Simply Noel: January 2 – I Am the Reset

Simply Noel:

January 2 — I Am the Reset

Have you ever wanted to hit a rest button in life? Maybe in your career… your marriage… your parenting style… your attitude?

I have. I’m in one of those periods right now in which I find myself longing for a reset, a reboot. You know when you shut your computer down and it gives you the option to “update and restart”? Well, it’s kind of like that. So many nights, I find myself crawling into bed, rehashing all of the spots in my day that were either so crummy that I wish I could have a do-over or so glorious that I wish I could have a repeat. Some moments lead me to a pivotal point of learning. I think about the way I responded to my daughter’s twelfth tantrum of the morning and think, “What can I do differently next time?” I wallow in guilt and regret and promise to learn from the cracks in the plan. Then, there are those times that catch my breath in a different way altogether. Those instances during which reality strikes like lightning, and you see how beautiful and wonderful your children are. You see how fast and fleeting the days are and you want to just hold the world steady long enough that time freezes and you can treasure their smallness. But you can’t, and the morning slips into another night, and tomorrow when you all wake up, they’re a little older and life keeps rolling in the same direction as yesterday…

Until it doesn’t.

Have you noticed that major resets in life tend to occur after major incidents? Maybe it’s the birth of a new baby, the taking of a new job, a relocation, a remarriage, a tragedy, a New Year’s Resolution, an epiphany…

I don’t know about you, I realize it’s January 2nd and goals are hot, but I want my reset to occur after an epiphany. Have you ever had an experience happen that really makes you appreciate life? I remember when my third babe tumbled down our stairs and was life-flighted to Children’s Hospital. It was if the world stood completely still. Even in the blurriness of fear, my focus had narrowed so acutely and my mind was totally set on my child and the wellbeing of her and her sisters. Nothing else mattered. Things were scrambling but I was also stuck in slow motion. Each second meant something.

The same thing occurred after my miscarriage years ago and following my husband’s sudden job-loss a decade ago. Yet, when the shock wears off, the trauma begins to heal, or the newness of a situation isn’t so new anymore, you slip back into the normalcy of life. Sometimes, it’s a new normal, but it becomes a “normal” all the same.

It’s the start of a new year. Who needs a new “normal”?

I need a new “normal.”

If I’m being honest, we stumbled through much of the past 365 days. We walked through the still unfamiliar territory of homeschooling, suffered a tremendous blow to our personal life, and lost a treasured family member. To say I don’t wake up wishing life looked differently most mornings would be a lie. But, each day is a new choice — to walk limping or to put on God’s Armor and tell my soul to rise and go in His strength, grace, and truth.

I am the reset. You are the reset. At any moment we can chose to be the new start we so desperately desire to see. It’s a battle, for sure, but it’s a winnable battle.

Some of us choose a word for the year, and that word becomes our war cry. Some of us place scripture and visual reminders around the house to snap us back to reality when our mindsets are less than rosy. Some of us practice daily gratitude as a way to focus on the good and the true that is so often missed, although right in front of us. Some of us stop and pray. Some of us sip coffee with a friend who breathes life into weary bones, igniting visions of a beautiful future. Some of us stop and grab the face of a loved one and just relish in the way their eyes sparkle when you say the words, “I love you.” Some of us do all of the above and then some — to reset.

There’s nothing magical about the calendar. God’s given you the gift of yesterday and today, and there’s a good chance tomorrow will be waiting for you, too. As January turns to February, don’t let the newness wear off. Any day of the year, any hour of the day, is a great time to reset if you need to.




Klover House Christmas:

Today, I walked around my home and tried to figure out what I wanted each room to feel like over the next few months.

Im a minimalist when it comes to decor, and I often try to decorate once per season. That means, you’ll find more “winter” items than Christmas. You’ll probably be hard pressed to find Valentine’s decor, unless it’s a bouquet of fresh flowers and a bowl of chocolates. I try to decorate with purpose, meaning, and in such a way that requires minimal rearranging and dusting. Honest.

I know I’m not alone in that camp. This is a tricky time of year, because the festivities are coming to a close, as we’re on the ninth day of Christmas. Holiday decor is being tucked away for another year, but our homes are still begging for warmth and coziness as these barren months await us.

My challenge to you is to take a house-walk, as well. Think about how you want its inhabitants to feel in each space. Work with what you already have and create a clean, cozy, warm and welcoming home for the people you love. It doesn’t need to be fancy. As for me, I want my home to say to my family: “You are safe. You are loved. You are meant to be here. All this is cultivated with you in mind.”

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