need advice from you creative beings…

ok, so several days ago i posted the nursery pics & projects. so excited btw that one i didn’t even know we’d finish is almost complete! eric slaved all weekend to refinish an old cabinet from my mom for me. i can’t use spray paint & laquer in this condition. pics coming soon… but, anyway, i’m really struggling w/ what to do with the angels. i’ve called ava “my angel” since before she was born, but i still do want to incorporate the plaques into isla’s room. so, here is my dilemma…ava’s room is mostly browns; isla’s is mostly grays & whites. what can i do so one can dwell in each of the girls’ room & yet still preserve that classic look that will last them a lifetime? like, i’m not looking to paint them pink or something. i am stumped. any ideas???

*must have the same, classic finish

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