welcome home!

we’re in!  we’ve been in our new home since tuesday afternoon.  it’s been a wild ride, but we’re in, and sorting through a sea of boxes.  i said to my hubby last night, exhausted, that i just packed all of this stuff!  now, i don’t want to unpack! 
i often think in pictures…life leading up to the move was like scrambling before an impending waterfall.  then, you’re over, and kind of floating along in the aftermath!  that’s us…floating along in the aftermath…i still can’t find isla’s clothing.  oops.
things have been a tad bumpy, but, like with everything else, i’m sure the kinks will work themselves out eventually.  both our washing machine and dryer went kaput on the first day.  not helpful when your babies are peeing and pooping all over the place!  i currently have two outfits just hanging out in vinegar water until i can’t get them to a washing machine.  both appliances came with the house and are on the old side.  the house itself is about twenty years old.  i take that back…it’s twenty years young!  hubs and i are going to make this place sparkle, right?!  right. 
i feel like we’ve already done so much.  well, the mister has already done so much.  we went and ordered a new, slimmer couch.  the old ones were really beat up and so bulky that they are destined to remain in the basement.  in fact, the sofa is too large to even fit through the door, so we’re just selling it.  the oversized arm chair made it all the way up to our bedroom, and we’re loving it!  it’s nice to be able to hang out in our bedroom without sitting on the bed.  it’s also the perfect nursing retreat.   
he mowed the lawn yesterday with an ancient push mower, because our mower wouldn’t work.  so after church he’s picking up a lawnmower.  we also need a microwave.  we tried, really we did, but we couldn’t live without the convenience of a microwave.  kudos to the previous owners – they didn’t use a microwave OR cable!  i had a useless cup of cold coffee and a recipe that called for melted butter, so mama threw in the towel after just four days!  i need a microwave.  i’d consider myself old-fashioned, but i don’t have the time to warm my coffee repeatedly on the stove.  and if you’re thinking, ‘why don’t you just drink it while it’s hot???’ i’d say, ‘wow.  what a novel idea!  haha reality is that i’m lucky to finish a single beverage by noon.
anyway, the list goes on…he put down new vinyl in the master bath, and then, we realized that the toilet doesn’t work.  luckily, we have two others in the house that do, but it stinks to learn we wasted that money on a floor that will be torn up once we do replace the toilet.
funny how we made our to-do list based on our budget prior to buying, but the house itself is giving us its own to-do list now that we’re here.  the only upside…you’re guaranteed about sixty years worth of project posts on the blog!  haha  slow ‘n steady wins the race, right?  😉
the girls’ play room is still at the top of our list, so i’ll be starting it soon!
here’s a sneak peek at its current state:
the girls already love it, but just wait until i’m done with it!  it’s going to be awesome.  (and done on a teeny weeny budget too!)  stay tuned!
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