thrifty chick finds a mirror!

hello again!

just wanted to share my little thrifty find…

i had been oogling these “rhona round gilt” mirrors (14in. diameter each) from pottery barn for-ev-ah. like, seriously months, if not a year or longer…ever since they hit the magazine. they have been on my wish list for so long, but i could never get past the price. pb would have a sale…i’d get a discount code or gift card…i’d find myself all sorts of tempted, but i always ended up hitting the pause button.

then, i’d come across substitutes in random places. like this mirror from ballard designs, “bellesol.” it is a dead ringer for the pb mirrors. i mean look at them! they’re identical! this version even came in small (14in. diameter) for $39 or large (31.5in. diameter) for $169.

i was hoping for two mirrors in the smaller size for our living room. going with the pb ones, i planned on putting the extra in our bedroom somewhere. so the ballard design option gave me the ability to just order two and come way under price-wise. but…still, i would hit the pause button.

ahhh! why do mirrors have to be soooo expensive?!

continually taunted, i’d see lovely ones on other sites, like this one from joss & main – the “eloise wall mirror.”

only a whopping $305.80! who has that to spend on a mirror?! it’s a 24 incher, but really? on a mirror? i guess it’s all relative, but this chick doesn’t have that to spend, and this chick’s hubby would smack her for spending it even if she did!

alas, would i ever find my mirror? and the answer is – yes! yes, i did! see it over there above the kids’ bookshelf?

originally, i told you i wanted two 14in. mirrors to flank that large painting above the couch. well, b/c i decided to give the girls a little space there for their things, i thought that a larger mirror would go well above the bookshelf and would reflect light from the opposing windows.

one night as i was meandering through target i spotted this beauty – the “threshold starburst mirror,” and the best part was that it was only $39.99! no shipping…no crazy price tag.

i think i sent my mom at least four pictures while i stood there contemplating. i mean this was a long-time-coming, serious decision for me, as you know, so i couldn’t be hasty. there was only one left, and i knew if i walked away, i’d regret it. it was the right size (24in.)…the same starburst style…the right finish…the best price…

i’m so happy that i decided to go with it. it didn’t break the bank, and it also does its job of reflecting light!

so that’s my thrifty chick story. lesson…be patient! something will come along sooner or later and it’ll be worth the wait!

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