homeschool: the movie ‘frozen’ and Jesus

ok, so if your house is anything like our’s (you have little girls)…then, you may be absolutely infatuated with the movie ‘frozen’! seriously, we all love it. i think even hubs loves it. it’s cool enough that he’ll sit and watch it without complaining, anyway. (completely off subject, but if we were a disney couple, it would totally be anna and kristoff. suddenly, i feel so cool in my house! i look just like anna when i wake up (see you tube video clip), and i’ve been rockin’ ‘elsa hair’ since back-in-the-day, so i am finally cool!!!  and hubs has kristoff’s humor, great singing voice, the boyish charm, rugged good looks, and he talks to the dog as if he’s a person, respects his vehicle to a ridiculous degree (i know) and picks his…dirty socks up off the floor. ah-hem. *wink* *wink* “every man does it,” right?)

ok, anyway…frozen and Jesus!

i know i’m way too into a movie if i catch myself thinking about it in the shower. i only think about deep things in the shower, remember? 🙂 so, i was in the shower the other day and i started thinking about elsa. what the trolls said about fear…her telling her parents that her powers were getting stronger…her lonely bedroom covered in ice…love being the force that thawed the frozen heart…and it hit me! oh my goodness, what a sad story of a little girl growing up! she couldn’t control it and it was growing stronger b/c she felt fear more and more and love less and less! so sad. that in itself will preach. God is love. perfect love casts out all fear. there is no fear in Christ Jesus! amen! so what a perfect opportunity to approach those truths with the girls! they’re already immersed in the language. i just have to route the conversation to the Word and what the Lord wants to do in their hearts and lives.

ava asked me after watching it this morning, ‘what is sacrifice, mom?’ i was taken aback by the question. she’s only four. she catches everything, though, especially words. she has a huge vocabulary. i love it. i wasn’t prepared for the question, so i stumbled a bit. i tried to explain that a sacrifice is when you do something to help someone else and it doesn’t really help you. i know – not the best definition. i tried to explain that anna could have kissed kristoff (SPOILER ALERT! haha) to save herself, but instead, she went and saved her sister. then i said to her, ‘Jesus made a sacrifice for us’, and then i stopped, b/c i hadn’t thought that through yet and didn’t want to mess it all up. i’m definitely going to revisit that topic soon, b/c that is the most important truth that our family stands on, and i want to do that explanation justice. going to have to consult the mister on that. but anyway, see? it provided an opportunity to talk about Jesus!

yes, i don’t like some things in the movie. no, i don’t think some of the phrases are appropriate…we are saying words like, ‘what the!’ and ‘butt’ way too frequently, and i’m trying to nip it in the bud, but overall, it is a clean movie with a positive message about sisterhood, family, love casting out fear, and sacrifice. ‘Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.’ John 15:13

so, i plan on using the movie now to, not only practice singing at the top of my lungs, but to talk about the Lord. i want them to think ‘Jesus’ every single time they put that dvd on.

i also had the idea today to have our own coronation day! how fun would that be?! the girls would be so excited! we’ll let them dress up in their fanciest, frilliest frocks, i’ll give them ‘elsa hair’ and crowns, and we’ll celebrate them as God’s princesses! it will be a blast, and when we do it, i’ll be sure to share it with you! if you do anything, please come back here and leave your ideas and links too!

speaking of…a sweet friend sent this pin to me today, and it goes right along with the ideas i’ve just shared with you!

as always, thanks so much for stopping by ‘klover house’! if you get a moment, hop on over to my other baby, ‘eden gray clothing’. if i ever strike gold in the fabric world, i hope to bring you a ‘frozen’-inspired dress for your sweethearts!

happy friday! see you tomorrow for the ‘pin-it’ party!

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