welcome home…

things have felt a little heavy lately, so i thought i’d perk it up a bit & show you some of my favorite “homey” things…

so…welcome to our little home…

for starters, you’ll see that i am a “maxxinista.” yes, ma’am.
i would choose to meander aimlessly through tj maxx any day.
you don’t even have to go in there with something specific in mind, b/c it’s like a little treasure trove.
that’s the blessing & the curse, b/c you can also walk out of there with a gazillion things you probably didn’t really need…

any who…i stumbled upon these panels shortly after moving into our home.
there just happened to be two left & i fell in love with them…
they have served as the springboard for the rest of our living room decor.

pitchers. white pitchers. i adore unique, white pitchers. the flower one was yet another tj’s find.
it’s adorable & so dainty. i’ve yet to ever see another piece like it.
the taller pitcher was my birthday gift this year from my girls.
mr. wonderful took them to the local pottery joint & decorated it with their precious little feet, hand & finger prints.
adore. adore. adore.

this next one is of a little project of mine – i used to sell uppercase living vinyl decals & yep, they could go on lampshades!
this one is in avey’s room.
it went perfectly with her decor & it gave me an opportunity to try something i had never done before.

knobs. i am obsessed with knobs. especially ones i can score at anthro on clearance – yippee!
i found these three before i had even gotten pregnant & stashed them away for use in a girlie nursery or bathroom. so glad i did, b/c i think all three together came to less than $8 – often the price of just one.

if you’ve never attempted this before, it’s a very simple project. just measure & mark your spots (use a level), drill a hole a little smaller than the diameter of the screw, insert a plastic expansion anchor (of the right size), & simply screw the knob into the anchor.
easy stuff & check out how cute!

this was the very first outfit i bought when we found out we were having a baby & a framed four-leaf clover from my mom…we find four-leaf clovers like craaazy in this family, yet we’re probably the two unluckiest people you’ll ever meet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

more incredible anthro knobs – also from the clearance bin – it’s like hitting the lottery for this mama.

a few more things from the girls’ rooms that i am especially fond of…

ava’s curtains. the cheapest curtains EVER. ikea, baby. (ikea’s “wilma” curtains) they are super sheer & soft.
perfect for a baby’s sanctuary.

she & the cat constantly played around in them & i was afraid they’d come crashing down, so i tied them in these loose knots & they’ve stayed that way ever since.

another favorite piece & project – an antique mirror & angel plaques that i painted silver for isla’s room…

ah yes – another glorious tj find…two wall plate racks.
they completely screamed pottery barn to me.
i bought them both for about $15 each & they serve as towel racks in each of the bathrooms.

ok – i probably should have just called this “the tj maxx post,” b/c i apparently found a lot of my favorite things there!
it’s true…recently, i had been holding out, looking for the perfect lamp for our bedroom & discovered it last week.
i haven’t taken a pic of it yet though.

our living room end tables are these great nesting tables i happened upon there as well & got all three for under $80.
you just can’t beat their unique finds & great prices…
keep in mind, these purchases have been over the course of four years…

this mirror was only $20 – love it!

last, but certainly not least, the item i have had the longest (of these) & probably my husband’s favorite – ferns from the spot on the park trail where he proposed that overcast, rainy afternoon of october 22nd, 2006…

some scrapbook paper, a beautiful frame, ink, stamps, & some very special foliage…

“dream. love. believe.”

so that’s a little taste of our world…

from what spots in your home do you draw inspiration???

do you think i could be compensated for all of the plugs in this post??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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