hubby’s dream girl

hubs & i stayed up last night watching celebrity wife swap. wife swap shows always amuse us. they’re kind of like super nanny’s…you get to take a peek at the way other people live & how they treat their kids & spouses & usually, you feel better about your own chaotic life for an hour! haha

well, not last night, thanks to mrs. gold!

tracey gold. (from growing pains)

my husband’s new dream wife!

her home is immaculate…her children – polite & well-mannered…her home is immaculate. did i say that already? no, she doesn’t have any help btw, as far as a house keeper, nanny, etc. she’s a housewife & mom to four boys & her home is immaculate!

ok, so to make matters worse – she also admitted that one of her biggest pet peeves is people sleeping in! ahh! hubby is an early riser himself. the guy probably doesn’t even need an alarm clock. he probably only really uses it in hopes that i’ll hear it! you wanna know what wakes me up? my babies’ cries & my husband’s voice. period. he could whisper to me & i’d hear it, but a beep, beep, beep!…nope not a chance i’m getting outta bed for that sound…they’re nice to look at though…

so, yes, tracey gold, you are his dream girl & you have given me much to live up to this year…

i am up for the challenge! i am going to be your dream girl, mister. you can count on it.

i know, everybody’s doin’ it, but yes, we are going to be eating healthy again, starting today & i’ve got some other topics that i want to focus on as well in 2012…

i have decided to begin my own proverbs 31 study – no workbooks, no guides, just a lot of earnest prayer & studying on my own.

also, in order to bring this house up to “the gold standard,” i need to get a few other areas in proper alignment, so i will also be honing in on a reasonable & workable schedule for a mom of two babies, who also watches two more babies during the week. on any given day, we have my two year old, my 6 month old, my 10 month old niece, a friend’s 7 month old…so…we’ve got a house-full nearly every day.

that said, i aim to share my tips & tricks (both old & new) as we go, so maybe if you’re like me & often think, “where on earth will i find the time???!” we can figure it out together…

hello, 2012. here we go…

something extra…

{healthy eating in 2012 resource}


  1. Anonymous says

    I hear you on Tracey Gold…I watched that too and thought she really has it together! If I could only get up earlier than my boys and at least get a shower and look half-decent I'd be happy! But they are getting up between 6 and 7, and that's so early! We are trying to eat healthier here too…need it after all the holiday stuff. –Jill

  2. says

    I'm right with you, Jill – even down to the times. Isla's an early riser also, so a shower & a wet ponytail are about as far as it goes. With this new Bible study I'm doing, I got up yesterday & read while drinking my coffee & it was AWESOME! ๐Ÿ™‚ As for the eating healthier – it's a work in slow progress! haha Operation Eat All of the Chocolate in the House, so we can start fresh is about 70% complete… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Anonymous says

    LOL – I have been downing this huge box of Sarris…I'm talking like 2 foot long box. I feel the same way…just clearing out the pantry to fill it with health stuff, right!? -Jill

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