sjogren’s schmogren’s

this WAS me…

this IS me NOW thanks to sjogren’s

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Arthritis and Sjögren’s Syndrome

Sjögren’s syndrome is a chronic disorder that causes insufficient moisture production in certain glands of the body. It occurs when a person’s normally protective immune system attacks and destroys moisture-producing glands, including salivary glands and tear glands. The lungs, bowel, and other organs are also occasionally affected.

Sjögren’s syndrome is named after the Swedish eye doctor, Henrik Sjögren, who first described the condition.

Sjögren’s syndrome may cause the following symptoms:

Extremely dry eyes causing a feeling of grit or sand in the eyes or a burning redness. {what started this mess in the first place}

Extremely dry mouth and throat causing difficulty with chewing and swallowing, decreased sense of taste, difficulty speaking, an increase in dental cavities, and dry cough or hoarseness. {it stole my love of chocolate for cryin’ out loud}

Enlarged parotid salivary glands (located at the angle of jaw) and sometimes infection of these glands.

Excessive fatigue {i’ve taken enough pregnancy tests to pay for a six month supply of diapers}

Aches and pains in muscles and joints {hello! i feel like i’m 100 years old}

Less common symptoms of Sjögren’s syndrome are:

Irritation of the nerves in the arms, hands, legs, or feet (neuropathy). {my lame left arm & legs make me want to scream obscenities}

Thyroid gland abnormalities

Skin rashes {harmless, but ugly}

Memory loss or confusion. {brain fog plagues me}

Numbness or tingling. {annoying…}

Gastrointestinal problems. {thanks for taking date night away}

Inflammation of the lungs, kidneys, liver, or pancreas.

Cancer of the lymphatic tissue (lymphoma), which occurs in less than 1% of patients.


some days i just want to stay in bed & give in to feeling like poo. thankfully, my husband is pretty patient with me & helps me in the mornings. ava coming to my bedside on the bad days, reaching for my hand, & saying, “come on, mom. get up with me,” tugs on more than just my heart.

i need to reverse this thing & turn my life around. i can’t deteriorate. i have to get better, not worse. i can’t even afford to stay the same.

often, when i feel a cold coming on – i literally refuse to believe it’s there & i swear i will it away about 90% of the time. i know not everything’s mental, but a part of me thinks that if i just believe it hard enough that i’m “normal,” then i’ll start actually feeling normal.

my goals:

1 – start & keep an exercise routine that focuses mainly on stretching these joints & sore limbs…
2 – run at least once a week…
3 – cut gluten down to a minimum…
4 – “wrestle” with avey everyday…
5 – get out of my house at least twice a week (sahmer here)…
6 – fix myself up on more than just sundays (again, sahmers may be able to relate)…

maybe if i start acting fine & refusing the disease outwardly, the symptoms will go away inwardly. faith? crazy? at this point, i don’t really care…

some other friends blogging about sjogren’s…

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{falling with grace}


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    Thanks for the shout out! :o) I 100% understand how painful it is when the Sjs affects our kiddos. :o(

    PS- Have you checked to see if there are any sahm groups in your area on That was my life saver for a couple of years before my girlie started school!

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