sunday night dinners

so, most people eat dinner every night, right?

nope. not this household…

oddly enough, my husband is not hungry on sunday nights. weird. i know.

his family almost never eats dinner on sunday nights & so the starve-ourselves-on-sunday-for-no-apparent-reason tradition has decided to live on through him, much to my weekly passive-aggressive protesting. i cook anyway. so there!

i just don’t get it. i can see if you ate like a huge late lunch or something after church, but we don’t! in fact, our service ends by 11 am & we’re often eating lunch well before noon. yet, the tradition burns on & my belly is rumbling in time for the early-bird special…his is apparently brain-washed.

i use the children (well, ava) as an excuse to eat.

so tonight – i’m making this – pumpkin french toast bake.

i’m finding that if i make breakfast for dinner on sundays, he can’t resist. he loves breakfast for dinner. another, although more common, oddity of his.

i have some left over pumpkin puree from these divine pumpkin chai cupcakes i made the other day, so it’s gotta go to good use & this mama’s gotta eat tonight! win-win.

i plan on posting about those cupcakes this week. they were oh so good & of course i added a twist that i must share – you know me…following recipes & i don’t mesh. this bout of rebellion resulted in deliciousness…

happy sabbath, friends & hope your holiday week is off to a good start…


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