peanuuuut…peanut butter!

peanut butter pie day!

hubs was out of town this week & so i decided to make him a little
“welcome back to the craziness” pie!

you know what’s funny? two of my absolute favorite people in the whole world –
my two best friends – my hubs & my college roomie love peanut butter pie,
(well, hubs, peanut butter everything). what’s funny is i can pass on peanut butter any day!
it’s my affinity for my loved ones & their affinity for the stuff that keeps me hunting for recipes & making trips down the confusing peanut butter isle.

for this bad boy, i used planter’s natural creamy peanut butter.
i think the creamy part is particularly important.

i set up my kitchen aid mixer, b/c i can’t stand there that long.
i mean, i can, but i’d rather not, plus there’s other stuff to do
while you whip your ingredients up to light & fluffiness. ๐Ÿ™‚

an aside…i love my kitchen aid mixer soooo much.
it was an unexpected bridal shower gift from my sweet friend , julie,
and every time i use it – seriously, every time, i think to myself,
“wow. i am so thankful for this thing. i love this thing. i love julie. that was so generous of her.” every. time.

so while your “stuff” is mixing (or even before), prepare a batch of brownies. since you will be using these as a crust, undercook them by like 5 mins or so. i use coffee instead of water btw – i’ve told you about my water problems {here}, remember? i’m sure i’ve mentioned it elsewhere as well – i have issues.

ok, anyway…mix this:

* 1 c heavy whipping cream (buy a pint)
* 1/2 c powdered sugar
* 8 oz cream cheese, softened
* 1 tsp vanilla
* 1 1/4 c creamy peanut butter

cream together in your mixer for *a very long time* ๐Ÿ™‚
i probably let it go for nearly 10 mins & increased the speed as it thickened.
just keep an eye on it…

then, use the remaining c of heavy whipping cream & a few tbsp of granulated sugar to whip up some whipped cream in a separate bowl. fold it into the pb mixture.

press your brownie down into your pie dish (since the underside was greased
from the baking dish, i just transferred it & it seemed to work out.
press it down & spread it out like a pie crust (up the sides a little, etc.).

pour your pb mixture in & spread it out evenly. top it off with the freshly whipped cream.
garnish with the topping(s) of your choice.
i used harry & david’s dark chocolate covered pretzels, b/c we had them on-hand.
chill for at least an hour. overnight is best.

ps – eating this for breakfast will make your stomach hurt. i know this from recent experience.
save it for a late-night-with-coffee guilty pleasure. ๐Ÿ™‚

wouldn’t this be a fun treat to make for some pb-lover’s bday or something different to add to your fall holiday dessert spread?
this sitting next to homemade pumpkin pie…yowza!

well, enjoy!

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