pin-it party #23

happy saturday, everyone! man, i’m feeling like it’s groundhog day or something over here! these saturdays just keep rolling in! ever notice how screwy time is? i mean, you can wait for the weekend to come and it seems to take forever, or you can be so behind on everything (like muah) and want to add seven more hours to each day, b/c the week is over before you even checked off your monday’s to-do list!!! but the clock ticks all the same… how does that happen?!

anyway…i thank you all for stopping in to pin this week’s pins! maybe you could add a few on ‘time management’ for me? 🙂

some featured pins from last week’s link-up are:


(i love a yummy no-bake pie recipe and this one has 20 to try!)

if you are new to the process, here’s a run-down of the steps…

if you’d like to link-up with us, simply follow the party rules and link away!

1. follow the co-hosts on pinterest (links below)

2. pin our “pin-it party” picture. (this one)

3. add as many of your great pins as you want!  remember to get your pins from pinterest & not from your blog page. it will make us easier to re-pin a pin instead of a post.

4. hop around and re-pin other pins from this page- lets share each others great ideas and make all of our lives run just a little bit smoother.

5. adding your link gives us permission to use an image from the pin (or post connected to the pin) to feature on next week’s pin-it party. because of this we ask that you only link up images from your own site, and images that you have taken, created or have legal rights to.

thanks!!!! REMEMBER: when it asks for your NAME, you can put your PIN NAME or your BLOG NAME. it will be how we determine what your pin is about when we all read it.

paula from beauty through imperfection
Beauty Through Imperfection

becky from your modern family

Becky M

gabrielle from MamaGab

danielle from snippets of inspiration

Snippets of Inspiration

me! kristi from klover house

 photo a9de1fdb-52d3-4604-a79d-ba7ee6db5adb_zps8f990315.jpg


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