klover house

our new name, folks.

‘klover house’

after tossing a few options around, getting feedback from family, friends and fellow bloggers, i’ve decided this is it. ‘klover’ like clover.

this name isn’t new to me at all, though. let me give you the backstory.
it’s made up of three components:

the clover, my marriage, and a dream

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for as long as i can remember, i have had a knack for finding four-leaf clovers. it comes pretty easily to me (my mom is like this too). i don’t know what it is, b/c it’s certainly not “lucky.” right, mom? haha i’d like to think our perfectionist/ocd-ish ways are drawn to the clover that stands out. who knows, but we find them all of the time. it was a good thing i played infield positions back in my glory days on the softball field, b/c, on the rare occasion that i found myself playing left field, i would battle the constant temptation to stare at the grass!

so, i’ve always been drawn to the clover.

then came my relationship with my hubby…

those of you that know us personally, know him and his name. i don’t use his name on here in order to better respect our privacy as a family, and his privacy as a professional.
this blog is from my mouth alone (for the most part), so i know he appreciates that i don’t exploit him or his voice in any way.

that said…the name (and its *misspelling*) comes from our names and their initials. i am “kl” and he is “er”. as i was playing around one day when we were dating, doodling our names in a notebook, like young sweethearts are known to do…(being “twitter-pated”, as thumper would put it, is no respecter of age or person, apparently :)), i realized that when i wrote my initials followed by his, that the word “love” fit between them. i had an “ah-ha!” moment. love. it was everything between us. love holds us together. God is love. God holds us together. He is the glue that binds us and keeps that love genuine, unforced, and renewed daily. it’s everything. all we are. all we have. our marriage and our home are built upon it. our children, born of it. it’s everything, and the older i get, the more that becomes evident to me.

now, the dream.

back before the “klover” revelation, but post deciding to go to school to become a teacher, i had a dream heavily placed on my heart. a business-related dream. an ambition far bigger than me or my abilities. i have no means of attaining my dream. i have no formal training, but the passion is so strong, and the dream never fades away, so i believe that it is a God-thing. if it’s bigger than me, and i have no way of grabbing ahold of it, then it must be the Lord’s, and only He will be able to set a path out for me to get there. with Him, anything is possible. even the impossible. (matthew 19:26 & philippians 4:13) so, i am believing Him for this dream. someday. someway. and the name of the place will be “klover house”.

so that’s it, friends.

this blog has always been centered around my faith and my family.

welcome to our “house” born from “klover”. i hope you enjoy your visit.


**thanks in advance for patience while i transition all-things-technical to our new name.**


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      haha! Thanks, Aprille! I have a friend who teases me all of the time about that very thing! He says I should be getting a comission for all of the free advertising I do! We are in fact a "K-Love" loving household!!! Thanks!

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    I was going to ask you this morning in dance class, what the story was behind the name! Now, I don't have to! Love reading your blog, and getting to know you. You're a great inspiration in many ways!

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      Thank you so much, Jessica! I wished I had seen this before class! I appreciate you and those encouraging comments! I am so happy to get to know you as well! 🙂

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