the pin-it party and blogger conference ‘golden nuggets’

welcome to the weekly pin-it party!  can you believe that it is november already?!  i can’t.  time to start planning ava’s 5th birthday party and preparing for christmas!  whoa, time flies!

did you all have a happy halloween / reformation day / beggar’s night / friday???  here’s a pic of our klover house ‘sweeties’.  

Our sweeties 😍 #handmade #costumes #edengrace #islarae #avalee #kloverhousekidsA photo posted by Kristi D (@kristi_kloverhouse) on Oct 10, 2014 at 4:53pm PDT

this was at the end of the night while visiting ‘pap-pap and nanny’.  the girls were tired, but eden was one proud pie (as my friend called her, and i loved the description!).  i made the pottery barn kids knock off costumes in two days and for about $45 total, so i think it was worth the long nights.  my mom always made our costumes growing up.  it made for some fond memories and i am happy to continue the tradition with our girls.

back to the party…

featured from last week:
“what i learned at my first blog conference” from kristy of seven graces.  as a mommy blogger, i absolutely loved this post.  i also love lists, so the format was right up my alley.  thank you, kristy, for sharing such a great and succinct list from your conference experience.  as a blogger who has yet to get to a conference, i certainly appreciated this post!

participating in the party is so easy!
here’s what to do:

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5. adding your link gives us permission to use an image from the pin (or post connected to the pin) to feature on next week’s pin-it party. because of this we ask that you only link up images from your own site, and images that you have taken, created or have legal rights to.

thanks!!!! REMEMBER: when it asks for your NAME, you can put your PIN NAME or your BLOG NAME. essentially, it’s your pin’s title.

***PLEASE NOTE*** if the post that your pin leads to contains any offensive or derogatory wording (e.g. profanity), i will not be able to feature your pin, no matter how great the article or how terrific the idea. the use of those terms simply doesn’t align with my personal convictions, and what we, at klover house, aim to promote. thank you in advance for understanding!

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