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most people when they move into a house probably get super excited over a certain space. for me, it’s been the girls’ playroom. for some reason, i have been spending most of my ‘house planning/organizing’ time on this room.

it’s not a large room by any means. it’s a great size – don’t get me wrong, but it’s a modest, square room at the front of our house. most people with a home similar in layout may be using this room as a second living room, a sitting room, office, etc. we have found that, with three little ones, a playroom was the best fit for the space.

i started out with this plan (remember this previous post?):

but, it felt like a little box, and the girls almost never played in it. so i had to go back to the drawing board. i decided to break up my wall of storage. even though the expedit bookcases (oh how i love ikea) fit perfectly lined up on the long wall, the wall of black drew my eyes down, which reminded me of the mess on the floor. i never had the opportunity to visually appreciate all of the other great treasures in the room…

like our beloved button rug (also from ikea)

or this incredible dhurrie runner from pottery barn (that an extremely generous friend so graciously gave to us to use in this space)

or my little ikea laptop desk/office nook (i found my little chair at ikea too btw, and it’s the perfect fit!), complete with inspirational wall art discovered at tj maxx…

or our quaint, little play kitchen…

our ikea tables (the first being ‘avey baby’s artsy tea table’ from this post and the second was handed down from a good friend and we use it for crafting/homeschool)

with ava’s birthday in december, followed by christmas, the room was just over-run with new toys and lacked any function.  it was almost never played in looked a little like this most days:

i found inspiration while perusing my ikea magazine for the seventy-fifth time (about 90% of this space is from ikea, if you haven’t noticed already) and spotted this sweet gem:

to my delight, when i checked it out online, i saw that it was on sale!  so, i cleared it with the mister, high-tailed it over to our local ikea and brought this baby home (in the minivan with three car seats and not a centimeter to spare!).  it’s perfect for our space, and floating it in the center proved to be just what i needed in order to create the flow and functionality that i so desperately longed for in the space.  

the kids and i haven’t left this room for more than ten minutes all day!  i now have a workspace that keeps me within arms- and ears-reach at all times, the girls have a movie-watching retreat (hubby is going to appreciate his tv being freed up for football games), and we have a bright and cheery school space now (thanks to the front windows).  it’s awesome.  

i can’t wait to put the finishing touches on it and reveal it in its entirety.  the wall coloring that i’m planning on using is serena and lily’s ‘rain’.  it’s so calming and light; it’s just what we need in a room like this.  it will balance the bright, bold, playful colors and toys so nicely.  not to mention, it’s the perfect companion for the ebony chalkboard wall.

i wanted this room to encompass both my personal style (‘scandi-chic’) and the girly-playfulness that would speak directly to my girls.  i think we’re on the right track!  it no longer feels like a box.  it’s like a house within a house!  using the concept of centers (thanks to my teaching experience), we now have a space that the girls and i can comfortably operate within.  everything has a place that makes a little more sense.  

here’s the new layout:

a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure…

on the radar (short- and long-term):

  • paint (serena and lily’s ‘rain’)
  • curtains (i have a fun idea in mind for them, also thanks to ikea)
  • complete the ‘eric carle’ number chair rail project (for the chalkboard wall)
  • purchase tall shelves/bookcases to sit on top of the smaller expedit bookcases flanking the chalkboard wall (taking advantage of the vertical space available for craft supplies, books, framed art/pictures, trinkets, etc.  looking into the billy bookcase from ikea.)
  • slipcover (possibly something plush and feminine that i will make myself, to balance the modern items in the room)
  • paint the school table and chairs
  • organize my desk area (sewing/homeschool supplies)
  • create a family photo gallery wall (including extended family)
  • hang wall art previously purchased from trafalgar’s square
  • create a space for displaying the girls’ artwork
so what do you think of our progress so far???  i’d love your feedback or suggestions!

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    Looks great!! I never would have thought to put a couch in the middle, but it definitely works. I need to look at a possible reconfiguration for our playroom, for the sake of my sanity! ๐Ÿ™‚ And I love that couch you found….it will be nice to have for some movie nights or sleepovers, too!

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