super bowl lineup

hello friends!

so it’s my husband’s second favorite day tomorrow…our anniversary being his most favorite… ๐Ÿ˜‰

oh, and his birthday…and new year’s day thanks to non-stop college ball (he just corrected me)…

ok, so like his fourth favorite day or tenth – i don’t know.

point is – his favorite days usually consist of us gorging ourselves with really bad-for-you-food or sauerkraut, which also makes the house stink, but this year, this favorite day, we are committed & excited to satisfy some of our most beloved cravings with some fabulous-looking, healthier options.

hopefully, they will be as delicious as they look!

in lieu of the usual friend at our football feast – buffalo chicken dip…buffalo chicken rolls

and to stand in for the zillion-layer taco dip that mama loves…zucchini quesadillas (which will actually include broccoli slaw & seasoned shredded chicken, b/c i failed to purchase a zucchini)

welp, that’s it!

enjoy the game!

who do you want to win?

me, i’m rooting for the steelers…jk ๐Ÿ˜‰

seriously though…i don’t particularly care – i’m just interested in the commercials.

oh, and the food!

happy game day, everyone!

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