kitchen reflection

i spend about 90% of my day in the kitchen. the heart of our home. often the messiest room, and probably my favorite spot & biggest pain in the fanny all at the same time. a lot of love is in that room & that room constantly makes me think of the ones i love.

today, as i was preparing dinner (turkey feta chowder btw – so delicious), i kept glancing at isla’s early ultrasound pic i have had hanging on the side of the refrigerator since we came home with it last november. i was only about 6 wks pregnant & i had hemorrhaged. you can see actually the spot looming above her little body floating there. they said the bleeding area was only a few cubic centimeters, but yet it was still about three times the size of her little body. babies are such miracles.

i was reminded again of that picture as i was holding her just now. she’s gotten her 1st head cold (ava & daddy are sick too) & so she’s not sleeping too well tonight. i spent the last hour just holding her in my arms here as she slept & squirmed like she was fighting a belly ache or something.

i was on the verge of thinking that i wished she would feel better & sleep in her crib, so i could get some things done & go to bed myself, but then i thought of that picture in the kitchen & the dark cloud of bleeding that hovered over her for nearly two months.

she is a sweet, quiet, precious little miracle. once i remembered that, i really didn’t care so much anymore that i was staring at a cold cup of “hot tea,” or that there’s still a heap of dirty dishes on the counter & oatmeal smeared across the kitchen table. i’ve got a pile of clean laundry camping out on the couch & i don’t even have time to get into the story behind the HUGE soot spot still on our cream carpet from ava playing in my 3-wick candle this afternoon…while i was straightening up in the kitchen – imagine that…

that’d be the spot…

yep, my arm was killing me & the house is a total wreck, but i had a beautiful little miracle in my lap.

they make the mess more than worth it, don’t they?

speaking of…i just ordered ava a play kitchen online. it’s such a blessing to be able to buy her something she will love so much for her christmas gift.

i look forward to watching her “cook” for her babies, clean up her their messes, “wash” her little baby clothes & the ten wash cloths she’ll swipe from my pile on the couch…

her kitchen will soon become the heart of her little world too.

funny how we women are made…wanting to take care of the ones we love from the beginning.

funny…a “mommy blogger” blip on tv just sucked me in…

seriously, though, i have got to go clean the kitchen…

good night. go kiss your babies one more time. if they’re like mine though & they wake up at the very shift of air caused by the silent cracking of their doors…just go stand outside their rooms long enough for one more prayer of thanksgiving for their love, their health & their existence…

and tomorrow, when they are little tornados all over again & you’re giving yourself your nightly pep talk to pick up the toys & load the dishwasher, forgoing the opportunity to just pass out on top of the laundry pile that can wait another day…remember…

your kitchen, your house, is trashed b/c your home & heart are full.


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    This reminds of me Proverbs 14:4, "Where there are no oxen, the manger is clean, but abundant crops come by the strength of the ox." Your house would be cleaner without those little blessings, but then you wouldn't have the blessings. I'd rather have the mess 🙂

    Thanks for linking up at Babies and Beyond.


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