good find friday: week 1

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  • ten things americans waste money on, by dave ramsey. i am soooo guilty of number ten…why do caramel lattes that don’t require me to do anything but drive sleepy children around a circle have to make me so happy???

home related:

  • making your home a haven challenge by women living well. i am really looking forward to this! i wanted to get a post up yesterday about it, but alas, life happens – which is a good thing! i mean, what would we have to talk about if life was stagnant?! so anyway, check this out. if you want your home to be a sanctuary for your loved ones (and yourself!), you must join the challenge. it sounds like it’s going to bear good fruit if taken sincerely. i’m excited.


  • happy mommy box – this is awesome. awesome. awesome. awesome. i came across a fellow mommy-blogger’s blog a couple of months ago, and i just loved it right from the start! natalie of the busy budgeting mama is so dear and extremely inspiring! for someone like me, who has an entrepreneurial spirit, she has more than lifted my spirits on the days that seem longer than i can handle, and when my dreams seem too far out of reach. on top of releasing a book (mommy has an angel), she and another sweet blogging mama, mandy, of house of rose, have teamed up to bring us moms something called a happy mommy box. i think this idea is just brilliant and will surely bring joy and encouragement to a lot of women out there – myself included! imagine a monthly surprise on your doorstep…put together with you in mind. such a blessing. love it. love it. love it.

  • stitch fix – coolest thing ever. shopping as a mom of three itty bitties is like non-existent, and even when i can, i don’t want to, b/c shopping with three itty bitties is horribly not fun! seriously. trying on clothes in front of a preschooler is icky. ‘mommy, what happened to your belly button???’ ‘is that where the doctor took the baby out???’ (pointing to a lovely collection of weird-looking stretch marks on a lopsided carcass of a tummy). no thank you. shopping is not fun anymore! well, that is, until a friend shared this lovely site! stitch fix is a a way to put the fun back into shopping! you simply answer a few questions about yourself and your style, and a professional stylist (aka someone who knows what they are actually doing) puts together a collection of goodies for you to try on in the privacy of your own home! glorious! you pay a $20 fee to the stylist up front, and if you choose to purchase anything, that $20 goes towards your purchase. i think it’s worth every penny, so i signed up to receive my first ‘fix’ by the last week in october. i’ll be sure to show you want they send and let you know what i think of the process!


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