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i stumbled upon my official favorite post of the week. {read it here} it’s gonna be hard to top this one in my book, b/c it hit so close to home…it hit my heart.

as a matter of fact, it is pretty much the sole reason for my decision two fridays ago to deactivate my own facebook account. i’ve been on that thing for years…since it was for college students only. it has dramatically changed since then. now everyone from an elementary school aged child (ridiculous btw) to your grandma has become a social-networking junkie.

i was a junkie too. in the true sense – it’s addicting. period. deny it all you want, but when it started to affect my marriage, the scales fell from my eyes & i realized i liked facebooking more than i liked a lot of things – including sitting quietly on the couch next to my own husband. ridiculous.

there are so many good reasons to be a part of it – the links, the coupons, the ideas, the inspirational few that post encouraging words, but you know what? the bad began to creep in & suffocate the good out of it.

too often, i would log off with my heart literally racing or my stomach in my throat. grown women had turned it into a bad version of high school. no one is perfect & no one has it all together, all the time, but you would think so after spending 10 minutes on there. in a flash of new top stories, i could go from having a wonderful, productive day to feeling like the biggest loser on the block.

i know i’m not alone.

too often i would find myself thinking, “why does that person talk to them, but won’t comment on my stuff??” “i thought we were friends…” “so and so talks to me in real life, but won’t in facebook land.” ridiculous. all ridiculous.

but yet i was addicted to it. the drama…the stories…the fluffy status stuff that i knew was an embellishment anyway…

the only things keeping it afloat for awhile were those encouraging few who would have such a positive impact on my day. realizing that dropping facebook wasn’t dropping them…i quit cold turkey.

so here are some red flags i’d like to share. maybe it’s time for a facebook vacation for you too…

1 – if you have similar feelings – if people are intentionally, unintentionally, passive-aggressively affecting your life…take a vacation.

2 – if you find yourself looking to your friends (real or cyber) for advice more often than your spouse & the Lord…take a vacation.

3 – if you are literally crazed to know who’s doing what & where & with whom…take a vacation.

4 – if at least three sentences of your day’s conversations begin with the words, “i saw on facebook…” – take a vacation.

5 – when you accept that some things & some people are just plain ridiculous & you need to focus your time, energy & mental health to more productive “hobbies,” well…take a vacation!

if you’re still going to facebook after this…i understand – just make it a point not to be so snarky…

snarky…my favorite word of the week, also thanks to janae.

oh yeah & let that persona you hold online be the real you. she’s the one who really matters anyway.

that brings to mind numero seis…#6 – if facebook has become your go-to for validation of who you are as a woman…a Christian…a mother…a person…let it go. today. be free to be you all on your own & be proud of that person.


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi Kristi,
    I gave it up also…it was becoming all-consuming, and for what? I don't miss it and I am happy to be spending the time I am not wasting with my boys and Eric. I figure those that want to keep in touch will find a way.
    Hope you had a nice weekend,

  2. says

    You're absolutely right, Jill! The friends who want to be a part of your life, will be. I'd rather have a handful of true, solid girlfriends that call me once a month than a heap of people using the intimate tidbits of my life to feed their gossip-mills. Life is good. We did have a great weekend – how was your's? Play date soon?? ๐Ÿ™‚

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