Simply Noel: December 16 – Wrapped in His Love

Simply Noel:

December 16 – Wrapped in His Love

Last night, my hubby and I sat down to wrap some of our gifts. Usually, it’s kind of a grumpfest, but this year was actually pretty nice. We sat and talked while we wrapped. I tied bows, while he updated our spreadsheet, double and triple checking each gift and recipient (I married an “organized professional”). It was just a really sweet time spent with him.

Once he went up to bed (I’m the night owl of this house), I started thinking about today’s post, and, having just wrapped gifts for people that I love, the concept of “being wrapped” rolled around in my head. I thought, “Isn’t it so good to be wrapped in His love?” I started thinking about all of the people in the world that are missing out on His love, His care, especially at Christmas.

Maybe they are completely unaware of His existence and they pursue various means of feeling worth and value. Maybe they know of Him, but have no real relationship with Him. They go through the motions of church and prayer, but their heart is missing that deeper connection. Maybe they know Him, but they’ve abandoned Him, and don’t know how to turn their story back around.

I started thinking of all of these people out there in the world, and my heart hurt for them. And while they may be completely happy, have-it-all-together people, to not know what it feels like to live wrapped in the arms of the Father, I felt a pang of sadness for them. It was a case of “If they only knew…”.

How awesome it is to live knowing Him. We wake up every morning, and regardless of our moods, or what the day holds, we are held. As we go about our way, working, visiting, reading, breathing, He is holding us. As we lay ourselves and our children down to sleep…He is holding us, loving and caring for us in a way that only a perfect Father could.

I am so thankful for His love. I am so thankful for His concern for me. I’m so grateful that I can walk through my life with an advocate, a guide, and a God who calls me “child.”

He gave His Jesus so that each of us could join the family. And furthermore, Jesus isn’t just a “ticket” into the Kingdom. Jesus is our brother who, through His life and death, said to all mankind, “This is for you.”

You are loved that much.




Klover House Christmas:

Are you on a tight budget this Christmas? Do you enjoy festive gift wrapping but not the time and energy it takes to create perfect bows and embellishments?

One of my go-tos when wrapping gifts is brown craft paper. I like to buy a big roll at IKEA and use it all year round. For birthdays, I let the girls draw and add festive doodles as a way to bring the gift to life. They add their own uniqueness and a simple store-bought now or ribbon completes it so easily.

I also like to buy after Christmas for the next year. You can get great deals at stores like TJ Maxx, and the prints are so pretty!

Speaking of wrapping, I wanted to share a couple of things I’m doing for the first time this year…

One is that I’m letting the kids wrap some of their own gifts! We do a gift exchange with friends and cousins, and we also let them “buy” a gift for their sisters, so they have plenty to wrap! I had to mentally put a piece of tape over my mouth so the OCD Monster couldn’t speak out and remind myself that wrapping gifts is a life skill every person should learn. 😂 Truth be told, it was fun and they helped me out!

Secondly, I want to share our Kindergarten Christmas Party activity with you! You could easily do this at home or church, and I may even do it here!

I homeschool our older children, but my five year old attends a Kindergarten class outside of the home. It’s what works best for us. I have the pleasure of being the homeroom mama and with that comes the planning of the Christmas festivities. Since it is a Christian school, we try to keep the focus on Jesus over Santa, so I searched Pinterest, but I kept coming back to something I did with my girls a year ago.

As a way of teaching or reminding the girls they are God’s gifts to not just the world but each other, I had them wrap up compliments to exchange with one another.

Hobby Lobby had some great little gift boxes, so I picked up a couple of packages for Eden’s class, and the children will write a note to an assigned peer using the sentence starter: “ You are a gift to our class, because…” and they can write whatever they want to kindly say about their peer.

I love that children have such kind, praise-driven souls. I’m sure they will want to share the sweetest words. I can’t wait to see their smiles as they read words like, “smart, funny, helpful, kind, loving, caring, happy, silly…”. It’s going to be a good day.

Isn’t that what Jesus would want? For the children to know that He is their greatest Gift, and they are His gifts in return to the world? It’s going to be one of the highlights of the year for this mama.

Youre a gift, too, you know, and I bet you can think of at least one reason why. xo

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