my ‘why not’ cookie (hazel/coco-nutty cookies)

just a quick little ditty about a cookie, b/c i’m sitting here eating the whole bag. :/

the mister and i wanted a ‘snack’ for saturday’s in-house movie night, and i remembered that i had a bag of oatmeal cookie mix from aldi’s sitting in the pantry. problem: i was out of chocolate chips and needed a fix. enter the not-so-good-for-me-but-it’s-a-cookie-so-you’ve-already-blown-it ingredient: nutella. the mix called for EIGHT tablespoons of butter. that’d be an entire stick, friends. i feel my waistline expanding just thinking about it (b/c i know me and i know me and cookies. they don’t stand a chance.) enter the i’m-trying-to-redeem-myself-and-make-myself-feel-better-about-eating-sixteen-of-these-tonight ingredient: coconut oil.

yep. instead of EIGHT tablespoons of butter, i used three tbsps of nutella, three tbsps of coconut oil and two tbsps of butter. there. total = eight tbsps of something.

baked them up and yup, there good. just as good, if not better than anything out of a box. i’d take ’em over a bag of vanilla wafers or oreos…

so, the point is, if you’re going to eat sixteen cookies that you are too lazy to make from scratch on movie night, at least turn it into an experiment! haha

off to eat hazel/coco-nutty oatmeal cookies…

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