let’s potty! a board game that helps to potty train your child!

hello, friends! this is not an affiliate post. just want to be upfront with that so you know that all opinions in this post are 100% mine, all mine. πŸ˜‰

it’s pretty clear that potty training is a big deal for us. my potty training post is my number one read post, it’s my number one pinned pin on pinterest (try to say that ten times fast). i mean, it blows the rest of my posts out of the water by the thousands, and that’s no exaggeration! maybe, i should quit yammering about the other stuff, and just talk to you about toilets and sticker charts? whatta ya say? haha just kidding.

seriously though, that says to me that… it’s a big deal to us; it’s a common thread in parenting; it’s challenging; it’s necessary; it’s sometimes a nightmare; it’s sometimes a breeze; masses of ppl are interested in advice regarding it and so on…

since my potty training in a weekend post is so popular, and the pin as well, a talented and ambitious mama found me and offered to send me the ‘let’s potty’ board game for our littles to play and for klover house to share with you! to that opportunity i said, ‘absolutely!’ i love the idea of a game centered around something so important and relevant to us in this life-stage.

it’s funny, when it arrived in the mail, my brother-in-law had stopped by to pick up a tool or something that my hubby had borrowed, and he brought the package up to the door from outside for me. so now my girls think the game is from ‘uncle’. too funny. i tried to explain it to them, but nope. ‘uncle bought us the potty game.’ kudos to ‘uncle’, b/c they love it! haha

and that’s it, folks. they love it.

the graphics are vibrant, fun, and engaging 
for ‘bigs’ and ‘littles’ alike!
 the playing cards are large, sturdy, and easy-to-read!  
the script is appropriate for little minds 
and both humorous and encouraging.

they couldn’t wait to play it after dinner that night. we cleared off the dining room table and all played the potty game! even daddy. he was by far the most competitive and determined to win, even though there is no true winner (just finishers). haha he did ‘win’ too! he got to the potty first.  typical.  πŸ˜‰  ha!

we laughed and giggled the whole way through the game. it was a ton of fun. so much fun in fact that the first words out of our 2 1/2 year old’s mouth the next morning were, ‘mom, can we play the potty game?’  how awesome is that?!  

the poopy-talk grossed ‘i’ out and made ‘a’ blush!  haha

this award-winning game, developed and illustrated by two experienced parents for ages 2 and up, is professional, fun, engaging, and easy-to-understand. your little ones will love it! it uses appropriate potty-talk and images. i think it is extremely well-executed. i have only great things to say about it. if you are in this wild and unpredictable stage of life too, i definitely recommend this game! it gets the conversation going and makes potty-success a focal point in your household. if your little person is stubborn, this game uses humor to point out that going to the bathroom in your pants/diaper isn’t so great. it’s not discouraging or demeaning in any way at all though! the cards are so encouraging and motivational!

and if you’d like to buy this game for your littles, just visit www.lets-potty.com or click on the amazon link below.  ‘let’s potty’ is the only potty training board game on the market today!

 photo e753f43d-dc34-411e-8fd8-ebaed3502c93_zps3c2a7c9d.jpg

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you can also check out my potty training in a weekend post {here}.  becky mansfield’s (of your modern family) book is currently on sale for half off!  hurry – the sale ends on march 31st and the code for this deal is SPRING!

thanks for stopping by and we wish you the best in your adventure of potty training!  stop back and let us know how you and your littles like the game!
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    This is great. I wonder what will be the next amazing things for Potty Training. I used the Potty Training Elmo Book. Children like it, because they push buttons and there are sounds for every actions.

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