a little behind…

oh the holidays!

i love ’em, but boy am i behind!

i just spent an hour and a half uploading & editing a month’s worth of photos!

that cruelly reminded me that i have like six blog posts that i meant to write, but good intentions halted at good intentions…

so here’s a visual preview if i can get this booty in gear…

avey baby’s 2nd birthday & the diy chalkboard tea/art table

my “budget-friendly meal #2”
chicken parm casserole…yummo

a fabulous calzone…
complete with made-from-scratch, easy, delicious pizza dough

this year’s effective & fun way to display our christmas cards

a glimpse at isla’s “first christmas come early” @nana & pap-pap’s

look at these little nuggets! aren’t they so cute?!
this is cousin “e” (aka “moose”).
they’re just 7 weeks apart. can you guess who’s the elder?

some everyday randomness about my amazing girls & hunk of a hubby

oh the stories i have to tell…

yep…this is one of many adventures we’ve had in the last 30 days…
mommy no longer leaves her make-up on the kitchen counter.
boy she’s getting taller by the hour!

stay tuned…and say a prayer that i learn to think & type faster…

all that plus visiting “a ho ho” – that’s santa claus, people & he promised ava a kitchen, so it looks like daddy’s gonna be a busy elf tonight…baking & burning nearly all of my christmas cookies thus far…creating salt dough ornaments with da babies – went very well actually, but my kitchen is still covered in flour (but smells of peppermint oil, so i’ll live)…oh & apparently, a pill box. yep – i’ll probably tell you about my pill box. hubs is buying me “one of those pill box thingys that [his] mom uses.” thanks, babe.

oh…and in my defense (b/c i’ll surely be scolded for staying up late), little miss isla rae just decided to have a bottle. this 2nd child thing is quite different than the 1st go-round…she has no schedule & i think she likes it that way. i, on the other hand, am exhausted!

good night & honey, i will clean up the kitchen in five to six hours…promise. xo

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