lil’ love for the laundry room

my little love. the laundry room.

when we decided to build our townhouse five years ago, i had one request:


do i hate stairs? no.

am i afraid of the dark? nope.

was i trying to be complicated, considering we were the first of this type of model to say,
“find a place for it. make it work.”? not really.

truth be told…


i don’t like basements b/c spiders like basement. end of story. it’s a wrap.


so believe you me when i say, i was totally content for these five years with my main-floor laundry, even looking like that:

i know…sad. sad, sad, little room. right off of the kitchen to boot, so every visitor got a glimpse of this sad, little, forgotten room.

but, it was okay and tolerable, b/c it was not in the basement with spiders.

then, it came time to sell our house.
(and guess what…the house we’re moving into has an unfinished basement laundry! gasp! i KNOW! i will overcome. for the next ten years, until we can move it upstairs, the Lord will help me deal.)

anyway, we decided it was time to sell, and, although i didn’t mind my drab little after-thought of a room, i knew it wasn’t going to ‘WOW’ any buyers.

on a tight timeframe, and even tighter budget, here is how we transformed our little space from this to that…

first, hubby mounted these two white ikea cabinets on the wall – one in each corner. it was simple and very affordable. b/c we chose the fancier doors, the cabinets cost me $80 (a basic, plain front was much less). still not bad for cabinets.

then, hubs painted.
(b/c i looked like this)

my gut was saying, “go with benjamin moore’s ‘revere pewter’,” but when we looked at the sample in the store, we panicked, fearing it’d be too dark. that said, we went with bm’s ‘november rain’, and it is sooo pale. i regret not going darker, but, oh well.
live and learn, people.

we added a tension rod between the two cabinets for drying, and i picked up those fabulous, slimline hangers at our tj maxx. they’re perfect for this space, b/c they grip whatever i hang to dry, and they look pretty when they’re empty too.
win; win.

the cabinets, though narrow, are over a foot deep, so i have plenty of space for storage.
here’s a glimpse of what they can hold…


each bottom shelf holds all of my cleaners and detergents.

the upper two hold odds and ends, such as lunch bags, plastic utensils (in the ziploc bag), and miscellaneous items (frother, spice grinder, and a box of little spreader knives that i like to use as hostess gifts; just add a bag of cheese ball/dip mix and a bow!)

on the left, i keep…
more cleaners and a baggie of all of our appliance manuals, directions, etc fits perfectly in the slim space that was left over at the top.

the baskets used to be in our bedroom, but i relocated them to the laundry room, b/c they were the perfect fit; they were free, and they hold all of my seasonal linens neatly!

everything has a place in this perfect, little space.

the opposing wall holds our double pantry, so i conveniently have all of this storage space in one place.

i found this little rug on joss and main one day for only $20! talk about a frugal find. hubby gave me a section of foam padding that he had left over from a project, so i cut it to size and placed it beneath the rug. it’s the perfect cushion for my aching legs and feet while i stand there to sort or fold.

finally, we affixed a broom/mop holder to the wall and added an ironing board caddy to the backside of the pantry door.

the look is what i love. hubby was most pleased with the price tag. we were able to complete this space with less than $200.00.

here’s a breakdown of where the money went…

cabinets: ikea $80
rug: joss & main $20
paint: ace hardware $38
wastebasket: target $7
tension rod: lowe’s $5
broom/mop holder: lowe’s $18
over-the-door ironing board caddy: walmart $13
storage baskets: free

total: $181.00

now, it’s inviting and efficient! a little too inviting…i can’t help myself but to want to wash clothes everyday! now if only i was as motivated to fold them…

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  1. says

    Love the fold them pic at the end… ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha. That's the worst part, isn't it?

    I love the laundry room, by the way! (& the paint color!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. says

    cute makeover!

    thanks for sharing the info
    on my FB page

    amazing how spending
    just a little cash
    can make a huge difference

    and i'm totally with you
    on the spiders



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