klover house update

oh where, oh where have we been?

i can’t believe it’s been over a week since i’ve posted anything! i’m sorry! it used to be that it wouldn’t bug me all that much, b/c i still have the idea that i’m writing to the sky and there isn’t another human on the other side of the screen waiting to *hear* from me, checking our page, and enjoying our little ditties about life, food, Jesus, and everything in between. that blogger misconception changed a bit though when i ran into someone that reads the blog and she stated that she wished i’d post more! i think about that a lot now, and i’m encouraged. really encouraged. so, thank you for that. i’m happy that this little blog matters to others out there. i hope it ministers to you, makes you laugh, makes you think, and inspires you at least once in awhile. if you like pancakes, this is a good blog. haha (more on that later.)

so what have we been up to?

well…i have a gazillion dresses to make. my mom and i are working hard, burning the late-night-oil, trying to get all of these orders done for our business, eden gray {find us on facebook here}. we’re still tweaking our processes everyday. she works full-time watching my nieces, and i am a full-time sahm/wahm, so we often sew well into the night. hence, i sewed the eden gray women’s nightie prototype’s sleeve on backwards the other night. it was 4am, i was on a roll, or so i thought, and in my tired determination, i screwed up. i even reinforced that baby with a double stitch…  the nightie was abandoned next to the machine, and i haven’t mustered up the motivation to grab the seam-ripper just yet. maybe tonight. πŸ˜‰

along with dress-making, i’m trying to work on house projects. the paint debacle in the playroom… the bookshelf… i loved the bookshelf. and…then, it put eight large holes in my wall. yep. it’s just ‘okay’ now. maybe i’ll love it again once the room comes together around it. on a happier note, since the new bookshelf gave the old expedit shelf the boot, i was able to put the expedit shelf in the coat closet (another unfriendly space of the house, as you know already if you’re following us on facebook). hubs put a real door on it last night, which took a lot more thinking and effort than originally planned for, considering we had a 29″ opening and the doors were only available in 28″ and 30″. he got creative and handy though (i’m married to a deacon. πŸ˜‰ our church friends will get that little reference.) so, the door is on; it’s safer than the original, and all of our shoes and winter items have found cozy homes in the expedit cubbies. my broom also has a spot on the inside of the door, so that makes me sooo happy. ahh, the little things. (post/pics to come.)

i’m also working on some amazingly fun and simple curtains for the playroom. they make me happy just looking at them. hubs was actually so impressed with this project. i love it when he’s proud of the little things i do or the ideas that i come up with. fills my love tank when he thinks i’ve done something awesome. most of the time, he’s like, ‘oh dear. what have you gone and done now, and how much did it cost me?’ haha but not this time! he loves it and it, like i said, it has been a simple and cheap project. i think that you’ll like this post when it gets typed, but here’s a peek… πŸ˜‰

and of course, the most important and time-consuming…my kids! these three girls take up a lot, if not nearly all of my time. we’re attempting to complete home school work, playing, kissing boo boos, playing dolls, watching movies, eating pancakes, taking pointless showers (them, not me, unfortunately. i’d love a pointless shower.  they figured out that they can strip down and get into mommy’s shower whenever they please. helps when they’re in need of bathing, but sometimes, it’s just a way to convince me to mop the floor…), snuggling (we have a family full of belly aches, fevers, coughs and runny noses spring, where are you????!), and the list goes on. add that to housework and endless laundry, and well, you can see where i’ve been…in the weeds! haha we’ll get it under control someday. πŸ™‚

so those are the physical things that have been swallowing my time up lately. mentally, i think i’m twice as overloaded. alongside the above, i have been giving a lot of my ‘mental space’ to ailing children these days. our six year old second cousin was admitted to children’s hospital suddenly with an unsettling prognosis…and my mind was fixed on her and her parents day and night. what a shock it is, when things like that hit so close to home. i believe that God intervened, and although the physicians were saying the worst was 99% certain, it was not! not a single cancer cell in sight!  hallelujah! she is home now, and hopefully able to return to life as normal for a busy, precious, little girl…dancing, playing, hanging out with her family and friends.

baby sophia is heavily on my mind and heart today. would you take a moment and go pray for her? she’s fighting the fight of her life, but i am believing God for a miracle. He can do it. i literally laid my hands on my computer screen over her sweet face last night and prayed and wept over her. can you join me? i see these babies, and i know i’ve said it before, i think of my own. what would i do? how would i feel? what would i hope that others would do? i would hope that they’d cry out to God for us too. i am thankful. so very, very thankful that our children are healthy. they merely require hugs, kisses, and mac ‘n cheese most of the time. thank you God, for your mercy and hands of protection over our healthy children.

(since writing this just minutes ago, it was posted that sophia has gone to the arms of Jesus.  my heart hurts so badly for her parents right now.  i wish we knew why these things happen.  someday, we’ll know.  please continue to pray for her parents, and any child that you come across in need of prayers.  like a ripple in a pond, our prayers echo into eternity.  a miracle takes only a moment.  like ani’s sweet ruby, i’ll never forget about you, precious sophia. xo)

so that is where i’ve been, both in the natural and in spirit. i’ll try to write more, and get some fun things up here for you. once we finish these current dress orders, we will have more time on our hands for the regular stuff. (like videos of isla shaking her stuff and recipes about pancakes!)

until next time…


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