pronounced “show-grins.”

i got the call yesterday. finally, some answers. an answer actually…sjogren’s syndrome.

it’s what my rheumatologist has been suspecting all along, but i guess my lip biopsy provided him with the confirmation he needed. he said he’d further explain at my follow-up in january. until then, continue, er, start the meds he gave me like 2 months ago.

i hadn’t started them yet, b/c frankly, i’m not a “pill person,” & i don’t like putting stuff into my system if i don’t have to. i’m one of those “let’s eat chocolate & drink coke & coffee until the headache goes away or you forget about it & if that doesn’t work, take a nap.” i loathe pills.

so, i guess i’m going to start them today…

i never even read up on them. plaquenil is one of them – a side effect is retina damage – another reason why i don’t bother with what’s in the bottle…the side effects are usually just as bad or worse than your problems themselves!

anyway…this is the start i suppose of a new lifestyle…new diet…new regimen…new limitations…

but for the most part, i’m going to ignore this thing. i’m going to will it away. i don’t have time for you sjogren’s. i don’t have time to run to the bathroom during date night anymore. i don’t have time to put lotion on my cracked, bleeding hands 24/7. i don’t have time for all of the stinkin’ doc appointments. i don’t have patience for you either, so unfortunately, you’re just going to have to get lost.

if you are also struggling with an autoimmune disease…i’m up for hearing from you!

this is the most helpful website i’ve encountered so far…www.sjogrens.org i’m looking forward to educating myself so thoroughly on this stuff so that i can function again so naturally that i won’t have to give it a single conscious thought throughout the day. then i can truly go about living as though this is the disease i don’t have.


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    Just reading this. Love you sweet friend and will continue to pray for you! I hope your Christmas is pain free and full of joyous memories with your family. Lets talk soon, ok?

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