good find friday: week 7

articles (good to know):

modern christian homemaker brings us 15 uses for coffee grounds – who knew?!  i already do one of these simply by chance, but i learned some great new tricks through this as well!  i’m eager to try them out!

dave ramsey’s three easy ways to pay off a mortgage early – say what?!  ๐Ÿ˜‰  seriously, who wouldn’t want to pay off their mortgage earlier?  i love tips from trusted, God-fearing professionals.

deseed a pomegranate in 10 seconds – yep.  it works.  it’s beautiful.  you’re welcome.

dry, itching skin remedies – yay for ppl out there finding ways to help ridiculously dry ppl like me!  i will most certainly be keeping this page up all winter long.

articles (good for the soul):

sarah mae’s maybe your two year old just needs you – if i could (well, i could), i would love to just use sarah mae’s motherhood posts as a parenting devotional.  she gets right to the heart of everything that i am personally experiencing with my own babies.  check out her writings.  they will really hit you in the heart.

and, finally…10 marriage tips every WIFE needs to hear – i am sooo guilty of NOT doing many of these lately.  i hope you find it as motivating and helpful as i have today.

happy friday, my friends!  stop in tomorrow for the weekly pinterest link-up.  be blessed, and hope you have a healthy, fun, cozy weekend.

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