it’s a party – featuring all things homeschool/back-to-school!

hello, my pin-it party friends!  welcome to our weekly pin-it party, where we hope you will take a moment to link-up your lastest and greatest pins featuring your thoughts, ideas, creations, diy projects, advice…whatever!  and if you are visiting just to check it out, welcome!  i know you’ll find something worth re-pinning here.  there are always a ton of great pins here week after week.

if you missed it last week and want to peruse those pins as well, you can by clicking {here}.

a few that i especially took notice of from last week’s party:

‘our homeschool room’ by joy in the journey (also included: a homeschool link-up)
‘no-bake oatmeal m&m bites: after school snack’ from molly of just a little creativity
‘non-toxic headlice treatment’ by rockin’ oily momma
‘traveling with a toddler: car trip necessities’ by seven graces

ok, now it’s your turn to pin!

participating in the party is so easy!
here’s what to do:

1. follow the co-hosts on pinterest (links below)

paula from beauty through imperfection

becky from your modern family

gabrielle from MamaGab

me! kristi from klover house

2. pin our “pin-it party” picture. (one of these)

3. add as many of your great pins as you want!  remember to get your pins from pinterest & not from your blog page. it will make it easier to re-pin a pin instead of a post.

4. hop around and re-pin other pins from this page- lets share the love!

5. adding your link gives us permission to use an image from the pin (or post connected to the pin) to feature on next week’s pin-it party. because of this we ask that you only link up images from your own site, and images that you have taken, created or have legal rights to.

thanks!!!! REMEMBER: when it asks for your NAME, you can put your PIN NAME or your BLOG NAME. essentially, it’s your pin’s title.

***PLEASE NOTE*** if the post that your pin leads to contains any offensive or derogatory wording (e.g. profanity), i will not be able to feature your pin, no matter how great the article or how terrific the idea. the use of those terms simply doesn’t align with my personal convictions, and what we, at klover house, aim to promote. thank you in advance for understanding!

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