5 years in…

five years ago today, i married my true love. sounds silly, but it is actually true.

he holds my affections 24/7.
(even though he’d tell you that’s unlikely, b/c of how often i roll my eyes at him.)

his is the one face that i will never grow tired of looking at each night before i close my eyes and each morning as he’s kissing me good-bye for the day.

some good tid bits about him that i’m sure he’ll shake his head at me for sharing…

he’s in the process of growing a man beard (play off beard), and i actually love it.
it’s surprisingly soft too, so i welcome his smooches! haha

he never has bad breath – not even morning breath!
seriously, he’s like an anomaly that needs to be studied or something.
i’m so proud that i snagged the one man on earth that never smells badly.
(and i feel for him, b/c unfortunately he can’t say the same about me! haha)

he loves his daughters so much. he really embraces being a father to little girls. i treasure that. also, i never feel more loved than when i’ve had our girls, and he tells me afterwards how proud he is of me, how much he loves me, and how happy he is to have these little girls to call his own. that’s the highlight of being a wife in my eyes. i’ll never be able to give him anything more valuable than these three angels.

he loves Jesus. that right there keeps the blood pumping in this marriage. forgiveness is key in marriage. love is key in marriage. Jesus is all love and forgiveness. without Him, we’d be in trouble some days. God has given my husband a soft and patient heart towards me. i’m grateful for that everyday.

he is a “phenomenal dancer.” yep. gonna get it for sharing that one, but it’s true! me? i have two left feet on the dance floor…or the kitchen floor, rather. we don’t get out much, but our girls love to dance with their daddy on the slick, hardwood, kitchen floor. i sit and video tape it. the girls don’t seem to mind. they’ve figured out early that mama can’t dance.

he is so intelligent. honestly, i knew he was smart before i married him (i’ve known him since i was about eleven or twelve years old – hilarious pics below), but as we age and he’s coming further away from that college boy i fell head-over-heels for, his wisdom just amazes me! it’s almost like a shell has cracked and all of this light is finally pouring out of him. i love it.

he devours books. i used to think i was the reader in this household. nope. he reads me under the table. i have finished two books in three years. yes, i’m busy, but so is he, and he has probably finished three books since i started typing this. ha! really though, the man loves to read. i admire that about him.

i look at the five years we’ve been married and the ten that we’ve been a couple, and i look forward to everyday of the rest of our life together. we certainly don’t have it all together. we bicker more than i’d ever admit, but everyday, we find that our love for one another grows deeper and stronger. i’m so proud of my husband. i treasure him.

{pic from today to be posted later, b/c i forgot the camera in the car, and it’s cold outside!}

happy anniversary, babe!



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    Congrat's on your anniversary guys 🙂 Thanks for sharing Kristi, that was beautiful. It's always nice to see a fellow couple that is so in love. Helps to know that there are still many couples that are crazy mad in love with each other when the world tries to say it's not possible. May you enjoy many more years and to God be the glory of it all!

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