good find friday: week 9

hello, dears. it’s friday! i’m hearing that we’re getting a bucket-load of snow over in our neck of the woods this afternoon. how about where you are? snowing? if it’s warm, don’t tell me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ anyway, i have rounded up quite a healthy bunch for you here today…healthy in regards to your souls, people. not your bodies. nope. i’m on the holidays-are-here-again-and-life-is-tasty binge diet, so i’ll try to be good, but it most-likely won’t really kick in until the last peanut butter blossom has vanished.

are you a mama of little ones? you have got to read some of these articles. in your free time, that is, of course. take the computer to the toilet. seriously, i know that’s all the time you get, and that’s if you get it!

to the mamas of littles during the holidays – be encouraged and take heart, mama.  you’re super, even if your cape is unraveling.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  it’s the most wonderful time of the year…and one of the busiest.  remember one little piece of advice:  do.less.stuff.  it’s totally okay.

 license to mommy: 7 day challenge – going right along with the first article…here’s a little challenge for mamas who want to let go of the stuff that’s bogging us down and embrace the chance to, first and foremost, be mommy!

time warp wife’s 7 wonderful ways to prepare your marriage for the holidays – good, simple advice.

12 Christmas stories to read to children – i love this. who wouldn’t appreciate a list of stories that you can share with your littles during this magical, awe-inspiring time of year.

an alternative to the elf on the shelf tradition: kindness elf – we don’t do the elf, y’all, and i’m proud to say it. i am totally cool with it!  if you do, i’m cool with that too!  to each, his own.  i loved this alternative, though!  perhaps it will be a tradition we will consider for our children next year.

a woman confronts a man who steals her wallet at the grocery store… – this story will challenge you.  how would you have reacted?  would the good in you come as naturally?  would mercy flow?  she shows guts and compassion.

19 signs you’re doing better than you think – this is a great reminder – especially at Christmastime when commercials, stores, and even other people are tempting us to think there are so many material things that we need or should have in order to be fulfilled.  most-likely, we have everything we need and more.

ways to let him know what says love to you – as the holidays draw nearer, and the weight of the world tries to stress you both out…consider taking a closer look at your spouse’s love language(s), and feel free to share your’s as well.  we all want and need to love and be loved.  let’s do it well.

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