a different way to play with window clings!

during a recent trip to the craft store (michael’s), i raided their clearance bins – buying up all kinds of little artsy crafts and kits.  i picked up two of everything, b/c i have two little girls that are still working on the art of sharing…
one of the little things i found was this adorable little kit that included a sheet of pixies/fairies, flowers, birds, butterflies, etc. and a laminated background.  i gave each of the girls a kit, and we headed outside to play with them on the patio.  for a few minutes, things were going well, but then the little clings started to curl in heat and fall to the ground, collecting dust and dirt…this wasn’t going to work.
light bulb.  
(i can’t wait to see despicable me 2 btw!  haha  i think hubs and i get as into those little yellow guys as much as our kids do.  i don’t know what they’re called, but around here we call them the ‘pip-squeaks.’  i’m too lazy to google while writing, so i will afterwards, now that i’m thinking about it…  anyway, major rabbit trail…  sorry.)
i taped the background sheets to the OUTSIDE of our sliding glass door, and the girls were able to play with the fairies, birds, and butterflies on the INSIDE.  
so simple.  so cute.  so wise, right?  haha

b/c our second floor pops out a good foot or so, the slider is well-protected from above by the house.  the rain hasn’t damaged the paper scenery one bit, so i’ve actually had it up for about six days now.  the kids are still playing with them.

b/c it has been such a hit and so easy to do, i plan on laminating backgrounds for any future clings we purchase.  i could print something off or let the kids create their own scenes.  
the possibilities are endless!  best two dollars i’ve spent this month…on crafts, that is.  
(that blueberry bagel from panera was tops, too.  just sayin.’)

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