anticipating the arrival of isla rae!

well, i went to the doctor’s this am for my 1st exam of this pregnancy expecting the “nothing’s going on” kind of feedback (which happened every exam w/ava, even up until the day of her birth), but instead i heard “you’re 2cm dilated.” what??!! yay!

but then it hit me when i came home that i am no where close to ready house-wise or nursery-wise & the reality sent me into overdrive & panic. i have accomplished a lot today though…laundry is complete, just needs put away. floors are swept. all of my hundreds of mini piles of papers & magazines that plague our dining room table have been sifted & sorted through. dishes are done. bags are packed. sheets are fresh. toilets…scrubbed. dinner is sitting out, ready for the grill & brownies are eaten. well, all but a small slice i left for baby’s daddy… ๐Ÿ™‚

i think all i have left, besides the nursery is some ironing, dusting & charging the cameras.

i really want to take some time over the next few days though to soak in ava bean. although i’m excited to bring this new member of our family into the world, i’m just a little sad that my days of solely focusing & doting on my little angel are coming to an end. it was a very quick season of my life. i know this change is a wonderful one, but i’ll have to make a serious effort not to lose track of mommy & ava time in the shuffle. poor hubby has already taken a backseat… i need to work on that aspect of marriage & family.

i’ve noticed also that as the pregnancy is drawing to a close, i’m a little nervous about the delivery process again. ava’s was so fast! i dilated 6cm in just 30 minutes! so, the fact that i’m 2 already has me a little on edge. but, like everything else in this pregnancy – what if everything labor-related is totally different?!? will i recognize labor? will the contractions be the same? will it happen just as quickly?

plus, i couldn’t have an epidural w/ava – b/c of how quickly i progressed, so i’m opting for the good ‘ole naturale approach again. it’s what i know. i’m gonna stick w/what i know… but, that certainly makes it all the more nerve-wracking… ugh the pain i am in for again… pray for us!

i remember i barely said anything, but i did ask hubby for ice cubes over & over again, only to call him back to my side before he took 2 steps & i repeatedly apologized for not paying any attention to him – labor can make you weird! ๐Ÿ™‚

i’m curious as to others’ experiences the 2nd go around…similar to the 1st time?

don’t leave me hanging – who knows how much time i have until i find out! ๐Ÿ™‚


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    all 3 of my labor's were completly different! I did have an epidural all 3 times but w/ Elijah my 1st he didn't not want to come out! 15 hours later after trying forceps, my OB finally just stuck his hand up me and pulled out my stubborn little boy! Now w/ Malachi I was like you 2 cm dialated but for about 2 weeks, I was worried never felt any kind of labor when I was pregnant w/ Elijah but started to get contractions about a few days before Malachi was born and boy can you tell when they hit even when you have never felt them before. I went into the doctor for my checkup and he sent me straight to the hospital…. 3 hours later and only 2 pushes my adventurous fiesty little boy was in my arms! My epidural had only started working about 15 min before I started to push (talk about a panic mommy) With Zeke same thing I got to 2cm & light contractions on my own and because of the situation they went ahead and hooked me up to pitocin and in 3 hours w/ only 1 push my sweet angel was born. The physical pain was more intense w/ Zeke than i remember w/ the others I don't know if it was because of the situation or if it was because it was my 3rd. I am praying for you girl and don't worry about you, AVA and your time w/ your hubby it all works out they all feel loved and you will be amazed how much your heart can expand. I remember w/ Elijah I would make sure that I would put him to bed and read stories w/ him just the 2 of us and that also gave David time to bond w/ Malachi. You don't have to make a big deal about spending one on one time w/ them it is all about the day to day things that they remember (making lunch, 10 min of uninterupted cuddles, or just sitting on the couch watching cartoons) Enjoy this time as crazy as it is cause before you know it the will be 6 & 8 like my boys and you will wish you were still pinching pennies to buy diapers for 2 babies cause its cheaper than lego's and little league lol Love you girl and can't wait to see pictures!
    Love, Stefani

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