more projects in the playroom!

a little project completion in the playroom…

first up…my ‘mom’ work space:

i spent some time working on my functional collage. the ikea arstid wall lamp’s cord is hidden perfectly behind the useful thirty-one wall organizer, which, by the way, is a great place for keeping all of my homeschool items and personal items in place (like my planner, pens, etc.) my sewing machine can also sit here, making the organizer a great place for our ‘eden gray‘ sketches and patterns to be stashed while a project is underway.

my eden’s ‘e’ from anthro has found a home here. not sure if it will eventually move into eden’s bedroom, b/c the kids’ rooms are still a long way from finished, but if it does stay here, i think it’s perfect for representing our business.  plus, it’s so aesthetically pleasing to this mommy.

my favorite watercolor painting. i love this little tree painting and have had it since my single days.

i made a little magnetic board (covered with the teal adhesive paper that you’ll see in a moment). it’ll fit perfectly either above the printer or to the left of the light, where i hang our ‘letter of the week’.  it’s not up yet, b/c i have to figure out how i want to mount it.

on to our little watercolors purchased from the shop trafalgar’s square:

i adore these. this shop is such a gem. i love how quirky, dainty, and lovely kit chase’s work is. i had ava pick her own (since she was three and opinionated at the time), and then, i had the hubs chose one each for our little isla and newborn eden. of course miss ava picked a little blondie holding her ‘lovey’ and balloons.  two of ava’s favorite things!  it was fitting that the mister chose the penguin princess for isla, b/c it’s unique and unexpected, just like her and her style. the cute elephant with the bubbles is perfect for eden, because she is cute, bubbly, and fluffy like a little bubble! haha

i liked the bare insert of these large ikea frames. the rawness kind of reminds me of burlap. i like that element in the space. the pictures didn’t want to stay put in them though, so i knew i needed to add something behind them. double-sided tape wasn’t strong enough and i didn’t want to ruin the art with any other adhesives.  i stumbled upon this fabric paper at our marshall’s and loved the colors, patterns, and price! there is such a nice blend of color in this space. i love that we are using everything from primary colors to black and white to pastels. it all seems to be working well together thus far, and this paper definitely felt right for me.

it was so easy to work with. just cut it to size, peel the backing off and stick. voila! those alphabet stickers were a random michael’s find about two years ago. i thought they worked well color-wise and when you’re teaching little ones, it helps to have the alphabet everywhere and anywhere, right?! ๐Ÿ™‚

so what do you think? i’d love your feedback and further suggestions for the space. and if you have a play space to share, please link it up in the comments! ๐Ÿ™‚

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