement of being the new owner of two fabulous anthro mugs… ๐Ÿ™‚ you have 24 hrs…don’t delay! ๐Ÿ™‚

*in the case that the initial winner no longer can or wants to accept the prize, a new winner will be selected at random via tomorrow at noon.

fyi…you can find these mugs & other great finds at {anthropologie}

thanks again for entering!!! there are more fantastic giveaways to come!!!



it’s a new day…it’s a good day…for a giveaway!

happy giveaway day, y’all!

i lived in the south for three years…i’m allowed to say y’all. actually, i took on this crazy southern drawl combined with my squeaky, northern articulation. it was strange…

anyway, speaking of southern times, i just got done singing lindell cooley’s “enemy’s camp” & now i’m pumped to focus on good things…like my kids…my sweet-smelling house (thanks to b&b’s fireside marshmallow plug-ins)…my bday & my coffee…mmmm…coffee. i’m trying a new flavor today & i like it! it’s archer farm’s cinnamon vanilla nut & it is yummy! my kitchen smells delicious right now…

every morning, i enjoy a steamy beverage of some sort in these awesome mugs from my favorite store, anthropologie. i could easily go bankrupt buying their kitchenwares & hardware. i have a knob obsession…

so do you like it? it’s the first giveaway! i hope so, b/c i sure do!

i am excited to gift someone with TWO of these fabulous, sturdy, unique mugs. i have one for every member of my little family (minus the dog & cat)…an “a,” “i,” “e” & a “k” for moi.

i have become addicted to the weightiness & feel of these mugs. i love them!

i personally own this style…the classic, white monogram mug

product details found {here}

the second, lovely mug is the homegrown monogram mug

product details found {here}

so, here’s the drill. to enter, kindly leave a comment below meeting these simple requirements…

1 – choose a favorite style (i know they’re both great, but try!)

2 – let me know how you would like to use them (his&her mugs…gift for a special occasion…to represent the name of some special someones….)

3 – the TWO letters you would need if you’re the winner!

4 – “like” or “share” to fb, twitter or your own blog…


* entrants must be 18 yrs of age or over, have a valid e-mail address (please include your e-mail in a separate comment. in order to respect your privacy those comments will not be published.)
* entrants must also live within the continental united states for delivery purposes (sorry, no p.o. boxes.).
* giveaway will start at 11am est tuesday, october 25th, 2011 & end at 11am est friday, october 28th, 2011.
* all comments will require approval prior to being published, so keep it kind.
* only one entry per person.
* winner chosen via a random process ( & announced on friday, october 28th, 2011 at 12pm noon.
* winner will be announced on, fb & twitter. they have 24hrs to acknowledge the announcement.
* in the event that the winner no longer can or wants to accept the prize, a new winner will be chosen at random & announced at a later date (i’ll keep you in the know!).

so there you go! hope that you like it!

i have more ideas in store & hopefully, this is the first of many good things!

hugs ~


only 2 more days…

just 2 more days until…

the big 3-0


my giveaway!

i’m very excited to gift someone with something special.

i think giving gifts is one of my love languages when it comes to others. what’s your’s? check them out. there’s even an online quiz to help you find out. discovering the love languages of your spouse, friends, children, co-workers can really make a difference in your relationships…

anyway, tuesday will be the big day!

hope you’re having a fantastic weekend!

good night, friends!


giveaway soon!

yeah! the giveaway is coming soon & i’m very excited! keep the visits coming! we’re extremely close to the goal! ๐Ÿ™‚

details will be dished out next week…which is also my big 3-0 bday week, so all good things happening next week! stay tuned…

also…if any of you fellow refashionistas & crafty business mamas are interested in featuring your products on the blog…i more than welcome it! let’s talk!

good night!


my very FIRST giveaway!

so, i want to thank all of you that read/follow the blog. i appreciate that i get to “talk” to others & share life’s experiences. your feedback, opinions, encouragement & laughter make it all the more worthwhile.

that said, i would like to announce my first giveaway to my blog friends. i am approaching 3,000 hits (you blogging divas, don’t laugh at this newbie! haha) & to say thank you once i reach that mark, i’ll be treating a friend to a product that i truly love…not going to let the cat outta the bag yet though.

to gauge my target audience & judge whether or not my giveaway idea is follower-appropriate, please either leave a comment on this post or “like” it on facebook.

thanks, friends! i enjoying sharing bits of my life with you…

~ kristi