turkey feta chowder

ok y’all – gotta get this recipe out of my head before you run out of the leftover turkey in the house. this is delicious (& half of the reason why thanksgiving made me extra excited this year). lame? no – it’s good. trust me.


this is one of those one-pot-wonder soups & your food processor or blender will do most of the work for you.

* start out by melting 2 tbs of butter in your stock pot (don’t burn it, just melt)

* add to that, 2 tbs flour – stir consistently, creating a rue

* once combined, slowly add in your 32 oz carton of turkey stock (i’m sure chicken stock would be fine). turkey’s just usually on sale post-thanksgiving…

* this is when i break out the whisk…your whisk is your friend…tilt your stock pot towards you, creating a deeper “pool” of the liquid & whisk the liquid into the rue until it’s a consistent, milky texture

* now let that stew for a few mins on low while you give your food processor a little attention

* add a few roughly chopped peeled carrots…

* now half of a med onion…

* last, throw in about 1/3 to 1/2 a jar of roasted red peppers. i like these, b/c they are in a jar of garlic-infused olive oil, so it’s a win-win. you get all of those flavors & oil at no extra cost! pour in about half of the oil (just enough to leave the remaining peppers still covered

* it’ll look a little something like this…i went ahead & threw in some salt & pepper as well (about a tsp of salt & 14 cranks of my pepper mill). don’t toss the processor bowl into the sink – you’ll need it again in a sec

* pour the lovely liquid into the pot & whisk again…

* stir in a generous cup of heavy cream…

* now – throw your left over turkey, about 6 to 8 white, button mushrooms & 1/2 a container of feta cheese into the food processor bowl – chop it up

* add that yummy combo into the pot & stir one last time – voila!

* couple with a salad – you can even make use of the extra ingredients from the soup – sliced carrots, chopped onion, fresh mushrooms, diced roasted red peppers, a little of that fantastic oil, some balsamic vinegar, a dash of salt, pepper & a sprinkle of feta…

the only thing missing from that scene is a toasty, buttered slice of baguette…enjoy!

this is so good, i bet you’ll buy a turkey breast just to make it again!

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