diy christmas stockings

i wanted desperately to find or make a matching set of stockings for our little family this year. our first christmas together, the mister & i had regular, traditional stockings – you know, red with fuzzy white trim, names written in messy glitter glue. then, avey came along & her first stocking was the one she came home from the hospital with…i wanted her to be a december baby, so she could come home in that giant stocking & she made it! but, realistically, she couldn’t exactly leave the hospital in a stocking. so it hung next to the rest & was ginormous. it was kind of funny.

last year, i was pregnant with isla rae, so ava inevitably received a traditional one, complete with puffy, glitter glue…

i had every intention of ordering a full set from pottery barn for this christmas – all matchy with names embroidered…but i couldn’t bring myself to, b/c i kept thinking about more children & having to spend a ridiculous amount of money on another set in the case that pb no longer sold the same kind i ordered. i know, i know…the dilemmas in life, right?

giving up on that plan, i thought about making them. i haven’t learned to crochet yet though & i’ve only knitted scarves & dishrags…then i spotted these!

they were 60% off on black friday & immediately when i saw them the wheels started turning. between two kohl’s, i was able to find five – one for each family member, plus an extra if we ever enlarge our family again.

initially, i imagined them with a ribbon-trimmed, rectangular chalkboard name plate attached with velcro so that i could remove them for easy washing…

well, i went to the craft store & when i asked for help, the lady behind the counter looked at me like i was a little crazy. on my solo hunt, i found these oval-ish wooden name plates. plan adapted…i searched for just the right ribbon & found these little red pom poms strung on wire & i just loved it.

simply spray each name plate with chalkboard paint. wait for them to dry… attach the pieces with the teeniest little bit of hot glue & that’s it! done.

this year, mama wrote everyone’s name, but in years to come, i hope each one of us will write our own names. that way, when we look back in pictures, we can see how our handwriting has changed. that first christmas when avey baby can write her own name…i know i’ll cry! making sweet memories & living in these moments…that’s what it’s all about.

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    Wow, what a great idea! I'm going to shamelessly yoink this one for next year. And by the way, just wait until you're adding sons and daughters-in-laws, as I am this year……..

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    Thank you, Julia! I'm so pleased that you like them! Thank you also for your blog! What a great resource & help it has been to me this week. I appreciate the time you put into it. You (we) are worth it! So, thank you, thank you!!!

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