Klover House to Home: Where We Are Today – The Kitchen

A friend recently told me that she had heard that it takes around three years before your house starts to feel like ‘you.’ I bet that’s accurate, because it was around that mark in our previous home that I had finally finished off all of the untouched spaces in our home and things started to feel complete. Rather than filling the space, we had begun to embellish it.

I think that has been one of my greatest challenges with moving into a home that had been built and occupied by a family prior to our’s…making it feel like my own. I have told my husband on numerous occasions that I feel almost like I’m living in a hotel. Not much feels like ‘me’ or ‘mine’ yet. Everywhere I turn I see something to be done and pieces of the previous owners’ style.  I think time has a lot to do with that. Not too many memories are attached to this home yet, but as they are formed, I believe that its identity will grow and the bond between it and me will develop and thicken.  It’ll definitely take memories and a whole lotta paint, I’m sure.  😉

So here’s day one of where we are today.  Making progress slowly but surely.  Taking one baby step at a time.  There are big things to accomplish and little things to tackle, but we’re doing it and I’m happy to share these imperfect glimpses of where we are in the game, because I hope you will rejoice with us when we finally (if ever) reach the end goal.

So here we go:

I posted this image on our facebook page last July (we purchased the home in august 2013).

This picture was taken last September.  We were about to have the floors redone by Home Depot.  So, as you can see, the counters were crammed with everything that had once been sitting on tables, the hutch, etc.

Hubby installed the microhood.  I wish I would have gotten the idea to raise the cabinets prior to doing this, but we still may be able to, if raising the cabinet and microwave won’t expose or interfere with the electrical outlet that he had to install.  I still plan on raising the rest, and if this section has to stay put, then, I will just add custom pieces above for an open-shelving/display area.  We really need the space between the range and microwave though, so I am hoping it works out.

The range also came with the house.  Eventually, we plan on changing it and I would love it if we could convert it to gas, but that is a far day off…

Along with the refrigerator and dishwasher, we also replaced the lighting in the space.  Initially, I chose the smaller chandelier for above the island, but once we saw how large the island was actually going to be, we felt the bigger chandelier (that we had intended for the dining room) would be the better choice.
To make the island, we removed the desk area that was on the side wall and reserved the largest base cabinet.  Then, we purchased a sink base (unfinished) from Home Depot for under $100.  Eventually, we will have to add our own dividers and drawer, since it’s a big open space (the little side drawers are actually drawers).  The existing cabinet was the perfect fit.  The top was constructed using two slabs of Ikea’s butcher block.  Hubs attached them using biscuit cuts and wood glue.  We filled in the slight gap in the center (b/c the edges are ever so slightly rounded) and hand-sanded them for a smooth finish.  using the oil sold at Ikea, we finished the top off adding a seal and some shine.  We wanted room for at least 4-5 chairs, so we opted for a single leg to add stability without eating up space.

This 4-light brushed nickel chandelier with faux jade beads was originally $139.  We waited, and waited, and waited, and finally purchased it on clearance for less than $70!  You can buy one too by clicking {here}.  I can’t believe what a great deal this was!  It’s is quite large, but because of it’s design, you can easily see through it, so it doesn’t have a bulky feel to it whatsoever.


On the large blank wall that once housed the desk area, I have two options in mind.  1) an over-sized clock (like one found at Target), or 2) opening the wall up, creating a half wall that allows you to see into the dining room and hanging a stained glass window in the center of the opening.

What we have left to do in this space:
* raise and paint all cabinetry (the island cabinets will be restoration hardware’s ‘stone’ and the wall cabinets will be a lighter shade of gray/white maybe like Martha Stewart’s ‘whetstone gray’.)  this pin inspires me.
* paint the walls (also thinking ‘stone’)
* replace basement door knob (all hardware is going from builder-grade brass to brushed nickel and oil-rubbed bronze)
* replace all cabinetry hardware
* paint all trim bright white for a crisp and clean contrast to the muted tans and earth tones
* find or build seating for the island
* replace windows
* add window treatment
* install exterior french doors (in place of backdoor/adjacent window) like this one.
* update counters
* update sink and faucet
* update range (to gas)
* add mudroom/walk-in pantry/laundry room off of the kitchen (going through the existing pantry door)  like this one.

Please stop by tomorrow for a peek of our dining room in its current state.  The pin-it party will be back on Saturday, and on Sunday, I’ll show you our family/living room!

Feel free to leave your thoughts, comments, advice, etc. in the comments section too!  If you have ideas to share or an eye for design, I would love your feedback!

Thanks for taking this journey with us!  See you tomorrow!

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