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so i briefly caught a blurp on the today show this morning. they were talking about facebooking, blogging, tweeting…all that good stuff… the topic was moms who blog/post about their pregnancies. these women posted you tube videos of themselves finding out they were pregnant. anyway, one view of course from the moms was that they were doing it out of pride & excitement. basically, they wanted to share their good news & didn’t care how public it was. another brought up the point that they wanted their child to be able to see one day how excited they were for his/her coming arrival & existence. all good points in my opinion. but “the expert” got me thinking too…she stated that we as a society are all about instant gratification, so by posting these details of our lives, be it videos, updates, etc., we aim to receive that instantaneous “like” & congrats. it’s all about the feelings. we want others to share our good news & happy times & congratulate us, because it brings us all those happy feelings. instant gratification. what do you think? made me question my motives a bit. i’m thinking it’s a little of all the above…

btw – a happy “birthday” to my sweet Heaven Baby today. wanted to post a little something about miscarriage & some things i feel God has shown me throughout my experience & the experiences of some of my friends, but not really up for typing it all right now. soon maybe…


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    It's a wonder that what was once recorded in a memory, a diary entry, perhaps one faded picture can now be filmed, photographed in high-def and blogged about (complete with comments) to be available down the road. while none of it is necessary for a happy well-adjusted child to feel loved or wanted- it's cool. don't stop creating these memories for your children- the world of email, text messaging and phone calls has broken down our society's "paper trail" or recorded history- having these memories is valuable. I do, however, agree with the expert that instant gratification can be a dangerous and selfish motivation. Who/what are we doing this for? Our children's curiosity or our desire for the approval of others? You are a beautiful mother with a beautiful family!

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    thanks for your feedback, joanna! i agree that i think it's very cool to have something so "authentic" to share later. it makes me sad sometimes that life has become so technical – literally, but it does have its advantages too. i'm just going to keep those motives in check & hope that what i'm posting is something that will be good for others & not just myself all the time… love you girlie! i can't wait to hang out. better be soon before your princess arrives, huh?!

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