mister, i love you.

hello, again.

it’s been awhile, i know. for good reasons i won’t bog you down with today, but i feel the need to pass a great little post along that holds a very BIG message.

it’s all about our husbands.

i can’t even go into how much i love my husband, or tell you about what an amazing man he is without bragging or embarrassing him, so i’ll just leave it at that, & tell you that just thinking about him today brings joyful tears to my eyes. (yes, mister, i seriously welled up just thinking of you!)

we have been on a long, hard journey together thus far, & as we approach our 4th wedding anniversary on thursday, i couldn’t be more excited about our future together. not the giddy kind of excited – the expectant, big things are in store, anticipation kind of excitement – like that quiet moment of calm before a firework explodes.

we have been taking a class together on monday nights through our church, called “walking in freedom,” & it has stretched me, stretched me, stretched me. my husband, however, it has grown him, grown him, GROWN him TREMENDOUSLY in the Lord. after talking with him last night, it is abundantly clear that God is doing great things in his heart. i am so blessed that i get to be a part of it.

you’ll still have your days…your moments, but that’s all they are – moments – in an eternity. obstacles, not dead-ends. see it all for what it is. see your husband for who he is, as God sees him. believe me, it’ll make you beam, when you realize the potential your marriage has when your hearts & minds are focused on living out the plan God created solely for you & the two of you together.

be encouraged. pray for each other. LOVE each other – even on the ugly days. get involved in God things together. watch as your hearts change & you are shaped into better people through Jesus. pray that God will continue to grow one another in Him & cultivate the desire to be better spouses to each other, better parents to your children & stronger in your faith as you walk through this life together.

if you’re single & reading this, can i challenge you to believe there’s something in this post for you? if you desire to be married, are dating or engaged…pray for your future spouse.

there’s a fire burning in my husband’s heart that i know has been freshly set ablaze & it is AWESOME. not only has it made our home happier, but you can actually feel the passion to pursue God & His will for our family emanating from him. it’s contagious. it’s refreshing. it’s wonderful.

check out this short, little post, “how to keep your husband your first priority,” from courtney of womenlivingwell.org (women living well ministries)featured on roomag.com (roo mag by candace cameron bure).

honor your husband today.



mister, i love you.

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