good find friday: week 5 (focusing on blogging and motherhood)

happy november!

(if you’re looking for the ‘stitch fix’ post, click here.)

so many things have been weighing heavily on my mind these days…my family…the shop…the blog. it will never cease to amaze me that whatever it is that i’m dealing with seems to find it’s way to me. it’s like God floods my life’s ‘inbox’ with all of the messages, encounters, etc. that i need to hear/read/see in order to calm my nerves, encourage my spirit, heal my heart, motivate my mind…

so this week, i’ve rounded up a few special pieces that i’ve read, and i’m sure you’ll notice the themes too.

lately, when thinking about this blog, i’m finding myself struggling with the balance between wanting it to ‘succeed’ (i.e. reach a great number of ppl and help support my business endeavors and family) and keeping it manageable and real. writing sponsored posts is fun, but, b/c of who i am, i only write about what i truly believe in and want to support, so i’ve passed up quite a bit of fluff in the meantime. i could flood my posts with ads and affiliate links, but i don’t want to compromise why i do this. not saying that those that do and are successful are wrong in any way – b/c that’s not it at all! i just know where i’m at right now, and small is my big for the time being. cozy, quaint, and quirky. that’s me. so on that note, here are a couple articles to encourage my fellow bloggers:

  • jon acuff’s ’10 words to erase most online hate’ – this is a good one to remember for all of us in the real world or the social media sphere.  things are often said that aren’t all that nice, and this is a great reminder when the ugly words come out…  i haven’t really gotten any negative comments (coincidentally, a point that cece makes about a positive of being a ‘small’ blog), but i’ll refer to this advice if that time ever comes.

and the big whammy…motherhood. i have honestly wrapped my arms around my husband’s waist or neck at least three times this week alone and confessed that i feel like i’m totally failing my kids right now. this whole week has been one of those week’s in which i wish i could have a do-over. i just yelled too much, the house has been a total mess, and i think we had maybe one decent, well-prepared/cooked meal. i faced twelve loads of laundry, friends. twelve. and that’s just b/c i stopped washing on thursday!

  • ’embracing the night shift’ by becky of your modern family.  this will just warm your heart.  my little eden grace is sleeping away in her crib.  this is her first week doing so, and i just had to pump, b/c she slept through our usual 2am feeding, and i miss her, friends.  i have to say that i am a little saddened by the fact that she’s already so big, and now needing me a little less.  read this sweet post; you’ll appreciate it.
i think being a mom allows us a chance to be brave.  it’s truly a calling worth giving your all, and then some.  as promised earlier in the week, enjoy this little video for sara bareilles’ song ‘brave’.  it’ll make you smile…

and, as we approach another week together, take a moment with me to take a long, deep breath. relax those tense shoulders. be thankful. be simple. be pure. be a living example of faith, hope, and love to the ppl you are blessed to have around you. that’s going to be my focus this week.

“Let my soul be at rest again, for the Lord has been good to me.” (Psalms 116:7)

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