around the world in pancakes!

you know we love pancakes around here.  well, ava and i love french toast more, but we’ll both eat a good pancake anyday!  we probably have pancakes at least twice a week.

a friend recently posted on her facebook page that she was making ‘swedish pancakes’ for breakfast.  that intrigued me, so the girls and i made them too that morning using emeril lagasse’s recipe (i add a little vanilla), and then we made them the next morning…and the next morning…and the next morning…and the morning after that!  my kids LOVED them!  

i will warn you though – if you’ve never had a ‘swedish pancake’ before, it feels like a store-bought egg noodle on your tongue and it’s sweet like a donut.  very odd.  my kids aren’t into jellies and jams, so instead of using those (as the recipe suggested), i made a mixture of powdered sugar and cinnamon and let the girls go to town, sprinkling yumminess all over like a heavy snow.  it was messy, but my goodness, it was delicious.  we rolled them up like little taquitos and they ate about 8-10 each!  eden included, of course.  i only got to eat an average of three, b/c my girls devoured them!  hubby piled them sky-high like a tower of crepes and complained that they weren’t filling enough, but by the end…i think he was full.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

my tips:  if your family likes them as much as mine do, invest in one of those swedish pancake pans (like the one shown below).  the batter is extremely runny.  i use a large non-stick skillet and a rubber spatula to help shape them into circles.  

i call this eden’s ‘please, sir, can i have some more?’ face.  ๐Ÿ™‚

next up…one we tried this morning for the first time:

‘mini german pancakes’
i used this recipe from chef-in-training.  

the kids also enjoyed these.  honestly, i was feeling too lazy to make the blueberry sauce, so we just smothered them in syrup.  they were delicious.  again, like the ‘swedish pancakes’, their texture is not what you would think of when you hear the word ‘pancake’.  they were also pretty egg-y.  i would compare the texture to that of a dry omelet.  they were good, though.  not sweet (you’ll notice the recipe doesn’t call for any sugar/sweetener), so that’s where your sauce or syrup will come into play.  i think, b/c of it’s strong egg flavor, that a sweet vanilla custard sauce, like this one from two peas and their pod, would be totally awesome.

last on my non-traditional pancake tour:

our own “pan-cakes” with a homemade blueberry sauce:
my typical pancake recipe:

1 mashed banana
1 tbsp sugar
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp cinnamon
1 beaten egg
1 c. milk (reg., soy, coconut, almond)
2 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp oil (coconut or other)

1 c. flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt

in addition for this recipe:

1/2 c. quick oats
1 snack container of applesauce (i used tj’s mixed berry applesauce)
1/2 c. additional flour (added slowly to reach desired, thick consistency)

basically, i put incorporated all of my wet ingredients in my kitchenaid mixer, and then i added the dry mixture, reserving the last 1/2 c. of flour to be added in slowly to reach the desired consistency.  if the batter is too runny, your pancakes will be flatter.  we like our pancakes on the thicker side, and these puppies were literally little cakes on the plate!

simple homemade blueberry sauce:

1 pint blueberries
2-3 tbsp sugar
drizzle of water
hearty drizzle of honey

simmer on low heat, stirring frequently and mashing blueberries gently as you go until you have a smooth sauce.

ava and isla loved this breakfast, and the mister ate it happily without a single drop of maple syrup!  (he has a intense love for maple syrup and his breakfast usually swims in it!)

we will definitely be making these breakfast treats often!

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