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aah, valentine’s day. you seem to inspire me and make me buggy all at once.

i have a disease, i think. it’s like an over-achiever meets procrastinator meets perfectionist meets loving wife/mommy meets human being disease. can any of you relate?

every year my “simple” turns into “whoa, buddy!”

last year went extremely well, in comparison. i made personalized pizzas – cheese for myself & ava bean, who was a little bean at the time (isla was a baby bean & didn’t eat the pizza), and buffalo chicken pizza for daddy. we finished the meal with our usual valentine’s brownies. candlelight…fancy clothes…nice glassware and dishes…nothing crazy.

this year, i had similar hopes, but somehow the day got away from me, and come 5pm, the mister had rolled in the door like our knight in shining armor to an empty dinner table and total chaos. the little one i watch was just getting picked up, so i was failing at getting his stuff together. my bread dough for the buffalo chicken pockets was sitting in the kitchenaid mixer, ready to go, yet totally abandoned. my children were running amuck. my chicken was thawed, sitting on a plate, but still raw. washing lettuce for my salad was not even on the radar, and making something as simple as mac ‘n cheese seemed like an impossible task. not to mention, my mister, as he should, immediately started passing out his valentine surprises to all of his girls. it was crazy.

so, after the little guy and his mom left, and the girls were checking out their special things from their dad, i did a quick assessment of my flopping dinner plans and decided…chicken fettucini alfredo with dinner rolls for all. sorry, charlies.

bread dough went into the muffin tin…noodles were plopped in a pot…and chicken spent some time in the frying pan with just a little evoo, garlic, salt & pepper. i made a garlicy, buttery, parmesan cream sauce with a splash of white wine, and nearly an hour after my man came home, we ate.

ava fell off her chair about two seconds after posing for this shot. (notice she stole her sister’s cup, thus granting her an excuse to play cutesy.)

the kids immediately got their baths, went to bed over an hour later than usual, and hubs and i watched an episode of intervention while i downed the entire bag of pectin jelly beans he brought home for me. talk about an exhausting night.
thank goodness for chocolate and jelly beans.

aside from the crazy night…we did have some calm moments over the course of this past week in which we made heart-shaped sugar cookies with raspberry cream cheese icing. (pardon the black & white, but my kitchen was giving me orange pictures that day.)

i made these placemats, thanks to some pinterest inspirations. i took the pdf file i made to office max. they printed them out, i added the heart sticker, and for an extra $2 or so, they laminated them. having three printed and laminated cost around $3.50 a piece, but hopefully we will be able to use them again for the next few years.

the girls also made these mugs for their dad using the sharpie on porcelain technique…color…bake at 350 for 30 mins…hand-wash only…

lessons learned…
1 – make the meal easy, and better yet, make it ahead of time…
2 – take isla’s shirt off while using sharpies. her tummy will end up looking leopard-print anyway, so at least spare the shirt…

thanks to my husband, the night went much better than i anticipated at first. he rolled with it, and didn’t complain once. fresh flowers helped too. fresh flowers make everything better.
aren’t these pretty? he spoiled us.

happy saturday, everyone! hope you enjoyed your special day with the people that you love. here’s to making next year simple and strictly about…


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