she’s up & she’s lovely.

“she” is finally finished!

a few months ago, my grandparents so graciously handed their buffet/hutch down to our family. i have always loved this piece of furniture. it will forever remind me of them, the house i practically grew up in, the tea parties my grandma prepared for me & my cousin using the fine china she kept tucked away in the bottom right-hand cabinet, & of thanksgiving. (my favorite holiday). before our entire family’s photos adorned every last inch of it’s space, i remember her putting out her homemade pumpkin pies on this piece. i just love it, love it, love it.

they recently downsized their home, which made me so sad, but i was absolutely overjoyed when they said i could bring this dear old friend home to my kitchen. such an honor… such a treasure…

there was one stipulation, however…her color. she was a warm, gorgeous amber. i liked it just fine, but hubs worried it was too dark for our already “dark” space. there’s plenty of natural light, but our combined kitchen/dining space is relatively small. so with mahogany wood floors, cabinets, & dining table accompanied by black dining chairs, accessories, & bookshelf…hubs may have very well been right. (ok, he was absolutely right.)

so, with oodles of apprehension, i searched & searched for tutorials & inspiration to help me take on such a huge & important project. i did not want to mess this up.

thanks to pinterest, i did happen upon a ton of great blogs & tutes regarding this very task. they all made it sound soooo easy. one well-written, easy-to-follow “how to” can be found {here}.

i bought materials (over the course of probably ten, late-night trips to home depot, lowes, & target), removed all hardware, disassembled, primed, sanded, primed, sanded, spray-painted, sanded, spray-painted, spray-painted, & spray-painted until the cows came home…

*note we did not sand the piece in its original state. i only sanded out brushstrokes as we went, b/c i’m a complete nut when it comes to perfection…

this part was particularily painful…emotionally…i was nervous…

just yesterday, we carried her inside, (actually, my he-man hubby did all of the heavy lifting – i did a lot of nearly falling over & almost passing out), reassembled her (ALL BY MYSELF!!!), loaded her up with good stuff, & took her pic for you.

voila! that’s it. easy peasy! haha not so much. i won’t lie. that’s what we did, but it wasn’t too easy. if you have any tricks, i’d love to hear ’em!

*i didn’t apply the protective poly coat yet, b/c, i admit, i got antsy & i wanted her in the house…now! ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe in the future, though. i do plan on seeing about getting a custom piece of glass to top the buffet off with, in order to protect from any significant damage. i already bumped & bruised a few spots while putting the drawers & doors back in place, but as hubs simply stated, we’re just further antiquing an antique…i love his outlook. ๐Ÿ™‚

long story short…here she is…

she’s beautiful & i love her, not as much as i love “he-man” & our babies, but i love her…

notice i strategically placed the cookie jar in a not-so-reachable spot. hubs is actually accusing me of doing so right at this very moment…he knows me well.

hardware from target. total deal. i’ll be using the same knobs & pulls for our kitchen cabinets. eventually, our backsplash will be in the same creamy color family to tie into this piece. i also intend to paint our last two dining chairs in this antique white as well. i’ll post pics of those endeavors if they ever actually happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

thank you, gram & pop. i hope you still love her too!

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