perfect pairings…

i’m going to start my “perfect pairings” posts which will disclose what i’m making for dinner (or have made recently) that have proved to be great compliments to one another.

i frequent several sites daily for inspiration & recipes, so you’ll often notice i pull a main dish from one place & a side from another, & so on…

some sites almost always come to mind when i’m thinking of a specific aspect of each evening’s meal, so you’ll probably notice trends.

anyway, tonight, we are having…

bacon wrapped cheddar stuffed cheeseburgers


our best bites’ maggiano’s house salad

(i’ll be substituting the prociutto with bacon, since it will be used in the cheeseburgers)

enjoy this perfect pairing some warm night! this weather is ideal for this combo!

i’ll post pictures later tonight if i get a chance.

ok – images have arrived!

i followed the dressing recipe nearly to the letter, but i didn’t have gorgonzola cheese or dijon on hand, so colby jack & honey mustard were the subs…i made the dressing almost entirely in the skillet, b/c it was still hot from cooking the bacon. i added the subsequent ingredients after removing the pan from heat. the warmth helped the flavors merge well, plus i was feeling too lazy to break out the blender or food processor. the warm pan & my whisk worked just as well.

for the patties, i divided an even pound of lean beef into quarters. then, each of those, i divided, making eight little mounds – two for each patty. i used this flat-bottom measuring cup for uniformity. press the first half into the bottom, creating a well for the cheese…

pile on the cheese…yummmmm…

top it with the second half of the quarter, & press the sides down. i used a fork to pull the beef away from the sides slightly, as well as a way to crimp the edges together at the same time.

“dump” the patty out onto your hand, form it a little & make sure the sides are completely sealed.
side note: i once read somewhere that you should press your centers in more than the sides of the patties, b/c they puff up in the middle – which has proven true.
i have done this trick ever since & look at how beautifully consistent they are cooked!

wrap with two slices of bacon & grill
(watch your heat, b/c you don’t want charred bacon & undercooked beef)

ooooh…look at that ooze outta there…so good!

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